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Chapter 385: It's Fun To Be Playful Occasionally? The Consequences Of Infuriating Third Young Master Ye

The air stewardess frowned as she turned to face the voluptuous woman. It was obvious that the couple kissing pa.s.sionately must be dating or married. Why would that woman say that? Was she delusional?

Ye Lanchen's gaze darkened. An indifference expression washed over his face.

However, Chu Wuyou shouted in surprise before he could speak. “Eh, can you tell? How did you find out? That's awesome.”

“Busted, so what now? Why don't you get someone to see me out?” She never wanted to go on this trip to begin with thus she would actually be delighted to get out of the plane.

The voluptuous woman was overjoyed to hear the other woman confessed. The man must be really grateful to her. She might stand a chance with him.

The air stewardess who did not believe the voluptuous woman before appeared shocked upon hearing the confession as well. Should she notify the captain about this?

However, she was startled when she had a closer look of Chu Wuyou's face.

“My wife, you have enough fun?” Third Young Master Ye sighed quietly. His wife was too playful for him to handle.

His voice was laced with affection and indulgence. Then, he planted a light peck on his wife's cheek.

The voluptuous woman felt like dying upon witnessing this.

No one would doubt their relations.h.i.+p after seeing the man's behavior.

Chu Wuyou also knew there was no point for her to say anything further. This man was indeed becoming more treacherous.

He managed to shut her up with one sentence.

She really could not fathom why he forced her to come along on his business trip. He even used both coercion and bribery.

What confused her even more was that prior to meeting him, she was able to do anything that she set her mind to. However, why did she keep getting defeated by this man again and again?

Annoyed, she turned her back on him.

The voluptuous woman trembled slightly before staring at Chu Wuyou in disbelief again. “No, no way. I don't believe this.”

She did not believe this excellent man would marry such an ugly woman.

“Ma'am, please return to your seat.” The air stewardess threw a sideway glance at her. A hint of ridicule flashed across her eyes albeit being a well-mannered person. This woman was really sick in the head.

Who cared if she believed or not?

Why should she meddle in a husband and wife's personal matters?

“I don't believe this. It must be that ugly woman's doing…” The voluptuous woman was reluctant to accept reality. She kept on mocking Chu Wuyou as if possessed by a devil.

Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes gradually. He thought of letting this slide since his wife had already made a comeback.

Undoubtedly, his wife's reaction earlier took him by surprise. He would not have witnessed that if not for this woman thus he decided to forgive her. However, the latter only became more impolite with her words.

What made her think she could scold his wife?

He threw a quick glance at the voluptuous woman through half-narrowed eyes. A shudder pa.s.sed through the latter instantly.

Then, the man turned to face the air stewardess before enunciating his words clearly. “Please inform your captain that this lady right here would like to try skydiving. Don't forget to push her out of the plane when we reach the highest flying point.”

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