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Chapter 373: She Would Fight Him If He Wishes To Take The Children Away From Her

Ye Lanchen wished to know how and where Chu Wuyou got injured. He figured an injury that resulted in infertility must have happened somewhere around her stomach or waist.

“Ye Lanchen, what are you trying to find? It's not on the outside.” The woman twitched her lips slightly when he would not stop touching her stomach.

He kissed every inch of her body every single day. Would he not know if she had a scar somewhere?

Did he really need to touch her like this?

“Not on the outside? What do you mean?” the dumbfounded man slowly narrowed his eyes.

What kind of interior injury would cause one to be infertile?

“Can I not answer this question?” She did not intend to lie to him but she did not want to bring up the incident from years ago either.

She was pregnant with twins thus she suffered double the hards.h.i.+p than a normal pregnancy. Besides, her health was not great growing up.

Her father pa.s.sed away when her mother was pregnant with her. The doctor mentioned intense stress and depression endured by the mother could be one of the reasons that caused that.

Her p.u.b.erty came later than other girls her age as well. Some of her peers got their first period at the age of twelve but she was seventeen when she had hers.

Not only that, but there was also a defect inside her body since then that even she did not know about.

Chu Wuyou was twenty years old when she was pregnant with the twins. She figured the delivery would go smoothly seeing as each of the routine check-ups went well. However, when the time came for delivery, the defect hidden inside her body almost cost her babies' lives, as well as her own.

She really could have died if not for Sister Hongling.

Despite that, she did not regret her choice. She would go through everything again just for her darling children. They were her most precious treasures.

It did not matter who that man was!

This was also one of the reasons she insisted not to disclose the children's existence to the man from five years ago.

She loved her darling children too dearly that she was terrified someone would take them away from her. Chu Wuyou risked her own life bringing them into this world.

Fortunately, the man named Mo Yan had not resurfaced since. He was kept in the dark about the children's presence.

She wished the man would never find out about it so he would not try to take the children away from her.

Chu Wuyou reckoned she would risk her own life if the man came to her one day with that intention.

For reasons unknown to himself, Ye Lanchen felt the pain in his heart intensified, as if something sharp was trying to tear it apart.

It was an unfamiliar yet distinct feeling.

“Okay,” he replied quietly. He would not force her if she did not wish to explain further.

“Forget about what I said earlier.” He hugged her tightly into his embrace and nestled his face into her neck. He felt genuinely sorry for the woman.

Although she described the pain in an unperturbed manner as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, he knew that she must be suffering from great distress. This had to be a memory she would not wish to relive.

She must be in so much pain when that happened.

The man became sorrowful the more he thought about it.

He really intended to have a child with her. This desire became stronger since the first time he had this idea but now…

He swore to kill the person that did this to her.

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