God of Fishing Chapter 718 - A True Warrior!

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Chapter 718: A True Warrior!

This time, Han Fei didn’t even bother to be invisible and immediately started to rush forward.

Although Little White was not as fast as Little Gold, she could actually catch up with Han Fei.

Han Fei rushed shoulder to shoulder with Little Black and Little White, leaving three lines of water streams behind them.

Because their speed was too fast, trails thousands of meters long were left in the water.

Han Fei no longer hid his trace, so his position was immediately discovered.

So, the first to appear were dozens of Inferior Man-Fish. Then, more and more Inferior Man-Fish appeared, and some of them appeared directly in front of Han Fei.

“You want to force me to kill? Fine!”

Every time Han Fei who was still rus.h.i.+ng forward waved the Blood-Drinking Knife in his hand, knife light flickered and, carrying seawater, slashed at one Inferior Man-Fish.

The knife light was accompanied with extremely powerful Invincible Fighting Intent and killed an Inferior Man-Fish in the blink of an eye.

However, at this time, Han Fei’s heart did a flip.

Did the Invincible Fighting Intent weaken?

No, he became stronger.

Old Bai used to tell him that the Invincible Fighting Intent he comprehended didn’t belong to the category of knife intent, but more of a human will. As his strength grew stronger, this invincible will would not be able to keep up with his pace of strength improvement.

At that time, Han Fei didn’t take it seriously, thinking: being temporarily invincible was good too!

But now, when he launched an attack, he found that the Invincible Fighting Intent had not been strengthened with the improvement of his realm.

This showed that the power of his Invincible Fighting Intent temporarily stopped increasing.

Although the Inferior Man-Fish still couldn’t resist him, it was a fact that he made no progress. Han Fei finally admitted this fact after killing more than 20 Inferior Man-Fish.

Han Fei could perceive that now he seemed unable to break out of the encirclement. In all directions, including right in front of him, Inferior Man-Fish were ceaselessly pouncing towards him.

Han Fei suddenly stopped, flipped the Blood-Drinking Knife into his body, and put away Little Black Little White.

Han Fei stood proudly in the dark sea and his fists gradually glowed with gold.

At this moment, Han Fei felt his blood was boiling, and countless images faintly appeared in his mind. Those were exactly the images in his mind when he was practicing the Art of Invincibility. At this moment, when he discovered that his Invincible Fighting Intent had weakened, they appeared again.

As soon as these images flashed, Han Fei felt agitated. It seemed that a beast was awakening.

“Even if the Invincible Fighting Intent won’t progress further, nothing can stop me.”

Han Fei knew that within a radius of thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers, layers of traps must have been laid down. The sea monsters were determined to catch him at all costs.



Han Fei put on the semi-divine battle suit. When the first Inferior Man-Fish came, a bright golden light blasted out, and a powerful and invincible will gathered on the fist mark.


The Inferior Man-Fish, like a cannonball, left a white mark in the sea and directly shot into the seabed a kilometer away.


The bottom of the sea was shaking, dust was rolling, and rocks were cracking.

Immediately, from a long distance, spiritual-energy spears shot through the air. b.a.l.l.s of spiritual energy, like water pressure cannons, shot towards Han Fei, and harpoons in the sea reflected glaring cold gleams.


Han Fei activated the Art of Invincibility. With his body as the center, gleams overflowing from the golden fist mark scattered in all directions.

In the dark sea, cold gleams, water pressure cannons, golden fist marks, barrier-breaking water marks, impact ripples… Fighting effects emerged endlessly and ripples were layered.

None of the Inferior Man-Fish who were almost at the same level as Han Fei or even slightly higher leveled than him could survive his punches.

The broken bodies of the Inferior Man-Fish were constantly thrown onto the seabed. The roar sounded tens of kilometers across the bottom of the sea.

The Inferior Man-Fish was roaring sharply, rus.h.i.+ng up fiercely. In the distance, Red Demons and Half-Mermaids were coming quickly.

When the first Red Demon appeared on the battlefield, the place where Han Fei was, within a radius of 3,000 meters, was almost covered with Inferior Man-Fish. Their bodies were all broken and they were all vomiting blood. Some had their internal organs broken, some had their heads bleeding, and some were even directly blasted to death.

This was the third time Han Fei drank Candle Dragon Blood. Every time, at least 100 Inferior Man-Fish were buried to the bottom of the sea forever.

The deafening noises and horrible impacts of the battle had even attracted the attention of some human masters.

They were still thousands of kilometers away. Some of them had noticed the abnormal movement of the Inferior Man-Fish, and some people perceive a battle taking place from the weak vibration frequency of the sea.

Anyway, no matter how it was discovered, there were already five or six people who started to rush in the direction where Han Fei was.

After a while, some of them met in the sky.

“Brother, where is the battle?”

“I don’t know! Were you attracted here too?”

Someone appeared in the sky. “Who the h.e.l.l is so powerful as to fight in the sea?”

Someone stood on the bow of the s.h.i.+p, holding a bow and shooting an arrow several kilometers into the sea, and said, “Someone is fighting. Let’s go help him.”

When these people rushed to the location of the battle, they were all astonished.

“Only an intermediate Hanging Fisher?”

On the seabed.

Han Fei fought four Red Demons alone, yes, four.

At this moment, Han Fei had activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, and his body was glowing with golden light and twisted and turned deftly under the four Red Demons’ attacks. The golden fist marks kept bombarding the opponent, making m.u.f.fled thunder-like noises.

With each hit, water waves dozens of meters high gushed out.

Perceiving the arrival of human beings, Han Fei directly spread his voice out, “My friends, can you help me kill some Inferior Man-Fish?”

These people were all shocked. They had already perceived that there were no less than 300 Inferior Man-Fish that had died under the sea. And this guy who killed them was only an intermediate Hanging Fisher?

At this time, someone came from the sky. Seeing this scene, he frowned.

The incoming person directly transmitted his voice to Han Fei, Han Fei, before the Half-Mermaids arrive, come back to the Scattered Stars Island with us.

Han Fei smashed the Golden Seal in his hand at a Red Demon’s forehead, directly knocking him out. Then his backhand threw a golden fist mark out, blasting a crab into the distance.

Han Fei’s eyes were cold. “Are you here to catch me too?”

Some people were hunting at sea. At this time, a six-star killer had taken action. He had jumped into the sea, attracting dozens of Inferior Man-Fish attacks.

Someone was asking others, “This guy is called Han Fei, an excellent Heavenly Talent. Why do you want to catch him? What did he commit?”

The person who was asked had fused with his spiritual beast, jumped into the water, and came into combat with the sea monsters.

While fighting, he answered, “Han Fei broke into the Dark Hunter Legion and went to sea to find someone without authorization.”

Someone gaped in surprise and asked, “An intermediate Hanging Fisher broke into the Dark Hunter Legion? Are you kidding me?”

Someone said, “He did that with the Door-Carrying Marshal. Now, do you still think he can’t make it?”

The other people were all speechless. What is the ident.i.ty of this guy? How could he do that?

Someone shouted, “It’s not the time to talk about it. Hey… Han Fei, why are you still fighting down there? Before the strong enemy arrives, run!”

Han Fei responded, “I’m working on my combat skills. Just a moment.”

Han Fei was working on his combat skills indeed. He hadn’t practiced the Art of Invincibility well enough. Since he practiced it on the Steps into the Sea, he had made no progress in the art.

At this moment, Han Fei ignored an attack from behind and punched out with a boom, blasting a Red Demon directly in front of him. The terrifying power suddenly exploded and crushed the Red Demon’s body.

This scene shocked everyone. G.o.d, this intermediate Hanging Fisher was even more powerful than a peak-level Hanging Fisher!

Plus the two people who came to catch Han Fei, a total of eight human experts came.

Among the eight people, only one was of five-star rank, and the others were all of the six-star rank. Except for Killers, no one else could move freely at sea. This was the t.i.tle above the “Hundred People Slash” and the t.i.tle itself represented strength.

Even if the people of the five-star rank were only one step from entering the six-star rank.

The eight people were almost equivalent to eight peak-level Hanging Fishers. For a time, the Inferior Man-Fish had no power to fight back at all.

However, Han Fei perceived that a Half-Mermaid had already appeared who was sprinting towards him.


Han Fei grabbed a harpoon with one hand and punched out with the other, and the fist mark directly blew up a Red Demon’s head. With a casual wave, he retracted the Golden Seal, and a large seal phantom smashed on the other Red Demon’s chest.


Gritting his teeth, Han Fei glanced at the eight people, especially the two who came to catch him, and decided to continue fighting.

Of the four Red Demons, only one survived. Han Fei threw out dozens of punches in a row which bombarded them like a madman. The energy in his body poured out and directly blasted seven or eight holes in the body of the a.s.sociated Spirit of the Red Demon.


As the last golden fist mark was thrown out, a strange power seemed to be fused with the fist mark.


The fist mark blasted through the seawater, and in the next second, the Red Demon exploded directly.

Han Fei looked down at his fist. Now he seemed to feel something.

Someone was so excited at the fighting scene that he couldn’t help exclaiming, “A true warrior!”

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