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Chapter 430: The Big Boss Behind Qin Ling: Ouyang Wei


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After filming “24-hours Idol,” Qin Xiuchen had mentioned this to Butler Qin after his return to Beijing, but Butler Qin always kept it in his heart.

In the past week, he also heard from Qin Ling that Qin Ran had been busy studying.

Upon hearing this, Ah Wen glanced at him and sighed without saying anything.

Butler Qin's face sank, and his eyes looked serious. “The most important thing now is the Young Master. There's still a tough fight ahead. Mr. Ku Ke also said that he's very talented. During this period, the most important thing is to ensure his safety, and to protect him from the Fourth Master's antics.”

“Will the Fourth Master even let the Young Master pa.s.s the exam?” Ah Wen shook his head. The Fourth Master didn't seem so easygoing.

The most important thing at stake now wasn't Qin Ran, but how the Fourth Master would make things difficult for Qin Ling.

Qin Ling's training in the last half a month was the most important thing. Thinking of this, Butler Qin looked down at his phone, having received a new standard from the other party.


The Qin family's main strategy was the domestic IT industry, where the direct line from the technology side generally met the standards, but the Fourth Master was sure to make a move.

Looking at the standards sent over, Butler Qin opened the door and went to the other side.

On the opposite side, Ku Ke's door was opened as he taught Qin Ling how to develop a database in the lobby.

“Butler Qin.” Ku Ke raised his head and asked in surprise, “What's the matter?”

Butler Qin glanced at Qin Ling but didn't immediately speak. Ku Ke quickly realized that Butler Qin couldn't speak in front of Qin Ling, so he put down his book and walked outside with him.

“Mr. Ku Ke, take a look.” Butler Qin showed him the new standards on the phone. “Can the Young Master reach this standard?”

Mr. Ku Ke took it and slowly thought about it without immediately answering.

The a.s.sessment was half a month later in early January.

Butler Qin stared at him, clasping his hands tightly hanging on both sides.

After a long while, Mr. Ku Ke returned the phone, his brown eyes reflecting light. “Yes, he can pa.s.s.”

“Really?” Butler Qin's pupils dilated slightly, and he looked overwhelmingly surprised. His old body trembled slightly as he said, “Are you serious? This standard is so high…”

“No, listen to me.” Mr. Ku Ke shook his head and fell silent for a while. “Xiao Ling isn't just a genius. His foundation is very good, and I think someone has been consciously cultivating him since young. This kind of standard is challenging for him, but with good training, it's not particularly difficult. I want to ask… is there a powerful person behind him? Someone who has shown him books?”

How did the person cultivate him?

Taken aback, Butler Qin realized he knew nothing about Qin Ling's growth. “You mean someone consciously cultivated him when he was a child? That's impossible.”


He had seen Qin Hanqiu's growth environment. Forget about Qin Hanqiu, Qin Ling's mother's family were ordinary materialistic people. Who could possibly consciously cultivate Qin Ling?

“No? That's weird.” Ku Ke was obviously puzzled. “His thought process…”

They exchanged a few more words before Ku Ke returned to continue teaching Qin Ling.

Outside, Butler Qin's feverish mind was quickly calmed down after the surprise. He took out his mobile phone and called Qin Xiuchen to report the good news. “The Fourth Master will never expect this!”

Qin Xiuchen was also surprised.

Butler Qin expressed his doubts. “Mr. Ku Ke said that someone consciously cultivated the Young Master when he was a child. That's really strange. Is someone really cultivating him…”

On the other end, Qin Xiuchen was flipping through the script when he heard this and suddenly paused.

He remembered what Qin Hanqiu had told him about how Qin Ling would often skip cla.s.s to find Qin Ran.


In the Yunjin Community, they always huddled around the computer. According to Qin Hanqiu, Qin Ran had given many books to him.

In the past, Qin Xiuchen really thought they were just playing and discussing games. After all, Qin Ran recorded game videos for Qin Ling, which he had shown to him, but now…

Thinking of what the manager said before, Qin Xiuchen realized that the person who consciously cultivated Qin Ling was probably Qin Ran.

On the other side.

Instead of contacting Cheng Juan, Qin Ran left Yunjin Community and directly drove to the Hacker Alliance.

At 129 street intersection.

She got out of the car, b.u.t.toned her windbreaker's hat, pulled her scarf high, and went straight into the gates.

She happened to have time today and had come to investigate the Qin family's affairs as well as look into Cheng Juan's list.

Inside the elevator, while sending a message to Chang Ning, she flipped through the general information sent to her by He Chen.

After reading the first ten lines, her eyes paused on the last line—



The elevator door opened.

She stood in the elevator and didn't walk out.

Chang Ning, waiting outside the elevator door, b.u.t.toned his coat and asked, “Are you okay?”

“No.” Qin Ran shook her head and got out of the elevator.

“Have you seen what He Chen posted?” Chang Ning led Qin Ran to the office and opened the door for her. “The 712 incident was blocked off personally by you previously. Even if this order didn't specifically ask for you, the others wouldn't pick it up either.”


Walking to the restroom in the office, Chang Ning poured out two cups of coffee and pointed to the sofa. “Sit.”

Qin Ran sat on the sofa and walked around the office. Without answering, she asked, “Are there other computers?”

“No, just check whatever you want to directly.” Chang Ning sipped his coffee with his legs propped up. He lifted his chin and pointed to the computer on the desk.

Qin Ran directly turned to the computer to check on the Qin and Lu families' information.

Chang Ning glanced at her for a while and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. “Is my computer pa.s.sword nonexistent?”


Qin Ran didn't even look up. “What's wrong?”

Chang Ning gave up. “I just changed my pa.s.sword.”


“… I'll pay more attention next time,” Qin Ran slowly replied to him and then continued browsing the 129's database.


In five minutes, Qin Ran finished browsing all the information before putting on her scarf, deep in thoughts.

Standing by the elevator, she pulled up her scarf, opened Lu Zhaoying's profile with her phone, and then sent him a message—

“Do you have time next week?”

The elevator door opened, and she pressed on the first floor.

At the same time.

The elevator on the opposite side arrived at exactly the same time. It slowly opened to reveal a slender figure standing outside.

“Miss Ouyang, over here please.” Outside the elevator door, the staff member bent over slightly.

Ouyang Wei retracted her gaze from the elevator opposite and politely turned to the staff. “Was there a guest here just now?”


“I'm not sure.” The staff shook his head.

Ouyang Wei nodded and stopped asking questions.

The elevator door closed too quickly, and she only managed to see a vaguely familiar figure.

Qin Ran took a taxi back to Ting Lan.

At this time, Cheng Wenru and Cheng Juan were sitting in the lobby on the first floor.

“I heard from Cheng Jin that you're having a headache at 129?” Cheng Wenru raised her hand to check the time on her wrist.w.a.tch. It was almost 4 pm, but Qin Ran had yet to send a message. She looked up at Cheng Juan, afraid to have been abandoned.

But she didn't dare to ask him.

Cheng Juan put a cigarette in his mouth and casually mumbled.

“Any idea?” Cheng Wenru looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

Cheng Juan didn't answer, but Cheng Jin, who was coming upstairs, couldn't help but shake his head. “No reply, but it seems difficult.”

“If it's Master Juan, shouldn't it be easy?” Secretary Li sat down on the other side. He pushed his on the bridge of his nose and slightly tilted his head. He didn't know much, but he understood that Cheng Juan had power behind him. His inexhaustible money alone was a doubtful point.

“Do you know who's the person he asked for?” Cheng Jin quietly glanced at him.

When he said that, Secretary Li and Cheng Wenru made a guess. “I'm guessing it's some elder?”

Sitting next to Secretary Li and pouring himself a gla.s.s of water, Cheng Jin said, “It's not just any elder.”

It was pretty obvious who they were talking about.

Cheng Wenru crossed her legs and gleefully looked at Cheng Juan. “Oh, then that's difficult. I heard that Lone Wolf's last order was last year? It's more difficult to work with him than your monthly surgery. Why don't you find Ouyang Wei?”


Looking up at her with a lukewarm expression, Cheng Juan slowly played with his lighter but didn't turn it on.

Seeing his behavior, Cheng Wenru also became serious. “It's better to find internal personnel for this kind of thing. What you want to check should be very important, right? Ouyang Wei is now a potential 129 intermediate member. She'll have the means…”


Before she finished her sentence, Cheng Juan looked up and glanced behind her.

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