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Chapter 313: Sister Ran's Display of Power

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“They wanted me to join the Student Union, I guess.” Qin Ran casually threw the towel onto the table and then picked up her phone and earphones.

Her voice was neither hasty nor slow and was without fluctuation.

Almost all college beds were double-decked.

She climbed onto her bed, then thought of something. Poking her head out, she glanced at Nan Huiyao and distastefully said, “Don't join the Student Union, it's too troublesome.”


This sentence had been relayed by Song Luting when she came to school. He had instructed her very solemnly.

He had even taught her a trick to use the Dean as a s.h.i.+eld in case of trouble.


She finished speaking and lowered the curtains.

Nan Huiyao and Yang Yi exchanged glances. “…”

Was it illegal to kill a roommate??


Opposite, Leng Peishan remained stiff and silent. Who on earth was this Qin Ran?


Could she be from the Qin family?


The Qin family had long since fallen.

There were almost no women in this generation either.

Leng Peishan let her imagination run wild. Perhaps because she had been outstanding since young, she didn't compare herself to the freshmen at all.

She stood there for a while before taking her phone and heading to the end of the corridor.

She dialed a phone number.

It connected after a few minutes. On the other end, a girl lazily said, “It's so late already, what's the matter?”

“Cousin.” Leng Peishan looked down through the window at the end. “Is there someone called Qin Ran in the Qin family?”


“Qin Ran? I've never heard of her.” Ouyang Wei went downstairs and poured herself a gla.s.s of water. Her tone was light and her gaze ironic. “But the Qin family just took two people back. One is stupid, while the other is too young.”


At the word “Qin,” Ouyang Wei was put in a bad mood.

She couldn't help thinking about the “Miss Qin” that the Cheng family spoke highly of.

With so much information in 129, she hadn't been able to find a single piece of information on this mysterious “Miss Qin.” Obviously, she was well-protected by Cheng Juan. The insiders such as Zhang Xiangge didn't even mention a single word, either.


Her fingers paled while clutching the blanket.

Leng Peishan knew her cousin was in 129 and had a lot of information in her hands. Since Qin Ran wasn't from the Qin family, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Ouyang Wei was deep in thought. After drinking the gla.s.s of water, she returned to her room. “The Yunguang Consortium has just entered Beijing, and the IT Department is short of people. They'll definitely recruit people in the talent market. Beijing University has many opportunities.”

“I understand, cousin,” Leng Peishan responded.


At the same time.

Cheng Qingyu received a call from his parents when he returned to his dormitory.


They asked if he had helped Old Master Cheng take care of the girl.

“Since you guys agreed, you can handle it yourselves.” Cheng Qingyu reached out to unb.u.t.ton his coat and sneered. “Otherwise, don't let her come for military training! She won't receive any privileges from me!”

“No.” His parents sounded anxious. “You've been training outside, so you don't know that she's Master Juan's little girlfriend. Don't mess around. If something goes wrong, be careful Master Juan doesn't skin you alive! At that time, you won't even reach the main hall seat of the Cheng family's branch!”


“Master Juan?” Cheng Qingyu's expression changed. “Why did he find such a person? Back then, Ouyang Wei also partic.i.p.ated in the special training all the way… Forget it, if I don't see it, it can't hurt me.”


For the next five days, Qin Ran could understand why Cheng Qingyu was dissatisfied with her. However, as a difficult person to deal with, she had always been unruly and almost never bowed her head to others.

Cheng Qingyu wasn't one to not let things slide and had dealt with many such subordinates.

The Cheng family had always cultivated power, and everyone had been sent for special training, regardless of their gender. The youngest couldn't avoid it even as Old Master Cheng's favorite.

The Cheng family were all strong, which was one of the reasons why no other families dared to provoke them.

It was the first time they requested the instructor to go easy on someone during the special training. Cheng Qingyu didn't know what Qin Ran had to do with them, but he was indeed unhappy and dissatisfied.

But since his parents had explained the reason to him, he didn't even glance at her throughout the next training sessions.

They got along harmonically.


On the sixth day, all freshmen rectified and set off to the training base.

Both Beijing University and University A trained at the same time every year and cooperated with the Cheng family. The Cheng family would open a training base for ten days each summer, distributed equally among the two schools.

The training was an extremely rare experience for all freshmen and could broaden their views.

This was also the first freshmen resource Zhou Shan received from Old Master Cheng as the of Beijing University.

The training base was located on the outskirts of Beijing, covering an area of 192 hectares.

The edges of the wall could hardly be seen at a glance.

Above the gate, the word “Cheng” was written ostentatiously and domineeringly.

Qin Ran was sitting in a row with Nan Huiyao, who looked out the window and said excitedly, “I heard that today is the shooting course. I'm so excited!”

They had moved to the training base because the extreme training of shooting and rock climbing in the next courses weren't suitable in school.

Everyone in the cla.s.s was intensively discussing this issue.

Qin Ran still carried only her black backpack casually draped on her lap. She had on her black earphones, and her eyes were nonchalantly half-closed. “Oh.”

The car quickly stopped at a huge leveling field.

When the students from the Automation Department got down, they immediately felt the heat surge.

They had set off at 6 am and reached at 9 am. Unlike the cloudy weather of the previous days, the sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly today.

It was stuffy and hot.

They were drenched in sweat the moment they got out of the car.

Nan Huiyao's complexion changed a little, and a cold sweat broke on her forehead.

Yang Yi put her bag aside in the other car and walked over. She scanned Nan Huiyao and noticed something strange. “Your menstruation?”

“It came in advance.” She had always suffered from dysmenorrhea and was pale at the moment. This time, it had come in a torrential rush five days ahead of schedule. “It's okay, it's just a shooting cla.s.s today.”

Qin Ran glanced at her. She pressed her hat down and got on the bus again.

She dug out her black backpack.

Casually sitting on the ground, she poured the contents onto the ground.

A bottle of sunscreen that Cheng Juan prepared for her, a thick black mobile phone, a white bottle of medicine, a few sheets of papers, a few lollipops…


They were all miscellaneous.

Nan Huiyao squatted down to make herself feel better and noted that these things looked strange, like a pile of garbage. “Qin Ran, have you lost something?” she asked.

“No.” Qin Ran couldn't find what she needed. She put her things back and zipped her bag up.

“You…” Throwing the backpack back into the car, she glanced sideways at Nan Huiyao. After thinking about it, she b.u.t.toned her cap and lowered her head to send a message. “Forget it. Let's fall in first.”

Cheng Qingyu got off the trainer's car and found Qin Ran's team.

He glanced past everyone, standing stiffly, with a wooden table beside him. A dozen safety compressed air guns were placed on the table. “Everyone should have heard of the schedule for the next five days. Today, it's the shooting course,” he said, his expression still cold and stern.

“Warm-up first. Everyone — Turn right! Start running!”


In the neatly arranged team, a clear and cold voice sounded. Immediately, a thin and tall figure fell out.

“What's the matter?” Cheng Qingyu's face turned black at the sight of her.

“Headache! I want Nan Huiyao to accompany me to the doctor!” Qin Ran stood in a very standard military position and said confidently.

She was brash and unbridled.

The boys in Cla.s.s 1 were stupefied. What the f*ck—

Beauties were so unique nowadays?

But… with such a full-blown voice, did she really have a headache?

Cheng Qingyu stared at Qin Ran's face, and his eyes gradually sank. He smiled, but there was a chill in his eyes. “How long?”

Without even thinking, Qin Ran said, “One day.”

Cheng Qingyu's face got darker. Nodding, he said coldly without even reasoning with her, “Today's course is shooting. As long as you can reach the pa.s.sing grade, I'll let you go.”


After that, he threw the air gun in his hand at Qin Ran's feet and stared at her sternly. “There are ten shots of compressed air inside, and the target is opposite. It's considered a pa.s.s as long as you hit the inner circle with two shots.”


Qin Ran bent down to pick up the air gun, slightly taken aback.

Behind her, Nan Huiyao immediately grabbed her and stuttered, “Qin Ran, I know you're doing it for me. But don't go against Instructor Cheng. The school says that you can't mess with people with the surname Cheng. I can explain…”

“Oh, it's not that.” Qin Ran stood upright and stuck her hand in her pocket. “I thought he was going to make things difficult for me,” she replied strangely.


Nan Huiyao: “…??”

She thought she had heard it wrong.

But the target was so far?

Wasn't it making things difficult for you?!


The group of boys also exchanged glances.

Chu Heng and Xing Kai obviously knew something was up. Xing Kai whispered, “The instructor is crazy. The pa.s.sing line is obviously five shots anywhere on the circle out of ten rounds. But to hit the inner ring? It's a distance of fifty meters, how much training would it take?”

It was the Cheng family's training base, the family notoriously strict in Beijing.

Chu Heng looked ahead and didn't reply.

Xing Kai asked, “Do you think she can do it?”

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