The Queen of Everything Chapter 466 - Why Are You Willing to Take Me On?

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Chapter 466: Why Are You Willing to Take Me On?

He hummed as if he had nothing more to say. Su Cha did not say anything and got into the car with him.

In fact, Su Cha had a question the moment she saw this man. Tan Jinsui was a mature man who was a draw to girls.

Why would a jealous person be willing to let Tan Jinsui be around her?

Bai Kun would definitely not seek death like this. Since he said that he was looking for Tan Jinsui, he must have received Bo Muyi’s approval from the beginning.

Bo Muyi agreed to it. Su Cha felt that there might be a reason.

There were reasons she did not know.

“Su Cha, before I came, I’d already looked through all your current information.”

As soon as the car started, Tan Jinsui did not seem to want to say anything unnecessary. “You are currently partic.i.p.ating in Dreams in Progress. I know this show very well. Back then, Manni went to be a judge. It was an established show, and its popularity was very strong. It would be beneficial for you to become the champion. Their so-called group plan is not suitable for you to partic.i.p.ate in, so you have to reject it. Also, you even auditioned for a role in ‘The Legend of the Crane.’ Are you planning to both sing and act?”

As he spoke, he took off his and looked at Su Cha.

His eyes were just like his appearance, full of a serious aura. When facing him, one could feel as if they were facing a schoolmaster.

They’d be nervous and uneasy.

But Su Cha would not feel this way.

She answered, “Yes. I planned to try other things after partic.i.p.ating in the show. That role I auditioned for was coincidentally recommended by my mother. It’s a big production, so I naturally have to go after it.”

Su Cha did not hide it from him.

Tan Jinsui frowned. “If I were the one who led you, with my plan, you would have a better starting point. This role will not benefit you much. Your scenes will not attract the audience. Besides… forgive me for being blunt, but I don’t know your acting skills.”

Su Cha thought for a while. “I think it’s okay.”

She felt good about herself.

“…” Tan Jinsui looked at her deeply. “Are you planning to go ahead with it?”

Su Cha nodded. “Yes, Mr. Tan. Even if I could have a better starting point by going with what you say, I don’t think it’s a big deal to acc.u.mulate experience.”

Tan Jinsui: “…”

Tan Jinsui was surprised by Su Cha’s att.i.tude.

Although ordinary people were respectful and careful in front of him, even if Su Cha’s att.i.tude was different from that of ordinary people, Tan Jinsui would not care about it. He thought for a while and said directly, “After you become the champion of Dreams in Progress, you will begin to follow my arrangements. If you want to go and film ‘The Legend of the Crane,’ go. School will start soon. My suggestion is that you better be worthy of your scholarly persona. As long as the people who know that you are partic.i.p.ating in the show know that you are the provincial champion, you must not fall behind in your studies after you enter university. A top student’s character setup can make you look better.”

Tan Jinsui’s words were always swift and decisive. Moreover, it was a direct order. Su Cha did not take it seriously. After all, Tan Jinsui was a professional manager. His arrangement was at least for Su Cha’s own good. Otherwise, he would not have taken on Su Cha’s management.

With Zou Manni in the lead, Su Cha did not believe that Tan Jinsui would let his reputation as a legendary manager fall while handling Su Cha. Hence, he would definitely think of ways to make Su Cha better.

However, Su Cha said slowly, “Mr. Tan, I don’t understand why you are willing to take on my management. You have to know that the person you led before was the only Heavenly Queen in the entertainment industry, Zou Manni.”

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