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Chapter 776: Weiwei

Ignoring his words, Yuan Meng stood up and said to Gu Siting, “President Gu, can I leave now?”

Gu Siting smiled calmly. “Anthony Gustav is just two blocks away, so he should be here soon.”

What he meant was that if she was leaving, he would inform Anthony Gustav to bring his men here.

The people around Gu Siting might not have a chance of winning, if they fought them head-on.

But if Anthony Gustav was here, they would not be able to escape even if Alex was here.

“I have told you that it was Ling Yan who ordered her to do it. What else can I do if you don’t believe me?” Yuan Meng asked furiously.

She had only told him who one of the murderers was and not included Will Dorrans.

“She is not brave enough to do anything to Mu Weiwei,” Gu Siting said.

Ling Yan knew that Mu Weiwei was Fu Hanzheng’s woman, and even if her career had been damaged because of Mu Weiwei, she would not have lost her rationality and ordered someone to do something to her.

Seeing that she could not finish speaking, Yuan Meng sat down again.

“Since you don’t believe me, let’s make a deal.”

Gu Siting said, “Apart from He Linna, what else can you offer me?”

Apart from He Linna who had the clues he needed, he was not interested in anything else she could offer.

Yuan Meng stayed silent for a while and said, “Weiwei’s things, the things that Weiwei left for you.”

Sure enough, Gu Siting’s calm face changed when he heard her words.

Logically, he should have known that this was a smokescreen that the other party was using to try and get away from the situation, but the offer she made was very tempting to him.

“What is it?”

He did not realize that his voice was trembling and laced with urgency.

Seeing him losing his composure, Yuan Meng sneered.

“Weiwei met with an accident a month before your birthday. She had prepared a birthday present for you, but… something happened to her and she could not give you the present.”

Gu Siting pursed his lips. Although he had not met Weiwei for two years and they were as distant as strangers, on the day of his birthday, she would still deliver a present.

Therefore, what Yuan Meng said was most likely true.

“Where is it?”

Yuan Meng said, “If you let us leave Spain, I will tell you where the things are.”

She did not want to waste any more time with him because she did not need Anthony Gustav to discover this place.

Gu Siting thought for a while and agreed to her condition.

“If what you said is false, even if you go to Anderson’s house, Anthony Gustav can still take you away.”

Yuan Meng put out the cigarette and stood up.

“Hopefully, you still have the face to take what she left behind.”

“That is none of your business,” Gu Siting said coldly.

Yuan Meng took two steps and stopped.

“I heard that you got yourself a Nine-Eyed Heavenly Jewel, you’re hoping to find her again. Yet you have given her heart to Ling Yan, and you are also engaged to Ling Yan, what face do you have left to find her?”

Gu Siting was too stubborn. She was afraid that if he knew where Weiwei was, he would do everything and anything he could to force her to leave Fu Hanzheng.

Even if he was the one who pushed her away, he would not allow her to stay with Fu Hanzheng forever.

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