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Chapter 578: The Lie Detector

Ling Yan and Ji Fang sat in the car for a long time, before they then calmly got out.

The servants of the Ling Family were being interrogated by the Dorrans Family and the leader was another trusted aide of Cayman Dorrans, Watson. He was tall and strong and had dark tattoos on his arms and neck.

“Mrs. Ling, Miss. Ling, you are finally home.”

“What do you think our family is, a bunch of criminals?” Ling Yan asked.

Watson shrugged.

“It can’t be helped, the Ling Family is also involved in the death of Miss Vivian, we must investigate it thoroughly.”

“You came to our home from the hospital and interrogated us like we are criminals. Is this your meaning of an investigation?” Ling Yan asked coldly.

For the past few days, she had not been able to concentrate on filming because she had to rush home to check on the situation.

“Isn’t Miss Ling a good friend of Miss Weiwei? Don’t you want us to find the murderer?” Watson asked.

“I… of course I want you to find out but I can’t just watch you investigating my home like this.” Ling Yan tried hard to stay calm.

Yes, if she objected too much, the other party would think that she was guilty.

“In that case, please cooperate.” Watson said.

The mother and the daughter were home, but they had spent so much time in the car before entering the house. He was curious and concerned about what they had discussed in the car.

Ji Fang looked at everyone and said, “If we cooperate, will the hospital and the family no longer be interrogated by you?”

They had been asking questions for two days and it was time to finish the investigation.

She had not slept at all during the past two days.

These men were always at her workplace and at her home, and she had noticed that none of them were armed.

Watson smiled and said, “Of course, thank you for your cooperation, we will finish the investigation as soon as possible.”

“Then how long until you finish?” Ji Fang asked.

Watson looked at Ling Yan and her mother and said, “That will depend on whether you and Mrs Ling will cooperate with our investigation.”

“Me… us?” Ling Yan was startled and asked, “Even we are being interrogated?”

Watson said, “Of course, compared to the medical staff and the servants of the Ling Family, you are the ones who are the most deeply involved with Miss Weiwei.”

During the past two days of checking on the hospital and the Ling Family, he had only gained some information.

The real investigation started with them.


Ji Fang panicked a little. She had thought that they were just checking the hospital and the servants at home, but they were not letting them off either.

Ling Yan took her arm and said to Watson, “Then what do you want to ask?”

Watson said, “There are still some things that have not been arranged. I will ask you when I am done.”

“Arrange things?” Ling Yan frowned. She had a feeling that something was not going to be beneficial to them.

They were just asking questions about Gu Weiwei and so they could easily answer them.

What was he up to now?

“Yes.” Watson nodded and said, “We are having two high-end lie detectors delivered to us. We will ask Mrs Ling, Miss Ling and Mr Ling to answer our questions.”

“A lie detector?” Ji Fang asked in astonishment.

Watson said, “Matthew said that we are easily misled by lies, so he gave us the instrument.”

Ji Fang was so nervous that her palms were sweating. She looked at Ling Yan.

If they were just interrogating her, they would not find anything.

But if they used the lie detector…

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