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Chapter 481: Joined Forces


Fu s.h.i.+qin looked at Yuan Shuo and then at his own brother, then whispered, “He used to help the Gu Family, do you think he is here helping us or tricking us?”

Also, what was his brother thinking when he entrusted someone else to rescue his girlfriend?

“All you need to do is to take care of the company and keep everything in order.”

Fu Hanzheng looked at him and turned to Xu Qian, asking him to contact Lei Meng.

Although this man was here for the first time, it was true that this man fled A Land and she had kept their meeting a secret, meaning that she trusted them deeply.

Also, his wife was able to sneak into the neighbourhood of the Gu Family so as to make this video, meaning that they truly wished to save her.

Fu s.h.i.+qin sighed. Unconvinced, Fu s.h.i.+qin decided not to disturb their rescue plan.

Soon, Xu Qian came over with the map of A Land, as well as the neighbourhood area of the Gu Family, and the security.

Yuan Shuo glanced at the map of the Gu’s mansion and said, as he picked up a pen,

“What you see here is just the superficial security of the mansion. There are a lot of hidden equipment, as well as high quality surveillance cameras. There are all kinds of alarms inside the mansion and one small slip would stop you from even entering the gate.”

“How are we able to save her if that is the situation?”

Fu s.h.i.+yi was very confused after hearing his words.

Yuan Shuo threw a look at them and said,

“I’m not sure when he is going to conduct the plastic surgery, so the first step is to delay him.”

Gu Siting would not entrust anyone else to do this matter, so he was going to keep an eye on the entire process.

So if there were other troubles for him to deal with, the plastic surgery would be delayed.

“I can arrange something.” Fu Hanzheng said.

“The second step is the plan for us to rescue Weiwei” Yuan Shuo looked at Fu Hanzheng and said, “We need to return to Hua Land in the safest and fastest way, the moment we get her.”

“A Land is an island land, nothing is faster than a plane in the sky.” Fu s.h.i.+yi suggested.

He Chi struck him hard on the back of his head. “The airlines are strictly controlled and Gu Siting would probably shoot the plane down directly if he is p*ssed off enough.”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and pointed at the sea territory between A Land and Hua Land.

“Follow this route, there is a small port here for smugglers. When you get her, come to the public sea territory at the highest speed. That is the place where the Hua Land military is patrolling. They are going to help you get back to the nearest port of Hua Land.”

Yuan Shuo nodded in agreement. “But in case something pops up in the middle… we need to have two plans and two groups of people.”

Fu Hanzheng looked sharp and replied after a moment of silence.

“I will arrange plan B. They will take care of the remaining enemies. What you need to do is to get Weiwei and bring her back to Hua Land.”

Yuan Shuo nodded and said, “I am not going there just for Mu Weiwei but also for Yuan Bao’s mother. If I get Mu Weiwei first, your men can bring her away first. I need to stay to find my wife.”n

Fu Hanzheng answered. “Alright.”

That man risked his life for Weiwei.

If he was only allowed to bring her back, Weiwei would blame him for the decision too.

“I have one condition.” Yuan Shuo said.

Fu Hanzheng said, “Go on.”

“It is a risky trip, I can’t bring my son along with me. Someone needs to take care of him.”Yuan Shuo said.

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and turned to Fu s.h.i.+qin.

Fu s.h.i.+qin shook his head and pointed at Fu s.h.i.+yi who was already falling asleep.

“I need to go to work. With you gone, I have too much work to do.”

Fu Hanzheng glanced at He Chi. “You and Fu s.h.i.+yi are to take care of the child.”

He Chi laughed dryly. This was definitely not something he was able to turn down.

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