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Chapter 480: Gu Weiwei is Dead 2

They looked at each other, failing to believe what they heard.

“So the Gu Weiwei you are talking about is Gu Siting’s younger sister?”

But why was Gu Weiwei ‘s death related to his sister-in-law?

Why did Gu Siting take his sister-in-law and manufacture a fake death?

He had been so scared these last few days because of this and stayed up for several days in a row, to the point where he had become totally exhausted.

“Yes, she is dead.” Yuan Shuo repeated.

Fu Hanzheng squinted, weighing up whether what he was saying was true or false.

But Gu Weiwei had not shown up for ages, that much was true.

His men had been dispatched to look for them and he had thought that Gu Weiwei was with them as well.

“Can you prove what you said?”

“You must have found out that I was dispatched by the Dorrans Family to protect Gu Weiwei, If she were not dead, why would I have fled A Land?” Yuan Shuo countered.

He had thought about revealing the death of Gu Weiwei to Fu Hanzheng through another method but something happened to Mu Weiwei before he could do anything.

Yuan Meng suspected that her disappearance was related to the Gu Family, so she followed them to A Land and lost contact with him.

“But how is Gu Weiwei’s death related to my sister-in-law?” Fu s.h.i.+qin asked.

Yuan Shuo took a sip of the water on the table and continued.

“The Gu Family has not revealed to the public that Gu Weiwei is dead because they are trying their best to keep it secret from the Dorrans Family. Now the secret is on the edge of bursting out, so… they need a Gu Weiwei to take the place of the deceased one.”

Fu Hanzheng’s eyes sank. “He is trying to turn Weiwei into Gu Weiwei.”

Previously, Gu Siting had intended to bring her back to his home yet failed because he showed up in time, so all this time he had been mapping out a perfect plan to realize his goal.

He made use of the terror attack and captured her, bringing her to the Gu Family.

“Turning Sister-in-law into Gu Weiwei?” Fu s.h.i.+yi exclaimed.

Yuan Shuo’s expression sank and explained to the men standing in front of him.

“As long as they use drugs on Mu Weiwei, her memory will turn blurry. Then they can use plastic surgery to turn Mu Weiwei into Gu Weiwei.”

Most importantly, her soul was Gu Weiwei after all.

Hearing the words, Fu s.h.i.+qin felt his hair standing up on end. If that was the true plan of that man, they would never be able to find her.

“What are we waiting for here, let’s go and save her!”

Yuan Shuo said, “She is at the Gu Family’s mansion. It is not so easy to bring her out. We need a plan and proper arrangements.”

The security of the Gu Family’s mansion was almost strict as that of the President’s house.

Also, before they approached the Gu Family, they would need to sneak into A Land as well.

Because once Gu Siting sensed something, he would transfer Weiwei into another secretive place and by that time, it would be extremely difficult to find her.

Fu Hanzheng asked, “How much time do we have?”

Yuan Shuo said, “At most two days, and Gu Siting might have Yuan Bao’s mother too.”

Hearing those words, Fu s.h.i.+yi complained.

“What is wrong with this man? He wants everyone’s woman!”

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and said, “I will give you some of my men and you can go and rescue her.”

“He is going?” Fu s.h.i.+qin turned to his brother in disbelief. “This is a very important matter, we can’t allow an outsider to do this, what if…”

“Because I will have to be the one who is doing the rescue.” Yuan Shuo squinted at Fu s.h.i.+qin who was agitated and said, “Once your brother is found to no longer be in F Land, Gu Siting would suspect that he must have sensed something. So Gu Siting would build a stronger defence that makes the rescue even more difficult.”

Fu Hanzheng said, “Also… he knows A Land and the Gu Family, better than any of us.”

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