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Chapter 374: The Gu Family and The Ling Family 2

In the study of the A Land.

The scent of alcohol permeated the air and there was a half-empty bottle of Whiskey on the table. Gu Siting was taking a nap, with one hand against his forehead.

Suddenly, the servants opened the door of the study, Ms. Gu walked in with the aged Gu Hongye, who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Gu Siting opened his eyes when he heard the sound and called out to them when he saw them.

“Grandpa, mom.”

Gu Hongye was in a very bad condition. He could no longer walk and had to sit in the wheelchair every time he was out, he also needed an oxygen generator.

The moment he entered the study, he was a little furious at the sight of Gu Siting, who looked slightly depressed.

“I told you repeatedly not to get in trouble with the Fu Family, what do you think you are doing?”

Ms. Gu put away the whiskey on the table and replied, with a gentle voice, “We checked it out, it was a pure accident!”

No one would have expected that the new actress from Hua Land was Fu Hanzheng's girlfriend.

Luckily, what Ling Yan had experienced was just a fright and they did not fall into too much trouble.

Gu Siting ma.s.saged his temples and remained speechless.

Gu Hongye coughed loudly because of his fury and he could not utter a single word.

Ms. Gu had to ask the servant to push him down to the doctor and then asked her son, who looked slightly tired, “What is going on with that Mu Weiwei?”

She heard from the butler that a couple of months ago, Mu Weiwei was invited to visit their mansion.

And now, he had gotten into a conflict with Fu Hanzheng because of that girl too.

Also… in the dubbing, she sounded way too much like Weiwei.

Gu Siting looked profound as he said calmly, “It is just that… she resembles Weiwei in some aspects.”

“She is gone and no one else can be her, no matter how much she is like her!”

Ms. Gu said as tears swelled up into her eyes.

Although she was not her real daughter, she had brought her up personally and her heart still ached for her death at such a young age.

Hearing Ms. Gu's words, Gu Siting stayed silent for a long while.

Yes, anyone who resembled her would never be her.

“You can't blame your father's death on Weiwei. She knew nothing about it! She had no idea of who her real father was before she died and you had treated her way too unfairly.”

The year when Weiwei came to the Gu Family, Gu Mo died.

When Weiwei was brought home, someone leaked the message, so Gu Mo died just to bring her home safe and sound.

Only she and grandpa knew about it but Gu Siting soon learned about this matter two years ago and understood that his father had died because of Weiwei's arrival.

From that time onwards, he completely changed his att.i.tude towards Weiwei.

“Mom, I don't want to talk about her anymore.” Gu Siting said with a deep voice.

Ms. Gu looked at him and said, “The Ling Family asked about you and Ling Yan… are you really going to marry her?”

Gu Siting replied after a long time of silence.


“Because she was once pregnant with your child?” Ms. Gu asked.

Ling Yan had once aborted a child but Weiwei knew nothing about it because she was not at home during that time.

Gu Siting did not reply.

“There are far more people who are more suitable to be your wife in A Land.” Ms. Gu answered.

Gu Siting replied, “Only she can be my wife.”

Ms. Gu looked at her son with a serious look and said, “I hope you can understand one thing clearly… Ling Yan is not Weiwei, and she is never going to be her, even though she has Weiwei's heart.”

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