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Chapter 265: For Your Fondness Only

Gu Weiwei looked down at the warm brown-sugar water, feeling upset and complicated.

She hadn't understood what was going on with her and her family in the last twenty years that she had lived but just a few months after her death, she finally understood the whole truth… in another girl's body.

The Yuan Family was her biological father's men, which was not something she had expected.

She had thought that Gu Siting was behind the arrangement.

“What… are you going to do with Gu Weiwei, if you ever find her?”

“We are going to use her to crush the Gu Family and the alliance between her father and them. I am only aiming at the Gu Family.” Fu Hanzheng said calmly.

The Fu Family had lost too many people due to the b.l.o.o.d.y battle years ago – his Second Grandpa had died and his wife followed soon afterwards.

His uncle and aunt were missing, so his uncle's wife had had a breakdown and remained in the hospital even until today.

When his aunt died, she was just about to get married, it was a huge scar in the heart of every member of the Fu Family. Fu s.h.i.+yi and Fu s.h.i.+qin had been too young to understand anything but he had witnessed and understood it all.

Gu Weiwei asked, “She was brought up by the Gu Family, will you kill her too?”

Fu Hanzheng looked at her curiously and smiled.

“Why did are you so concerned about the Gu Family all of a sudden?”

“Just curious.” Gu Weiwei smiled, concealing her emotions.

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and said, “I don't need to do anything to her and we should not do anything to her either.”

Her biological father was not someone they should cross and the Fu Family did not need to bring themselves any trouble by irritating him for no reason.

Gu Weiwei looked at him sideways and said, with a small chuckle, “Fu Hanzheng, you are a very weird man, you know?”

“Oh?” Fu Hanzheng's eyebrows were raised. “How so?”

Gu Weiwei took a sip from the cup and said, “I mean… you actually seem quite likeable.”

She had hated Fu Hanzheng a great deal when she was with the Gu Family before – she kept on hearing negative comments about him.

There was one time when Gu Siting did not come home to celebrate her birthday because of business conflicts with the Fu Family, so she asked someone to print out Fu Hanzheng's picture and used it as a target for darts.

Yet when she became Mu Weiwei, she suddenly realized that he and Gu Siting were completely different people.

Gu Siting always considered his family business as the most important thing, thus lying to her about her father.

He claimed that he liked her but he still told the public that they were just brother and sister.

As a result, no one had ever known that they were a couple, apart from herself.

But Fu Hanzheng always considered her as the most important priority and everything else could just come second.

Whatever she had wanted to get from Gu Siting, had fallen out of her hands.

But after she died and was reborn, she ended up getting everything from Fu Hanzheng instead.

Having heard her words, Fu Hanzheng leaned forward and kissed her right on top of her head.

“I only want to be likeable for you.”

With the cup in her hands, Gu Weiwei could not help but smile brightly.

They had just been in a heated conversation when Fu Hanzheng's phone rang.

He frowned and answered Fu s.h.i.+qin's call.

“Brother, your girlfriend has gossip!”

Fu Hanzheng took a look at the girl in his arms. “What gossip?”

“It has. .h.i.t the headlines of the entertainment magazines and it is on the news too. Turn on the TV and check it out!”

Fu s.h.i.+qin sounded mysterious, yet also excited and gleeful.

Fu Hanzheng turned on the TV and switched to the entertainment channel, the gossip was broadcasted right in front of his face.

[Mu Weiwei, the supporting actress of the Long Wind, has gained enormous reputation due to her acting and she received a mysterious fan, who shocked the whole country, by buying out cinemas for the movie. Everyone wondered who this mysterious fan could be. Last night, Mu Weiwei and Fu s.h.i.+yi had dinner together and left in the same car afterwards. So far, they have not shown up in public and it is very likely, according to the viewers, that the mysterious, rich fan is n.o.body other than s.h.i.+yi, the Third Master of Fu's Enterprise!”

At the same time, the pictures of them getting into the same car were shown on the screen too.

Gu Weiwei looked sideways and glanced at Fu Hanzheng.

What would he be thinking now… when he saw that his girlfriend was in a rumored relations.h.i.+p with his brother.

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