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Chapter 150: No Kisses?

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She had been drunk last night, so she had no idea that he was in her bed with her but now she clearly knew that Fu Hanzheng was in her bed and now she couldn't just simply fall asleep.

 She had her eyes closed throughout the entire night, but she got so worked up that she just could not go to sleep.

 Then dawn broke and she woke Fu Hanzheng up.

 “Get up now, it is time for work.”

 Fu Hanzheng raised the corners of his lips and slowly opened his eyes as the morning sun shone in through the window, making the entire room warm.

 The girl looked drowsy, but she had a pair of eyes that shone brighter than the sunlight.

 This was a morning view that made him feel amazingly fantastic.

 Therefore, Fu Hanzheng did not have the intention of rising from the bed and instead said with a lazy smile, “My girl, I think you should give me a morning kiss.”

 “…” Gu Weiwei's lip corners twitched.

 What she wanted was to give him a kick so that he could go to work and she could sleep.

 “My breath stinks because I haven't brushed my teeth.”

 “I don't mind.” Fu Hanzheng waited patiently.

 Seeing him having no intention of getting up just because he hadn't received a kiss, Gu Weiwei became very annoyed and irritated.

 “What if I refuse?”

 “Then I will kiss you.” Fu Hanzheng said with a smile.

 After a sleepless night, Gu Weiwei was very annoyed, especially when this man asked for kisses from her in the morning but what else could she do, if she could not break up with him.

 She moved her elbows and gave a small kiss upon that man's beautifully-shaped lips.

 Satisfied, Fu Hanzheng reached out for her head.

 “Get up now for breakfast.”

 Having said this, he finally got up to get changed.

 Gu Weiwei threw herself down into the bed and punched the bed to vent out her displeasure.

 After a very long time, she got up, with dark-circles under her eyes, for breakfast.

 The hotpot yesterday made her stomach suffer way too much, so she finished the entire bowl of vegetable porridge served by the servant.

 After breakfast, she went back to sleep before Fu Hanzheng went out.

 Without Fu Hanzheng next to her, she quickly went to bed and slept all the way into the afternoon.

 After obtaining much sleep, she stretched out her four limbs and got up, humming joyfully as she went into the living room with some snacks and scripts, getting ready for the filming.

 She had just taken a hold of a cookie and opened the script to read her notes when the door of the study opened suddenly.

 She looked up and found that Fu Hanzheng, who should be working at the company, came out of the study with business casual clothes on him.

 “You are awake?”

 Startled, Gu Weiwei dropped the cookies. “What are you doing here at home?”

 “I came home after a meeting. I will spend the day with you.”

 Gu Weiwei laughed dryly. She truly did not need his companions.h.i.+p at all!

 She had been living a very happy life alone when he had not been home for the past month.

 “Lunch is ready, read after eating some food.” Fu Hanzheng pulled away the script from her hands.

 Annoyed, Gu Weiwei put down the cookies and chips and went with him into the dining room.

 The lunch was very well prepared for the state of her stomach.

 “You must have lots of stuff to deal with after being away for so long. You don't have to stay at home with me.”

 “There are always a lot of things to do but keeping you company right now is even more important.” Fu Hanzheng said and served her a bowl of soup.

 There were indeed lots of business affairs to complete, but after travelling between the capital and S Land in the past month, they had barely been able to meet, let alone going on a date.

 Now he had finished his business affairs and returned home, she was going to be away for a couple of months for the film shoot.

 Therefore, spending time with her right now was more important than working at the company.

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