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Ashton listened silently.

"This mask, truly brings both joy and misfortune, doesn't it?" she finally finished with a question.

"You already know that the moment you wore it."

"I know."

"And, what do you plan on doing with it? Just gonna tell them you have a scar?" he continued asking.

"No, I'll show it to them. That is better proof than plainly saying it. This way they'll not be curious as to what kind of scar was hidden beneath it."

"And at the same time, they wouldn't think that it was outright suspicious. Though i am wearing a half masked one, not a full one. They can still see half of my face."

Ashton put on a bluetooth headset as he continued listening to her prattle about what had happened on her first hour of work.

Amber was quite talkative but he didn't find it irritating at all, instead he found it amusing that she actually calls him for a simple matter.

"That secretary was truly not a secretary at all. She only know how to flirt with the general manger..."

"Oh, and the office was even worse. It was so plain to the point that I thought I was a plain clerk..."

"There's also the general manager we hired, I think we made the wrong choice of hiring him. I have a bad feeling about him..."

She kept going as Ashton did his job as well. He didn't interrupt and would reply whenever she would ask. And at times he would also comment on what she was talking about.

"Anyway, you have to come with me this afternoon and shop for my office," she finally ended her prattling.

"Okay, I'll pick you up this afternoon. Message me an hour before you punch out."

"Okay, goodbye."

She ended the call and the bubbling feeling of anger a while ago have disappeared completely.

On the other side, Ashton shook his head with a defeated smile as he placed his phone on the side.

He now has an idea of how his daily life will go now that she had returned to her work.


During lunch, Ambet received a sharp look and a cold shoulder from her secretary.

She knew this must be because of how she locked the door in Joseph Fox's face a while ago.

"Miss Kate."

She called wearing her sweet smile.

Kate sighed heavily before looking back at her, "Yes?"

Amber smiled even sweeter, "Please pack up. You're fired."

Kate remained not moving upon hearing these five words.

"What did you just say?" she finally asked after a few seconds.

"I said you're fired," Amber repeated.

"You have no ri-"

"You're going to tell me I have no right? Let me ask you this miss Kate, who am I?"

"The second in command," she replied but was a lot weaker than how she spoke a while ago.

"Indeed, second in command. Meaning I am second only to mister Joseph Fox. Then what kind of att.i.tude have you just shown me?"

Kate didn't reply.

"Please pack up and I don't want to see you again this afternoon. If I do then I'll have to be more drastic."

After saying this she went ahead and left a shocked secretary behind her.

Having no desire of going out, she instead walked up the rooftop. With only a drink and her laptop with her.

After typing a few keys, she was now staring at the information regarding the middle ranked gangs in celestial country.

After Ashton and the others were done with the small ones, they will surely target these gangs next.

So she decided to have an advance search on them.

'Being a pianist is quite good, I can enter quite a few databases that no other normal hackers could get into.'

Her eyes were so focused as she looked at the information in her laptop not noticing that another pair of eyes are looking at her from the side.

'I never thought that she would have that kind of look, interesting,' Joseph Fox gave her one final look before going down.

He came here earlier than her as he took a smoke.

Upon coming down to his office, what welcomed him was a tear stained Kate together with his own secretary, Francesca Grand.

"What happened here?" he asked.

"The new second in command said that she was firing Kate, no longer wanting to see her this afternoon," Francesca replied.

Kate looked up at him, "Sir..."

She whimpered as she looked at him pitifully.

Amber's serious looking face flashed through his mind.

"Well we can't change her decision but I can transfer you to another department instead."

"But why?" Kate couldn't help but complain.

"The one who brought her here was the president herself, I can't just suddenly go against her without fully knowing her position."

Kate remained silent as she kept crying.

She was so proud of being one of the high ranking secretaries of SNN in Celestial country. But now it was gone just like that.

"I'll give it back to you, but for now, let's cool down the whole situation first okay?" Joseph approached her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Yes sir," Kate finally wiped her tears away.

"Shall we then?" he asked with a smile that both women knew full well.

Both followed him inside his office.

Since this was the top floor, there was only the general manager's office that was up here.

Not long after different sounds could be heard inside, sounds that will make anyone who hears it blush.

Something Amber is currently experiencing, she came down and was going to ask about some matters since the lunch have just finished.

But then she heard three voices inside, the hair behind her head stood on ends as she heard the first noises before she rushed down her own office.

She opened her laptop and with the speed that would put Luke Edwards to shame, she hacked through all the CCTV cameras within the building.

And to her surprise she found aother camera inside Joseph Fox's office.

'It must be a hidden one.'

With a deep breath, she hacked through it only to shut close her laptop the moment the scene inside was presented.

"I knew there was something, why did I have to go and dug my own grave and see things I shouldn't have?" she spoke as she rubbed her arms.

She was having gooseb.u.mps and feeling disgusted at the same time.

She took another deep breath before opening it again with only one eye open.

She needed to make a recording of that place. But she will never watch it, she'll just have one of the men to handle it and see if something good is there.

She was not fond of it, p.o.r.n that is.


Amber was looking past Joseph's eyes as she spoke with him, she also already knew that Kate was not fired but instead was only transferred to another department.

'Does this guy really think that he can outsmart the pianist?' she thought.

"Anyway I will not be needing another secretary, if that one would just disrespect me."

"I understand and I apologize for that. Really I'm sorry."

Compared to his att.i.tude a while ago, his att.i.tude now actually turned to that of a gentleman.

Amber's brows twitched upon hearing the change in his tone.

"And since so many people are looking at me because of this mask, I would like to have proper introduction in order to tell everyone the reason for this mask as well."

Joseph nodded, he himself was wondering about that.

He already heard from the president that miss Amber Wood had an accident and that she had been scarred.

But somehow he couldn't believe it, seeing her presence and her eyes that was so clear without any embarra.s.sment within them.

Most women would have this inferiority complex once scarred the way the president described Amber Wood's scar.

"Very well, we shall have it by tomorrow afternoon right before everyone leaves the office, would that be enough?"

"Yes that would be enough. That is all as well, I'll take my leave."

"Why don't you join me for a cup of coffe since I am already in the process of making it?" he asked after hearing her goodbye.

"No its's fine. I am already going off work and someone is picking me up. Goodbye."

With that she left without second thoughts not even a glance back.

Joseph Fox knew that he was handsome and many women would love to get his attention, so this reaction from her where she wouldn't even look him in the eye intrigued him greatly.

A mischievous smile appeared on his face as he looked out the office window.



"What is it this time?" Ashton asked right after Amber slam his car door shut.

Amber didn't reply but instead she looked at him, to be exact stared at his face.

Ashton frowned and waited but after a few minutes she remained staring at him.

"Is there something wrong what happened?"

Amber rubbed her eyes, "It's no use, I can't get it out of my head."

She complained and seeing as she was rubbing too hard, Ashton held both her hands.

"What exactly happened?"

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