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Amber just stared at them and to her surprise they actually called for the guards.

"This woman is being unreasonable and wouldn't even budge, please escort her out."

The guard looked at Amber as if mocking her, 'Not gonna make trouble? Look where you are now.'

She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry at this.


The real owner?

Is being escorted out of her own building?

'Being lowkey is quite difficult indeed, if this continues I could only call Leslie and ask her to let me in at my own building.'

She shook her head as she didn't budge when the guard held her arm, ready to bring her out.

"Look here miss, if you don't want to be embarra.s.sed, then please just follow me silently," the guard said with impatience.

But Amber's face didn't change, she remained unbothered and didn't move.

Just as the guard was about to open his mouth once again.

"Miss Amber Wood?"

Another voice came from the side and Amber noticed how the two receptionist became demure.

She raised an eyebrow and smirked upon seeing this.

'Typical hungry looking ladies.'

Amber looked towards where the voice came from.

The gentleman with shoulder length hair smiled at her, "I am Joseph Fox, our president, miss Leslie Lane have called to inform me that she had sent a second in command here."

"I suppose that should have been me, but I guess you were not interested in informing your employees at all."

The two receptionists and the guard stared at her in horror.

Second in command means that she was second only to Joseph Fox. Then they are way beneath her.

"Th- Mis-.... We..."

They tried to search for something to say but nothing comes to mind.

"I really apologize for such event, I know you would be coming, that is why I came down myself in order to meet you. I didn't expect to see a relative and didn't notice your arrival instead."

Amber smiled but her eyes didn't, "I suppose it is still your negligence whether this employees acted out of line. Your relative have nothing to do with this, if they visit or not, you should have prioritized work before personal affairs."

She then pointed at the receptionists using her chin, "That was the very same thing your receptionist told me when I told them to call for you and say that Amber Wood has arrived."

Joseph Fox's brows twitched as he listened to her, he never thought that the person below him would actually speak in such a way towards him.

He gave her a strained smile, "I am the general manager over here and it was given to me because miss Leslie Lane thinks I can handle it. I suppose you who are second only in command shouldn't lecture me, right?"

"Then I have nothing more to say, just want you to get this employees straight. Could you help me and lead me to my office? I'd rather work than chatter anyway."

'I shall complain to Leslie regarding this person, no wonder I wasn't feeling like it when I was about to come here. My intuition was right again.'

She added in her mind as Joseoh Fox decided not to speak with her any longer as well.

From the coffee shop within the building, the madam took a final sip with her coffe before standing up.

"An interesting lady indeed, well I suppose I should thank her for taking that man's attention away from me."

She only came here because the coffee of this place was delicious, who would have thought that she would run into the son of her cousin.

Their family just loves sticking themselves near her just because of her status.

And it is also because of this status that she couldn't push them away at all.

"You seemed happy Madam," the butler asked as she get in the car.

"I just met the interesting lady from a few days back and she is indeed very interesting."

'It is not your relatives fault, was her words. Joseph definitely tried to pa.s.s his own negligence but that lady didn't ride with him and instead pointed it out.'

A smile appeared in her lips as the car moved away from the building.

Joseph lead Amber to her office as people stare at them. She didn't care, her start of the day was already too much.

"Good morning sir," the secretary on the floor of her office greeted Joseph.

Amber frowned an obvious blush was visible in her face and she saw Joseph wink at her.

"Good morning, your new superior is here. Miss Amber Wood meet Miss Kate Johnson, she will be your secretary."

"Good morning," Amber nodded politely.

"Good morning."

It was a very plain and very monotonous reply coming from your own secretary, as if you were the secretary.

Amber just shrugged this off, somehow she already knew where the problem lies.

She gave Joseph Fox, who was still flirting with Kate using his eyes, a side glance before she went ahead inside her office.

Upon seeing the room, she closed the door and locked it from the inside without waiting for Joseph Fox to enter.

She then gave Leslie a call.

"h.e.l.lo? Have you arrived?"




"Are you there?"


Leslie sighed, "Let me guess, you don't like everyone's att.i.tude?"

Amber pouted without replying as she walked towards the plain looking sofa.

To be exact the whole place was so plain and that all the things inside are obviously of low quality.

The table had a computer but even that, with one glance, Amber knew that it was of the lowest specs.

"I really won't be able to tell what is going on if you don't tell me," Leslie asked as if she was talking to a child who was throwing a tantrum.

Amber ended the call before giving her a video call.

Leslie didn't see her face but what she saw first was the whole office.

Amber frowned even more upon hearing her suddenly laugh on the other side.

"You must be the very first owner of a big corporation to be treated so badly," Leslie commented as she kept laughing.

"Don't laugh at me now, just who are these people that we have hired? I was even stopped in the entrance and asked if I have any appointment by the guards!!"

Leslie laughed even harder upon hearing her complains.

"Leslie!!" Amber finally called out filled with complaint.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," Leslie wiped the tear at the side of her eyes as she finally sat down properly.

"So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to call and tell them to treat you better?" she finally asked seriously.

"No, but I want you to start looking for better people. You can leave the other matters to the vice president for now."

Leslie gave a defeated smile, "If you didn't like them then just fire them. You don't have to put up with their att.i.tudes."

"We still have proper procedures, I'll keep observing for now, but let me tell you. The root of all these att.i.tudes? It has to be Joseph Fox."

"Should I send someone to watch him closely?" Leslie suggested.

Amber shook her head, "I'll do it for now. Just lessen your work load will you? You don't have to take everything and you must have your vacations as well."

After saying this she waved her goodbye before hanging up.

Leslie was stunned.

"So why did you really call? To complain or to see how I was doing?"

Leslie asked as she stared at her phone.

She looked at the folders piled up on the side of her table before calling for her secretary.

"You've called ma'am?"

"Kindly distribute this to the department managers. I have done the preliminary checking already. Get them to finish it in two days."

Since the boss already gave her word, then she will accept it willingly.

Just as the secretary picked up the files.

"Oh and do check those people who are looking for jobs such as receptionists and security guards."

The secretary was baffled but still accepted the task.

Amber was staring blankly at the blank looking office before she once again gave a call.





"*sigh* What is it? This is your first day of work right? Why are you calling me when you supposedly just arrived there?"

Ashton was doing some research in the study room when he received her call.

"Accompany me to go shopping," was her reply.

"Aren't you working?" he inquired.

"I am but they are bullying their boss, so I will go and shop by myself," Amber replied with a pout.

Ashton's lips raise slightly as he can imagine her current look.

"That's your fault for acting all mysterious."

"I don't think it's because of that because my position is quite high. I think it's because of the mask."

She shook her head as she placed the phone on her other ear, "Really there are so many people who put you down just because you look different."

"Do you hate them then?"

"No, I find them pitiful. They only see the imperfections of others while not seeing that they themselves were imperfect as well. They find pride in looking down on other people but didn't realize that they themselves are being looked down as well."

She thought for a bit before continuing, "In reality, these people are those who never truly love themselves."

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