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"Wait just a minute, guns? Snipe? You can use guns?" Xander who was just listening couldn't help but ask.

This was a complete news to him.

"Is it not normal? Even ladies could handle guns right?" Amber tilted her head to the side as she asked him.

As if she was really wondering why he would ask such an obvious thing.

Xander still looked confuse as he looked at the other three.

Aldger may not have seen it but he had heard it from the other two, how she used a gun in the shooting range.

"Well her knife handling is quite amazing as well," Devon commented.

Xander's mouth dropped open as he looked back at Amber.

She looks so fragile so what was with all these fighting skills?

Amber in return looked back at him innocently.

Xander decided not to comment any longer for it seemed that everyone present except him actually find it normal.

Most of his cousins and the ladies he knew would rather hold make ups and designer items rather than guns and knives.

"I should probably return now, I still have my s.h.i.+ft in the hospital and might end up in trouble if I don't get there on time. You know how strict they are," he stood up and fixed his things.

They bid him goodbye and thanked him.

"Oh and sorry about my call this morning, I also didn't expect that I would react in such a way," Amber said as they stood by the door.

"Well thanks to that I was actually alert instantly," Xander shrugged before turning around.

"Are you sure this is fine for you?" Devon finally asked the question that has been bugging him ever since they first met as a group.

"Fine with what?" she asked looking at him.

"With really not telling them?"

She looked towards the car that was moving away, "I will never be fine of plainly interacting with them just like friends, but circ.u.mstances wouldn't allow us to reunite yet as siblings."


Amber looked up at the high building in front of her, before sighing heavily.

'Somehow I really am too lazy to actually go to work,' she thought as she started walking towards the main entrance.

She finally decided to go to work today, three days after what had happened to Blake.

As for him, he went back with Devon after a day of resting. They decided not to inform their families regarding this matter.

It's a good thing that they were already living separately from their families. This incident will not become big.

They have also decided that Xander will just check on him in Devon's place.

People are currently looking at Amber, the mask was eye catching after all.

'Attention, attention, why do I always get attention wherever I go?' she thought as she stepped inside the building.

"Miss, do you have any appointments?"

The guard stopped her just as she stepped in.

She couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow upon hearing this.

Why is it that the guard was the one asking if she has any appointment at all.

Shouldn't it normally done by the receptionists instead?

"You are the guard right?" she still asked.

The guard furrowed his brows upon hearing this.

She was wearing a formal attire, slacks and blazer.

It may look simple but this was actually created by Jake France himself. He was pa.s.sionate about it when he was suggesting it to her.

The only mark of this clothes being designed by him was the b.u.t.tons on the sleeve, it has a clover design engraved in it.

The same goes with the slacks, the b.u.t.ton on the waist was its proof that it was under the Clover clothing line.

"Can't you see that I am wearing the uniform? I am even standing over here," the guard replied.

"Well I indeed can see that quite clearly, I just don't get why is it that you are the one asking me this question. Shouldn't this be asked by the receptionist instead?"

Amber was shorter than him but he couldn't help but feel smaller than her.

"I didn't expect for this side to actually have such employees, what SNN wants is a hospitable person. Shouldn't you be the one opening the door for me if ever."

She crossed her hands in front of her chest, "Or shouldn't you just be on stand by until I myself make trouble inside? Or is it because of my mask? Do I look like a terrorist to you?"

The guard and even his companion were lost for words upon hearing her words. They didn't expect that she would actually have such strong personality.

"If you have no more questions then just watch me until I enter and speak with the receptionists. I never heard that SNN have such process of the guards stopping the visitors asking for appointment."

She hated power, especially those who throw their weight around because of where they work.

Indeed, it seems that SNN have grown quite a lot for the employees to act this way.

She shook her head as she made way inside to the receptionists.

They of course heard what had happened since it was quite close to the main door, so their looks were already darkened and they looked mockingly at her.

'Wow, the mask truly make wonders.'

"What do you need?" one of them asked her with obvious irritation.

"Please call Mr. Joseph Fox, tell him that Amber Wood has come."

Her words were polite, in contrast with the tone of the receptionist.

"Do you have any appointment with him?" another asked her as they checked the computer.

"Not really, but he'll know once you tell him my name," Amber stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

But she made a mental note, 'I will have to speak with Leslie regarding these matters. Why do we have to hire such ill mannered people?'

The receptionist with short hair scoffed upon hearing her words.

"If this is about some private life then please leave, the company does not allow their employees to use office hours for personal lives."

Amber tried her best not to raise an eyebrow but instead smiled sweetly towards the receptionist.

"I see, then is applying make up part of your work?" she asked looking pointedly at the mirror in front of the receptionist, with the make up kit.


The receptionist placed her things back to her bags after being pointed out.

"And is straightening your hair part of your work?" she once again asked as she looked at the side of the other receptionist.

A hair iron was hidden beneath the table but it was still quite visible.

"What kind of work place is this? You dare act so lazily while trying to reprimand others? I don't think SNN was build with that in mind."

'Just what the h.e.l.l is wrong with this side of the company? I really need to settle this one.'

She knew just how busy Leslie was and so she knew that no one could entirely overlook such a big company on their own.

They wouldn't be able to monitor each and every side of the company.

After being embarra.s.sed, the two ladies raised an eyebrow and looked at her with darkened look.

"If you have no appointements then please leave, if you are just here to act so superior."

Amber was even more shock, when reprimanded they would actually push people away? It was their fault in the first place.

She sighed, "Didn't I tell you, please call for Joseph Fox and tell him that Amber Wood is here, seeing your att.i.tudes, surely you won't let me go up on my own."

"We already told you, private lives are not-"

"Yes, yes, I heard you the first time. So shall we get to business and do what I just asked?"

'In the first place I haven't met Joseph Fox personally , this would be the first time. Why would they get me involve with him?'

The two receptionist didn't bother with her and instead ignored her.

Amber almost dropped her mouth open, she didn't expect for them to have such terrible att.i.tudes.

She sighed once again, she didn't want to get mad over such simple matters. It was so little that if she were to get mad, she'd durely laugh to herself once she remembers it.

She didn't know that a certain madam was actually watching her from the coffee shop within the building.

A smile was visible in her lips.

'She's getting mad but she's trying her best to stay calm. It was those ladies who are at fault and are having problems but it was her who's trying to stay calm.'

She shook her head and that caught the attention of the young man in front of her.

Upon having a closer look of the one she was looking at, the man stood up abruptly.

"What's wrong?"

"The young lady in the receptionist must be the knew second in command of this side of the company, the president said that she would come today and that I'd instantly know it was her because of her hair and her mask."

The madam raised an eyebrow upon hearing this, 'So she was not just a simple rich young lady.'

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