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Chapter 274 Cla.s.s A Silver Ability: Hands of Fate

Looking at the information on the screen, Su Yang felt like his dream of becoming some sort of 'fire-man' was closer than ever. 'I wonder. Will this stupid system will randomly give me a good ability?' However, Su Yang felt like he should do some research into what a lock-in was before he added any points to himself.

So, he went into his stock account and clicked on the sell b.u.t.ton, only to find it grayed out.

Failing to do what he wanted, he went over to Little Deeny's core processor to try getting it to sell some of the stock.

However, just as he attempted to, three notifications prompted him in his mind.


[Warning! Cheating attempt detected! Please stop this operation!) [If the lock-in period is violated, the corresponding Silver Points will be deducted. Should there be insufficient Silver Points, 5 Bronze Points will be deducted. Should there be insufficient Bronze Points, 25 Random Points will be deducted] (Should there be insufficient Random Points, the items gained from point addition will be randomly repossessed. Should there be insufficient items for repossession, a mandatory mission will be enacted until the sum is repaid.)

Su Yang was speechless.

'I was just trying it out randomly! It's not like I was really going to do anything. These three notifications scared the bejeezus out of me when they suddenly rang in my mind! 'I'll keep the money locked-in… We'll see what happens in half a month.' At that moment, Little Deeny's core processor alerted Su Yang. (Master, all domestic stocks are T+1. That means you can only sell them the day after the date of their purchase. You can't sell them today so the b.u.t.ton was grayed out.] 'Oh, is that so?'

Su Yang, the one who thought he was a stock market whisperer, was at a loss. He thought the system was messing with him. Since the lock-in process was bug-free, Su Yang stopped fiddling with it and began to prepare for his Silver Point addition with a clear mind. However, just as he was about to open the system, [Heaven's Eye) suddenly activated and an image appeared before his eyes.

In the image was a spectacled man with sharp eyes and an aquiline nose.

The man was standing by a curtain-walled room, looking out at a cl.u.s.ter of villas while holding his cellphone. “Yes, it's Su Yang. I've checked him out and he doesn't seem to come from n.o.bility. I'm going to do it.”

“I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't be able to dig out any information, so I attempted to reconcile with him in the beginning. However, I've just gotten hold of Old Zhang's phone and found his memo, where it was written that he suspected Su Yang might have evidence against us. He's been ignoring my efforts at reconciling with him so we'll have to push a little harder.

“I need your help…”

Then, the image came to an abrupt halt.

Su Yang frowned. This was obviously the Zhao Xiao, and Old Zhang was probably the head of security. 'Seems like he's calling in his connections in Shanghai… I didn't expect him to want to make a move before me.' In fact, Su Yang wanted to finish off the head of security before taking care of Zhao Xiao last night. His purpose of looking into the memories of the head of security was to look for the ones related to his intention to hurt his parents. However, he wasn't able to find any memories related to Zhao Xiao in Old Zhang's memories. Without a name, there was no way for him to bring Zhao Xiao to light. Both Su Yang and Janet had already used the hourgla.s.s last night so they were to be mentally affected if they used it again within such a short period.

Even if they were to use it for a second time, Su Yang wasn't sure if Zhao Xiao was close to the villas in Longteng Jiayuan. After all, in Old Zhang's memories, Zhao Xiao always seemed to stay in Shanghai to maintain the relations.h.i.+ps he had with the second-generation masters. Besides, Su Yang's plan that night was to kill the head of security with a murderous bear before using his invisibility to sneak the bear away. Because of that, Su Yang held back on making the first move on Zhao Xiao.

Instead, he was initially thinking of going to Longteng Jiayuan once again within one or two days to look for Zhao Xiao so he could get rid of him.

Who would've known that Zhao Xiao would send himself to the door on a silver platter. Once he knew of Zhao Xiao's name, the guy was already dead to Su Yang. That was the reason why Su Yang ridiculed him so openly and carelessly, adding more salt to the wound as if it was nothing. How would he have known that Zhao Xiao was already preparing to make a move against him? 'Geez, you're so slow… I'll deal with him once I'm done adding Silver Points!'

Thinking along that line of thought, Su Yang opened the system and made preparations to add points to himself. Su Yang's eyes shone as he looked at the list of completed tasks on the system interface that were lined in silver light. This was the Silver Point he had been thinking day and night about. This was the only way he could turn himself into a superhero!

'I hope the system is working well! Can it please give me an amazing ability from the point addition?! One that can make me grow bigger or smaller just like Janet… And make me more handsome as well!'

He clicked (View Reward) with excitement.

A beep sounded in his ears. (Beep! Silver Point +1]

Su Yang was incomparably familiar with the Silver Point after his last experience with it. It had three functions. It could help the user obtain a special ability, morph their body parts, or allow one to better affect the psyche of others.

Naturally, the only one that interested Su Yang was the first option.

He then went to the toilet, faced the mirror, and turned the point addition system on without hesitating.

Once that was done, a translucent [+] appeared above his head.

He stretched his arm and tapped on it, causing a prompt to appear before him. (Please choose your point addition method.) Su Yang had already experienced this in the past so he didn't even bother looking at the options as he made a choice. (1. Special Ability.) The system prompted him. (Please confirm secondary addition to personal special ability. The probability of failure increases progressively. Failure will remove all benefits from Silver Point addition.]

'Huh? So there's a limit to the number of times a Silver Point can be added… 'I guess I have to complete the gold mission first if I want a special ability and three bonus points…' With that in mind, Su Yang clicked on the [No] b.u.t.ton.

He was incomparably important to his little monsters, what more to himself. He definitely had to have some kind of insurance when it came to something like this.

He went to the store and bought himself a Guardian Talisman that he pasted on his forehead.

Once the talisman was applied, Su Yang saw a shade of red flash before his eyes. Once he came to his senses, the Guardian Talisman had disappeared and the mirror looked incomparably festive. It was as if Janet was covered in a red glow as well Once under the protection of the Guardian Talisman, Su Yang clicked on the translucent [+] above his head.

(Please confirm secondary addition to personal special ability. The probability of failure increases progressively. Failure will remove all benefits from Silver Point addition.]

He clicked on [Yes).

Once he did that, a platinum-colored box appeared out of thin air like the previous time, with three words written on it. (Please, draw one.) Su Yang reached in with his hand and found two b.a.l.l.s the size of ping-pong b.a.l.l.s. This time, Su Yang was feeling a little cheeky so he attempted to go against what the system said. He grabbed both b.a.l.l.s with both hands, wanting to see if he could take them out.

However, he soon realized that he couldn't remove his hands from the box as the opening only allowed for one ball to be removed. 'An experience like this… I'm sure those who've played the game where they had to remove gold from a box with a hole that can only fit a single gold bar felt the same.

After the realization that he couldn't go against the system, Su Yang grabbed a ping pong ball. There was a word written on the ball. [Ability.]

'Great, I got an ability! How wonderful.'

Unless he was extremely talented, Su Yang still preferred an ability. After all, he could switch them on or off by choice. Just as he was deep in thought, the ball in his hand disappeared into thin air as a second box appeared before him.

Su Yang reached in gently and found that there were six b.a.l.l.s inside. Grabbing one at random, he found the letter A on it.

“Huh? It's an A. If this is an ability rating, then getting an A should be better than the last time when I got a B! When he got (Heaven's Eye) in the past, it was already enough to surprise him. To get something even better than that was simply amazing! Su Yang couldn't help but look forward to it!

The ping pong ball and the box disappeared again. With that, the final box appeared before Su Yang with a capital A written on it.

Su Yang reached in and began grabbing for a ball. The grade box was no different from the B-grade box he got the last time. It still had a small opening and a seemingly infinite s.p.a.ce within, filled to the brim with b.a.l.l.s the size of ping-pong b.a.l.l.s. Since he didn't have a clue what the b.a.l.l.s were about, he simply grabbed onto a random ball. When he took it out, he read the words on it. (Silver Ability. Hands of Fate.] 'Eh? Is that what I can do? What's this power? Where are my fire-man abilities? Am I not going to morph into a lump of rock? What about turning into Ironman? 'Why the h.e.l.l not?!

'What are these Hands of Fate?'

Su Yang felt like his dreams of becoming Superman was shattered! 'Meh… I guess you can't expect the system to bend to your will. I should probably save up some Silver Points for a future addition and extract an ability when my (Lucky Disfiguring Brick[ comes off cooldown.

Just as he was making plans in his mind, the ball in his band blossomed with an intense light that enveloped Su Yang's hands.

He could only feel a burning sensation as his hands burned with hot and raw pain.

Knowing full well that his hands were now being burned, he gritted his teeth through the pain and waited patiently for the ability to complete its process.

After some time, the burning sensation ceased and a platinum interface appeared before Su Yang.

(Silver Ability: Hands of Fate]

Description: When you use this ability, the earth is your chessboard, and its ent.i.ties, your p.a.w.ns. You can move any object or creature to any position at will.

Restriction 1: You can only use this ability on things within a 100 km radius of you.

Restriction 2: You only have five minutes to use this ability each time you use it. Time stands still during the ability's duration.

Restriction 3: Each time you use this ability, you'll temporarily lose a finger which will be restored the next day.

Restriction 4: You can use this ability as many times a day as the number of fingers you have. Note 1: If heaven and earth are the chessboards and all living beings are the pieces, who holds control over the pieces? Note 2: Obviously, you can continue upgrading this ability. After reading through the description for the ability. Su Yang couldn't stop his mouth from opening wide. 'This seems… It's pretty cool!

'This ability can be further upgraded?' Su Yang pondered the name of this ability and felt that this ability of his would grow even more powerful in the future!

'What an list ability!'

Su Yang looked at the silver ability in front of him and pondered. 'Sigh… I've already added the Silver Points and gained an ability. Although I didn't get to turn into Superman, I still feel quite sh*tty…

'So… Shouldn't I go over and rid myself of the owner of Longteng Jiayuan, Zhao Xiao?!'

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