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Chapter 270 Su Yang: Why Don't You Come To My House?

Su Yang looked at her heartbreaking smile. It was as if a flame burned in his heart as he nodded vigorously.

He picked up the bag and cell phone that Tang Jing had put on the card stand, reached out with his hand, and pulled her up. Tang Jing's hand was so soft it was like it had no bones as he squeezed it, making it seem like it was filled with water.

At that moment, she was so light that all Su Yang had to do was pull her up, and she'd be lifted with a gentle cry.

Su Yang grabbed her by the hand and led her out of the bar.

Outside, was the brightly lit Shanghai, as bright as the heavens above. The cool breeze in the middle of the night stopped them in their tracks, cooling their heated faces as it cleared their minds.

Su Yang shook his somewhat confused head but ended up looking over at Tang Jing who also happened to be looking at him.

As their eyes met, there was surprise and shyness along with a myriad of emotions that eventually ended up in both of their laughter.

She was someone with age and experience, that had never lost her temper to this extent. Rationality had always prevailed and she was never rash in her decisions. However, she didn't expect such excitement when she asked and he agreed, one thing leading to another.

After laughing for a moment, Tang Jing gently let go of Su Yang's hands, gathered her hair in her hands as she looked at Su Yang with a gentle expression. “Thank you.”

Su Yang smiled in return. “You're welcome.”

Right after that, as if suddenly remembering something, Su Yang asked, “Since you're out drinking, who's taking care of Xiaomi?”

Tang Jing replied with her eyebrows gently furrowed, “She's at one of my best friend's homes. I was in a bad mood today so I dragged my best friend into the picture to take care of her for me. They're all night owls, so I can rest a.s.sured.”

Su Yang nodded affirmatively and suggested, “Then… Why don't we go to my house and sit down?”

Tang Jing was momentarily stunned before looking at Su Yang, nodding tenderly. It was probably because of the events prior that brought them together, that they understood each other, not having to state the obvious. Su Yang started the car and brought Tang Jing home with him,

Back home, Su Yang opened the door and said to her, “Make yourself at home, I'll go get you a gla.s.s of water.”

Tang Jing took a look at the empty living room, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Uhh… Where do I sit?”

Su Yang glanced at the empty living room, a little embarra.s.sed.

He then brought two small stools from the kitchen and put them in the living room along with a small table that he wiped down with a cloth. “Here, sit,”

Tang Jing nodded, walked over, gathered her skirt, and sat on the stool. Since her legs were a little longer, her knees were far higher than the height of the bench. It made it look like her upper body was a little arched as she held her raised legs, creating a beautiful curve.

As she held her legs, she looked curiously around the living room.

After a moment, she felt her drunken stupor come back and was a little dizzy. She couldn't help herself from using her arms as a pillow as she squinted for a moment before falling asleep. When she woke up, she found herself in the presence of more than a few plates of food. Huijiang Spare Ribs, Broiled Catfish, and Zao Bo Tou, a famous local dish in Shanghai.

The aroma of the food attracted Tang Jing's attention.

She looked up and was surprised to see Su Yang standing next to her.

Su Yang smiled and said, “Drinking on an empty stomach at night hurts your body. I remembered you said you were a local in Shanghai, so I made you some dishes that taste similar to Shanghainese food. Try some.”

Tang Jing looked at Su Yang and was stunned for quite some time. Finally, she nodded her head with puffy eyes. “Okay!” After she finished speaking, she picked up the chopsticks and went straight for the Huijiang Spare Ribs. The exterior was crispy with a tender interior. It was spicy and slightly sweet, so much so that it made her feel as if her tastebuds were about to explode.

She gulped the ribs down and immediately picked up a piece of braised catfish meat. It tasted fatty, soft, and glutinous while being peppered with hints of saltiness and sweetness.

Finally, she picked up the bowl and had a sip of the soup. The taste was one she remembered fondly. She couldn't help herself as her nose became stuffy and tears began to flow once more.

Next to her, Su Yang was shocked. “Miss Tang, are you okay?”

Tang Jing shook her head as she wept. As she shook her head, she didn't forget to take another sip of that soup. Then, she choked as she said, “When I was little, my favorite food was Zuo Bo Tou. Every time the village sent a pig to slaughter, my mother would go out and beg for so she could make this for me.”

As she said that, Tang Jing's tears began flowing again.

Su Yang hurriedly went and got her some tissues for her tears.

'This woman is made of water. Her tears began flowing as soon as she finished speaking.' Su Yang was a little overwhelmed.

After her meal, Tang Jing touched her flat belly in content, looking at Su Yang's brows while laughing. “I didn't expect you to be able to cook so well.”

Su Yang's was flattered but kept his cool. “It's all luck. I swear.”

Although she didn't understand what Su Yang meant when he said he was lucky, it didn't prevent her from gently thanking him once again. “Thank you.”

After giving thanks, Tang Jing got up and wanted to clean the dishes. However, she felt a wave of dizziness suddenly wash over her, presumably from getting up too fast. She was wearing heels and was wobbling, seemingly about to fall to the ground.

Although Su Yang immediately tried to prevent her fall, he couldn't stop her from falling straight into his arms. With her soft fragrance as she lay in his arms, Su Yang's body became a little… stiff. After all, this was the first time he was this close to a woman.

The atmosphere turned silent.

Just a moment later, Tang Jing got out of Su Yang's embrace with her red flus.h.i.+ng red as she looked at him with watery eyes.

Su Yang was a little panicked at that moment. After looking at him for quite some time, Tang Jing laughed wholeheartedly, squeezed his face, and said, “Thanks for the meal, I'm heading home.”

Su Yang hesitated as he said, “It isn't safe for you to leave at this time.”

Tang Jing looked into his eyes and smiled. “Then…”

Su Yang opened the bedroom door. “Why don't you put up at my house for a night. I'll sleep in the living room.”

Tang Jing nodded and didn't refuse.

The bed in the bedroom was specially brought out from the virtual s.p.a.ce by Su Yang when she was asleep. He figured that since it was past 3 a.m., it was unsafe for her to go home alone.

Although he could accompany her on her way home, he'd have to go back and forth for more than an hour. He would end up not getting any sleep. Because of this, it'd be better if she slept at his home for the night.

After borrowing Su Yang's towel and going to the bathroom for a shower, Tang Jing returned to the master bedroom.

Lying on Su Yang's bed, it was as if she could smell his unique, male musk in her breath. She couldn't help but blush as she took it all in.

Su Yang, on the other hand, didn't think about it all that much. He simply brought mattresses out of the virtual s.p.a.ce. One was thick while the other was thinner. Before long, he was fast asleep. In that single night, he had to handle the head of security for Longteng Jiayuan and pick Tang Jing up. He felt like he had been tossed around, to the point that his body felt like it was falling apart. Soon, the living room was filled with the sound of snoring.

After that fateful night, Su Yang was woken up by the smell of food the very next day. When he got up, he saw Tang Jing in the kitchen, sporting an ap.r.o.n around her.

Although it was a little worn out, it made her look like a good, motherly wife.

Since there was no makeup at home, Tang Jing's face had nothing on it since she removed her makeup in the shower last night. It was only then that Su Yang realized how elegant Tang Jing looked.

In the past, she always had makeup put on that seemed professional, making her look a little mature but tacky. Because of that, Su Yang always felt like she looked like any other person despite having a pretty face. However, now that her makeup had been removed, she was a sight to behold.

Probably from sensing Su Yang's attentive gaze, Tang Jing turned her face to the side and revealed a gentle smile with a hint of shyness and joy. “You've woken up? Go wash up. I've prepared you some breakfast.”

Su Yang nodded, went to wash up, and ate breakfast with Tang Jing.

Last night's incident made it seem like something had happened between both of them so they both seemed to agree that they wouldn't mention what happened last night.

After their meal, Tang Jing cleaned up the dishes, bade Su Yang farewell, and went to work.

Smelling the lingering smell of Tang Jing in the room, Su Yang looked into the empty room and felt an inexplicable emptiness. However, he immediately shook his head and dropped the matter.

'It's a critical time for me right now. I don't have time to think of such childish affairs. The owner of Longteng Jiayuan has yet to be brought to justice, and his connections in Shanghai still roam free. The matter is far from over.'

Su Yang wouldn't make the same mistake as the head of security. He'd use all he had to go against his enemy.

Moreover, the owner of Longteng Jiayuan had been operating in Shanghai for so many years. Although he had the memories of the head of security in his possession, he wouldn't know the number of people Longteng Jiayuan's owner had befriended, nor would he know how big a network that man had. These people had their interest tied up in his affairs. Once he encountered a problem, could they stand idle and sit by the side to witness his fall?

Sometimes, when you've lied so much, what was fake could become real.

Su Yang understood that he wasn't dealing with a simple liar, but an organized group! However, the other party probably didn't know he had set his sight on them so he still had time to plan his moves.

After so much had happened during this time, Su Yang had discovered the thing that set him apart in this world. It was his point addition system!

This was the only thing he could rely on to stay relevant in this world. It was something very difficult for many regular people to do, but with his special abilities and monsters that he had added points to, it was possible.

His monsters were the aces up his sleeves. The powerful monsters he had were weapons of ma.s.s destruction that, if put to good use, would keep him on top of the world!

Because of this, Su Yang decided that he would further elevate his monsters to be able to handle the future and the things that came with it. To be clear, he would upgrade Janet.

This was what Pool reminded him last night while they were having their late-night snack. Janet was only +1 right now. He was the only one out of all the monsters who was only +1.

It was probably because Janet had always been innately strong ever since his first point, so Su Yang subconsciously thought that he was +2 instead.

Now that Janet had proven himself, Su Yang decided to give him another upgrade since he had remaining random points.

After making up his mind, Su Yang could help but look forward to it. 'If a +1 Janet was already so amazing, what strange changes would happen when he becomes +2?'

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