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Chapter 246 Lend Me A Billion Dollars

Su Yang couldn't help but get on board, he asked without so much as a single movement on his body. “Several times something like that has happened? Are they all murder cases as well?”

Sixth Liu hesitated for a moment, probably from wondering whether he should say it or not.

However, Su Yang's (Verbal Cannon) and [Angel Halo) were far too effective for those with weak willpower. Without even having to consider for a few minutes, he replied, “Not all of them are murders. Only two out of the three incidents were murders, while the other was someone who mistakenly walked into the water.”

Su Yang felt a reply in the back of this throat. “Was the one where someone slipped and fell into the water the incident last year?”

Sixth Liu shook his head and said in a bad mood, “How should I know? Our supervisor didn't say anything!”

Su Yang didn't care about Sixth Liu's tone but pondered. There were two other cases besides the Longteng incident and they were all murders?

'Could those two cases be related to the man who pushed w.a.n.g Shan into the water?'

While Su Yang was pondering, Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d came back.

Su Yang got up and gave him a seat, then said to Sixth Liu, “Brother Liu, let's add each other on WeChat. It'll make it more convenient for me to find you if I have something.”

Sixth Liu somewhat reluctantly took out his phone and showed Su Yang his QR code. After Su Yang scanned it, Sixth Liu nodded. “Okay. We'll be in touch then.”

Su Yang looked at him and saw him looking back numbly. He could only approve Su Yang's friend application in front of Su Yang's face obediently.

Su Yang patted Sixth Liu's shoulder and said, “Sixth Liu, I've come here with great difficulty, won't you see me off?”

Sixth Liu was under Su Yang's utter control and explained it to Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d before he accompanied Su Yang out of the guard room.

Under Su Yang's conscious guidance, the three of them walked around the outer wall of the Longteng Jiayuan community, occasionally seeing some surveillance cameras along the way.

Su Yang couldn't help asking, “Are these surveillance cameras on at all times?”

Sixth Liu's nose seemed to be in a bit of distress, so he picked his nose. “I guess so.”

Su Yang asked again, “Is there surveillance inside that villa area as well?”

Sixth Liu was a bit impatient. “How would I know? I'm just a janitor.”

However, seeing Su Yang's slightly mischievous expression, Sixth Liu added, “There are some at the main intersections, but there shouldn't be any others elsewhere.”

Su Yang couldn't help asking, “Why?”

This facade of being very strict to outsiders when it was rather lax inside feels a little off.

Sixth Liu whispered, “It's because most of the people who rent this place have some hidden agendas and they don't want to be seen by others.”

Having said that, Sixth Liu spilled the beans. “Anyway, the people in this community are a bit strange. They go in and out every single day with their car windows rolled up. The windows are never down and they never greet anyone.

“When the car comes into the neighborhood, it goes right into the detached garage of the villa. No one is ever seen living in this neighborhood. It's as if the entire household stays at home and never goes out.”

Su Yang was speechless.

The two of them walked and chatted for almost half an hour, and suddenly saw a rusty iron door in a remote part of the fence.

Su Yang couldn't help asking, “What's this door for?”

Sixth Liu looked around and replied. “I don't know.”

He continued to look around the area before hesitantly saying, “It looks like it leads to the neighborhood.”

Su Yang looked thoughtfully at the iron gate, which didn't have any keyholes. It was like it was an electronic lock.

Then, Su Yang and Sixth Liu chatted for a while more. After finding nothing valuable, Su Yang let Sixth Liu resume working while he got ready to take a taxi back home.

Just as he was getting into the car, he suddenly felt someone watching him from afar.

The [Perception] ability allows Su Yang to 'see' the face of the person without turning his head.

It was a large-bodied man, with a pair of sharp eyes and a hawkish nose who was looking at him with his arms around his chest.

Janet, being a demon, might have sensed something unusual and tried to look but Su Yang reached out and tugged at him. Then, he was the first to open the door and get in.

Janet got on the pa.s.senger side, and the taxi slowly left the area…

Meanwhile, in the virtual s.p.a.ce.

Deeny had already shown Bubbles everything about the monster family along with the videos that the monster family had taken before.

Bubbles listened attentively, remembered, and then good-naturedly commented. “Sister Dee, I understand everything!”

Little Deeny looked at the cute little loli in front of her and touched her head. “Bubbles is such a good girl. So how do you plan to follow up with the monster family?”

At that moment, Bubbles perked up as she stood with eyes sparkling as she danced around. “I feel like you guys filmed it all so well, it's so sweet! I'm going to explode! I'm constantly feeling like there's an explosion of emotions inside me! Only scenes like this can be filmed as they are truly art! Art is an explosion!”

Deeny's mouth opened wide slowly. She was stunned.

She was busy holding Bubbles. “Bubbles, we're filming a light comedy, we can't play with explosions.”

Held back by Deeny, Bubbles pouted in aggravation. “Oh…”

Then, Deeny gave Bubbles another detailed explanation of the history of the creation of the monster family but still, she was distracted.

Little Deeny had no choice but to worry as she let Bubbles get some rest.

Coming out of Deeny's room, Bubbles went downstairs.

The other little monsters downstairs were not there, and only Eggy was still sleeping on the living room rug.

Bubbles looked at Eggy and blinked her big eyes.

Then she approached Eggy, looked around, noticed that no one was paying attention, and smiled an… Evil smile.

Then she grabbed Eggy's tail, lifted her foot, and kicked Eggy in the b.u.t.t! Eggy howled, waking up from his dream, jumping three feet before looking around in a daze.

In the end, after looking around for some time, it only saw a pretty little loli standing next to it.

It whimpered in confusion.

The little loli blinked her big eyes and stroked its head. “Dogggyyyyyyyyy.” Eggy then closed its eyes comfortably.

It looked towards the living room in horror and saw that the little loli had a wicked smile on her face and was laughing.

Eggy howled and smashed into the wine cabinet.

“Crack!” A pile of wine bottles had been broken…

After dropping Eggy, Bubbles clapped her hands and returned to her harmless self.

She put her little hands behind her back, hummed a song, and skipped into the yard.

She also thought it was a good idea to nibble on the carrots Su Yang exchanged with 10 points yesterday. She didn't like carrots but it was a snack so she didn't mind.

Bubbles looked at the big fat rabbit in front of her with an excited and evil expression on her face…

The taxi stopped in front of Su Yang's neighborhood. He then paid the bill and got out with Janet and saw a familiar blue Ferrari parked in front of the neighborhood.

Su Yang frowned. He didn't pay attention to Young Master Ying but led Janet back home.

Su Yang didn't pay attention to him, but he saw Su Yang

Then, Young Master Ying opened the door, got out of the car, and walked quickly to Su


The moment he wanted to speak, Janet reached out with his hand to stop him at Su Yang's instruction.

Young Master Ying looked at Janet. Although he looked like a beautiful white woman, Young Master Ying didn't fancy 'her' in the slightest. He snapped. “Get out of here!” Then, he reached out and tried to push Janet's hand away.

However, he didn't expect that Janet's hand remained steady, not moving even an inch despite him pus.h.i.+ng on it.

Young Master Ying looked at Janet in surprise, Janet's face was devoid of any emotion and was as cold as a machine! Although this 'woman' was beautiful, had a slender body, soft limbs, and didn't look like she had practiced fighting or had a lot of strength, he still couldn't help but think that she didn't even bother trying to resist his push. Then, he tried again. This time, he gave it his all when he tried to push Janet's hand away.

The results? It didn't budge.

This time Young Master Ying was in utter shock. He only had one thought in his mind. “This foreign woman has got to be a martial arts master!

Although Young Master Ying himself didn't train, he often worked out in a private gym. He also had a special nutritionist to prepare his food and drink so he was much stronger than an ordinary person. However, before this 'woman', he was weak as a child.

What could she be if not a master!

That, and she was traveling with Su Yang! She was probably someone with a great status.

Young Master Ying couldn't help but look at Su Yang, who was cloudily pa.s.sing by his side.

The rage in Young Master Ying's eyes burned even hotter as he lay his hands on Janet's arm and shouted, “Young Master Su! Let's talk, I'm very sincere!”

Su Yang turned a deaf ear as if he hadn't heard a thing.

Young Master Ying continued shouting, “Really, believe me! Although we had some misunderstandings in the past. I'm sincerely asking for your forgiveness this time!”

Su Yang had heard these words many times but was honestly uninterested.

'If forgiveness was useful, what do you need the police for?'

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't see anything illegal related to Young Master Ying from Tang Dafa and Young Master Chen's memories, Su Yang would have kicked him a long time ago.

Seeing that Su Yang's footsteps didn't even stop and the white woman in front of him that was like a terminator that stopped him no matter how she changed direction, Young Master Ying stomped his foot and shouted, “Su Yang! You should pay your rent!”

Su Yang was raising his left foot while he was walking but stumbled, almost stepping on his right foot. Then, he stood still with a question mark on his face. 'What's all this with rent?'

'If you were asking for forgiveness earlier, why are we talking about rent all of a sudden? What do you have to do with my rent?'

At this time, Young Master Ying pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Your landlord has already sold the house to me, so I'll be your landlord from now on.”

Su Yang was speechless.

'This person has a hole in his head, right?'

Su Yang waved his hand carelessly. “I was planning to move out of the house.”

Young Master Ying was anxious. “Then you should at least give me a chance! I bought the house to get involved with you openly and honestly!”

Su Yang felt like this guy was an annoying dog.

However, seeing that he even bought a house to make him stay, Su Yang turned around and said, “One sentence.”

Young Master Ying said without hesitation, “As long as you can forgive me, I'm willing to pay any price.” “Any price?”

Su Yang looked at Young Master Ying. “The kind of money that doesn't back to haunt me with IOUS?”

Young Master Ying waved his hand. “Of course!”

Su Yang said. “Lend me a billion dollars.”

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