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He was standing there, out from his car, staring her coming in his direction, she smiled and waved her hand to him, but he pulled her into a hug and kissed on her cheeks, he stares into her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ears, "and can I ask what is this all for", Jhummi asked him but he was just staring her, "Ayan, I am talking to you, what happened", Jhummi asked again, "let us go first, what if anyone sees us", said Ayan taking her towards the car, Jhummi sat inside the car and he started driving, watching her wearing the seatbelt, she is not used to sitting in his car, so she feels his seatbelt is tight, he stopped the car and made her wear the seatbelt, he bent down in her direction, making her s.h.i.+ver, clutched the seatbelt, she was feeling so magical near him, she could feel his hot breath on her face, her heart was beating thousand times fast then normally, as he finished he got back on his seat, and she started watching out of the window, she took a deep breath for calm herself down, his cologn was still fresh in her as she could still feel his fragrance,

"Hey, are you okay", he asked as she was not looking into his direction, "I am fine", she said without turning her face, "then why you are not looking here", he said, she turned her face into his direction, she was blus.h.i.+ng, as he saw her cute red face, he started smiling, "you look cuter when you blush like this", he said making her reddish, she again started watching out, trying hard to control her smile, "okay okay sorry, please do not look out, look into my eyes please", he said in a pleased tone, and she turned in his direction, making him smile, "where you are taking me", she asked, "you will see soon", he said and turned his head straight, "what if Suhani came and did not find me, what I will answer her", asked Jhummi, "then tell her that you were out with Neel for some work", he said simply nodding his head,

"I can not do this, stupid, because she is out with Neel right now", said Jhummi making him surprised, "what, I mean why so, is Neel Suhani's boyfriend", he asked casually, but Jhummi smiled, "not now, but to be, maybe soon", she said, "they both likes each other so much, and they think that I do not know about it, especially Neel, he thinks I am a fool, and Suhani, she lied to me about her whereabouts, she told me that she is going for some urgent work of aunt, and I saw her with Neel, he took her out, do you think I would stop her if she would have told me the truth, why the h.e.l.l she lied to me", Jhummi started talking nonstop, and he was just staring her,

"Hey, relax, it is okay if she did not tell you, maybe she was afraid to tell you that how you would react and all, just give her some time, okay, let her come back, maybe she would tell you when she gets back", he said making her understand, "and what if she did not tell me after coming back", asked Jhummi with narrow eyes, "hmm then you have full rights to beat her", he said making her laugh, "yeah you are right, I will not spare her if she dared to lie me again", said Jhummi and he smiled to her, "since when you both are best friends",?

He asked her and she stopped laughing, "hmm, since high school, I did not have many friends, and one day she approached me, when I was alone, after that day, she didn't leave me alone me, not even once, and when so many times we had a fight, she used to pursue me a lot, she loves me a lot, you know I am so blessed to have her", said Jhummi, she did not realize she started crying talking about her best friend, he wiped her tears, "Hey are you okay, I am so sorry if I asked something which I should not", said Ayan, she saw in his eyes, his eyes were really looking guilty like he seriously asked something wrong,

"Hey, I am sorry for behaving in this way, actually she becomes my second family during my toughest time, and she was there always when I needed her most, that is why when I used to remember my past, it makes me cry", she spoke softly, and he again wiped her tears, "it is completely fine Jhummi, you can do anything when I am with you, I can watch you the whole time, but when you cry, I seriously do not like this, tears do not suit in your eyes", he said and she was just staring him,

"And why so, why you care this much", she asked him with narrow eyes and he becomes quiet for some seconds, "you think I am joking huh", he said after a long pause, "no, I do not think so, but so many times I found your talks strange, it is like, why do you care if I cry when in the past you made me cry so many times", she asked and later she regretted asking him this because his face suddenly changed in a serious tone, she knows he was already guilty for making her cry and he already said sorry to her, and bringing this matter up again, she made him sad,

"It is been long since you started driving, will you please tell me that where we are going, it will be too late Ayan, I have to come back soon also", Jhummi asked with worried expressions, "do n to worry Jhummi, I am not kidnapping you, just trust me once, it is a surprise for you", said Ayan and a smile appeared on Jhummi's face, "count down start okay, we are going to reach there soon, Jhummi started feeling so excited suddenly, and she started counting in her mind.

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