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"Well I also not intended to marry you, you are suitable only for my best friend position", said Suhani and both started laughing, "hmm that is the only option you have", said Jhummi in a teasing tone, "do not underestimate the power of a common girl", said Suhani and both laughed so hard, "jokes apart but still I do not believe that we will be in the plain tomorrow", said Suhani and Jhummi nods, "yes I am also feeling the same, it is really hard to believe, but I am h.e.l.l happy, don't know what will happen there, how beautiful is that city oh G.o.d, thoughts about the trip making me insane", said Jhummi and Suhani nods,

Both were laughing and giggling, "I will be back just in two minutes", said Suhani and went into the bathroom, Suhani checked her phone and saw three missed calls of Neel, and then she texted him, "what happens, I am with Jhummi, can't talk right now", she messaged him and he replied instantly, "come down, I am waiting outside", the messaged showed up on the screen, and she dailed his number, and he picked in just one ring, "you must be joking right, you can't be here", she said whispering, "no, I am very serious, if you do not belive then peep out from your window", he said and Suhani's heart started beating so fast, "hide somewhere please, I will be there in five minutes, "tell her that you have some urget work and it will tae time", he added, "what, I can not do it", she said, "you have to do it, for me, please", he requested and she cut the call, Suhani came out from the bathroom combing her hair,

Clearing her throat Suhani said, "Jhummi, mom is calling me for some urgent work, and maybe it will take some time", said Suhani and Jhummi nods, "tell me if you need my help", she asked, "no-no, it will be fine, you take rest, okay, I will be back in an hour", said 'Suhani and waved her hand, Suhani took a breath in relief, she was feeling not good lying to Jhummi, she roamed her eyes here and there if anyone was there and she went out by the back door of the house, and slowly went to his direction, he pulled her in a hug as she went near him, "Hey, what are you doing here at this time, what if anyone saw us like this", she was saying but Neel cut him off and his finger on her lips,

"Shh, let me see the beauty", he said watching into her eyes, and she was blus.h.i.+ng so hard, her cheeks were looking cute red, "why did you come here when we were about to meet tomorrow, it is little risky you know, what if Jhummi see us together, she will kill me for sure, I lied to her", said Suhani, and Neel again put a finger on her lips, "Hey, relax, nothing will happen okay, I wanna take you out, let us go for a bike ride", he said and she simply nods with a smile.

Jhummi's phone started ringing as she was trying to sleeping, so she decided not to pick and closed her eyes again, but her phone started ringing again, so she got up from the bed and saw her phone, Ayan was calling her, her breath stuck in her throat and heart started beating so fast, she picked the call while started roaming in the room, "h.e.l.lo beautiful, he said, and Jhummi's smile got wider hearing him, "hey, she said getting near to the window, as her gaze caught something, she focused out and instantly recognize them as they were trying to run, as Neel tried to fly the bike so he could run away without notice, but they don't know Jhummi has eagle eyes,

"What are you doing", he asked breaking the silence, "nothing much, just free", she said, "what about you", she asked, "amazing, I am coming to pick you, get ready, we are going on a long drive", he said and cut the call, "wait, what," she said but he was not listening, she dialed his number again, and he picked in one ring, "have you gone mad, look at the time, how could I come, it is past nine-thirty in the night", said Jhummi but he cut her off, "I don't know anything, I will there in next ten minutes, make sure I will find you there waiting for me", said Ayan "but Ayan this is not safe, we can not go like this at this time, what if something wrong happened, what will we do then", said Jhummi and "trust me baby, i will not let happen anything wrong, just trust me okay, it will be fun and you will love this for sure, please come okay", he said and cut the call, as he cut the phone a cute blush was appred on her face, but she gor angry as she thought about Suhani, "how could she lie to me like this, I was not going to stop her going out with him", Jhummi was talking to herself,

"Ahh, why the h.e.l.l she needs to hide to me, I am not gonna spare her, let her come back, then I will see her", she was blabbering in angry, and then her phone beeped again, she checked the message, "there in five minutes", she quickly changed her clothes, wearing a black Capri with blue top and made a pony of her hair, she was feeling so different, this is the first time when she is doing something like this, going out in the night alone, hiding from everyone, her phone beeped again, "come out fast, I am here", he messaged and she was feeling something in her stomach, like thousands of b.u.t.terflies, she slowly closed the door and went down, and she also choose the back door, everyone used to sleep early in Suhani's house, so she carefully went out from the backdoor and there he was.

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