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"What, I did not get what you are trying to say", said Suhani with a confused look, "stupid, I mean, they send me this job offer for next month, why they did not send off this month, seems like they know I have my college trip which I can not miss", said Jhummi, "oh, yes you are right, I did not think in that way", said Suhani smiling shyly, "maybe it is just a coincidence", said Suhani and Jhummi nods, "yes or else it would be", said Jhummi and both sat on the bed, "I am so happy for you Jhummi, today we talked about your job, and you got it, I wonder if you could have asked something else", said Suhani with so much excitement, "yes, I am happy too, and once when I will join this job after trip, I will say it to Neel and mom, they would be so happy I am sure", said Jhummi and Suhani hugged her,

"Now just tell me what to do about that stupid stalker, his actions are making me really worried for our trip", said Jhummi with a sad face, "relax, nothing will happen okay, I am with you, don't worry, so take a deep breath and calm yourself down", said Suhani and Jhummi pa.s.sed a smile, "now come, let's sleep, I am so tired", said Suhani and Jhummi nods, Suhani switched off the lights and both slept peacefully.

Two days pa.s.sed so quickly at Suhani's place, and it was the last day at Suhani's place, tomorrow they will fly to there favorite destination trip, "I don't believe the time had pa.s.sed this fast, two days pa.s.sed like a gust of wind", said Jhummi, and Suhani nodes, Jhummi's phone started ringing, she picked the phone as Neel was calling her since morning, "h.e.l.lo Neel, how are you", said Jhummi as she picked the phone, "oh, you remember that you have a brother huh", said Neel in taunting tone, "of course I remember, I made a list for you and did all your work, how could you complain like this", said Jhummi and Neel laughed, "okay okay fine, I am not angry, but I missed you, I don't like our home without you", said Neel with a pout, "aww, since when my dear brother started missing me", said Jhummi in a teasing tone,

"I miss you always okay, so stop teasing me", said Neel and Jhummi felt sorry for him, "okay I am joking, tell me how are you", asked Jhummi and Neel took a breath in relief, "just doing fine, I am h.e.l.l excited for tomorrow", said Neel, "of course, we are too", said Suhani as Jhummi put the phone on speaker, "Hey, how are you Suhani", said Neel as he heard Suhani's voice, Suhani smiled and replied, 'hey, I am good, you are done with your packings", asked Suhani, but before Neel could reply, Jhummi I interrupted them, "you both have your phones, so talk on that as much as you want okay, I gonna cut the call", said Jhummi and both Neel and Suhani started laughing, "fine Jhummi, we will okay, then I will see you tomorrow at college", said Neel saying goodbye and Jhummi cut the call,

"I messaged you Neel's number, talk how much you want to talk, okay baby", said Jhummi in a teasing tone, and Suhani glared her, "for your kind information, I already have his number huh", said Suhani and Jhummi laughed on her cute anger, "hmm then you guys do call huh, hiding everything for me", said Jhummi trying to do fake anger, "Hey you, stop doing acting huh, we never talked over the phone, I just had his number but never call nor message", here you can check my phone if you do not trust me", said Suhani handing her phone to Jhummi, just in that time Suhani's phone beeped and as Jhummi opened the message, it was from Neel,

"h.e.l.lo beautiful, how are you", "you are such liar Suhani, here is the proof, you said you guys do not talk, but what is this huh", said Jhummi and now doing overacting, "what the h.e.l.l you are saying, I swear we do not talk, and about which proof you are talking", asked Suhani surprisingly, and Jhummi give her phone back, as she checked the message a cute smile appeared on her face with a blush, "hmm hmm, now blus.h.i.+ng, I get it babe", said Jhummi teasing her,

"o, I mean I seriously do not know, why he messages, I mean he can do, but he did it the first time, trust me Jhummi, we do not talk", said Suhani with little seriousness on her face, as she was trying to make Jhummi understand, but as there was a proof, so she could not help, but Jhummi started laughing so hard as she noticed the face of Suhani, which was now more serious like she was really feeling guilty for not telling Jhummi, and as Jhummi was laughing, Suhani was staring her, "what is wrong with you", said Suhani with a sad face, "you dumba.s.s, can't you see I am joking, why the h.e.l.l you are making a sad face, what you think I would not know if you and Neel would talk, you stupid, I know you are innocent like h.e.l.l my babe", said Jhummi and Suhani hugged her,

"But you seriously scared me, I thought you were seriously angry with me", said Suhani still hugging her, "you are seriously stupid, I can never be angry with you, you are not only my best friend but my second family, and how can I be angry with my family, and in future, if I will be angry with you, then I know you will persuade me for sure", said Jhummi and hugged her back, "If I were a boy, I will definitely marry you, you are seriously one and only who understands me so well, I am h.e.l.l lucky to have you", said Suhani and Jhummi laughed on her statement, "aww, my girl, you seriously like me that much, but I am sorry, I am not interested in girls", said Jhummi while laughing so hard, Suhani was glaring her in anger, "okay okay sorry, I love you too, but I can not marry you", said Jhummi between her laughs.

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