The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 985 - So He Loves Her (3)

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO -

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Chapter 985: So He Loves Her (3)

Fu Siye did not speak and only drank.

“Could it be that Xiao Yu has finally woken up and doesn’t want you anymore?” Gong Zeye joked.

Fu Siye’s drinking hand suddenly stopped.

“F*ck! It’s true!” Gong Zeye was instantly excited.

He had long told him to cherish Shangguan Yu. He didn’t want her and had even said such things about her. Now, he had finally been slapped in the face!

“F*ck! Has heaven finally opened its eyes?!” Mu Huan was even more excited than Gong Zeye. She had long disliked Fu Siye. It was just that she couldn’t interfere in matters of the heart. It would be great if her Sister Yu could see through it herself!

Seeing how excited they were, Fu Siye felt even more stifled and upset. Was he that bad? This made them so excited. He drank all the alcohol in his cup in one gulp and poured another.

“Brother Fu, don’t just drink! If you’re unhappy, just say it so that your good brothers will be happy!” Gong Zeye said excitedly, waiting to see him slapped in the face and suffering.

His words made Jin Chen and the rest break out in a cold sweat.

Was he a good brother? Would a good brother kick a man when he was down and laugh at him?


Gong Zeye could not be blamed for being excited.

The rest of them had talked to Fu Siye before. They’d said that if he didn’t like Shangguan Yu at all, they would help him find a way to get rid of her. If he liked her and didn’t want to find another woman, then he should treat her better and lead a good life.

However, he was the way he was. He refused to let go and didn’t treat her well. He was so sick that nothing anyone could say had any use.

He deserved it!

“Is my Sister Yu going to divorce you?” Mu Huan asked when he did not say anything.

Mu Huan was not a person who liked to chat. Usually, when she did not meet Shangguan Yu, the two of them did not talk much. Hence, if Shangguan Yu did not tell her about this, she would not know what had happened to her.

Fu Siye: “…”

“Xiao Yu really wants to divorce you!” Gong Zeye looked at him and knew that it was true. “What did you do to make Xiao Yu, who loves you so much, unable to stand it and want to divorce you?”

“It must be something that angers both humans and G.o.ds!” When Mu Huan said this, she suddenly thought that for Shangguan Yu to let go, it must be something extremely painful.

Hence, she stood up, stepped forward, and grabbed Fu Siye’s collar. “What did you do?!”

Fu Siye was such a tall man, yet he was grabbed by the collar by a pet.i.te girl like Mu Huan.

“…” He could only look helplessly at Bo Junyan.

Bo Junyan received his plea for help and reached out to pull Mu Huan into his embrace.

“Don’t side with him. Sc.u.m like him should be taught a lesson!” Mu Huan turned to look at Bo Junyan and spoke angrily.

“He has already learned his lesson,” Bo Junyan said.

“Who taught him a lesson?” Mu Huan asked curiously.

“Shangguan Yu.” Looking at his dejected expression, one could tell that he was in great pain right now. He was very regretful. This was only the beginning. In the future, he would be in more and more pain. This was because he had yet to fully realize what he had lost.

“Sister Yu taught him a lesson?” Mu Huan felt that a gentle and kind person like Shangguan Yu would never teach Fu Siye a lesson.

“It’s a mental lesson. The mental pain is far worse than if you beat him half to death,” Bo Junyan said with a faint smile as he caressed her head.

Fu Siye: “…”

Was his Brother Bo adding insult to injury?

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