The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 860 - A Strong Opposition (9)

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO -

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Chapter 860: A Strong Opposition (9)

“Because I’ve had many girlfriends! I have had a few girlfriends that I couldn’t dump openly and wouldn’t dump me. I used these methods to slowly make them feel disheartened by me and then leave me.”

Bo Junyan: “…”

After a while.


Gong Zeye asked, “Brother Bo, are you criticizing yourself?”

Bo Junyan: “…”

This year’s winter had come especially early. It felt like autumn had yet to pa.s.s, but winter had already come. It was the same with this year’s snow. As soon as winter came, it began to fall.

“Wow! It’s snowing heavily outside! This weather is most suitable for hot pot! Let’s go eat hot pot after school!” Li Meng said as she looked out the window.

“Okay.” Mu Huan looked at the book and hummed in acknowledgment.

Li Meng looked at the book in her hand that had changed again. “Have you finished reading that other book?”


“Your reading speed is faster than others tearing paper,” Li Meng lamented.

“What an a.n.a.logy.” Mu Huan looked up at her.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to enjoy your youth? Why are you still working so hard? You’re reading such thick books one by one.” Li Meng could not understand the books that she was reading. There were even English books.

“It’s better to rely on oneself than on anyone else. If I’m strong enough, who can threaten me? Who can look down on me?” Mu Huan really hated it when people threatened her! Forced her!

Bo Junyan had violated her greatest taboo. Hence, even though she knew that he was doing this only to keep her by his side because he cared about her, she could not give him a good look because he was really…!

It was too much.

Li Meng wanted to say something else, but when she thought about how useless she was and how she could not drag her along, she realized that there was nothing fun about eating, having fun, and playing games all day. As a student, studying was the way to go.

“I have to study hard too. Only then can I be your a.s.sistant in the future. Otherwise, I won’t know anything and will only cause trouble for you.”

“Yes, studying is very interesting. Recently, I’ve been feeling that these books are more interesting than games,” Mu Huan said.

Li Meng: “…”

The world of a top student was not something a good-for-nothing like her could understand. No matter how hard she studied, she would not find these difficult books more interesting than games.

After the last lesson, the sky had already darkened. The heavy snow continued to fall, making the beautiful Yun University look even better.

However, no matter how beautiful the scenery in this world was, it couldn’t compare to the tall man standing under the dim street lamp.

The black windbreaker made his well-built figure stand out even more. Women couldn’t be blamed for being too infatuated with him. One look at him and they would go crazy for him. With his peerless looks, it was really hard to not go crazy or to control themselves.

As he stood there, he instantly killed everything in this world. Wherever he was, everything was just a background and a foil.

Usually, when the students left the cla.s.sroom after school, it would be noisy. But today, it was especially quiet. There was no noise.

Just as Mu Huan, who had walked out of the door, was finding it strange, she looked up and saw the man standing under the street lamp. Instantly, the entire world became quiet. In her eyes, only the existence of this man remained in her mind.

Although she was already used to Bo Junyan’s unrivaled beauty, at this moment, she could not see anything else because of this man.

First among Gong Zeye’s rules for coaxing women: a honey trap!

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