The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 769 - The Best Female Genius (2)

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO -

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Chapter 769: The Best Female Genius (2)

Mu Huan knew that Wu Xingye liked Liu Changfeng very much, so she said, “Best Actor Liu Changfeng.”

Wu Xingye said, “Stop joking. Why would Mr. Best Actor appear on the streets of Yun Cheng at night and knock on my car window?”

He could only dream of such a good thing.

“I’m not joking.”

Wu Xingye looked at her serious expression and said, “F*ck! Is this really my idol, Best Actor Liu Changfeng?”


Wu Xingye immediately pushed the door open and got out of the car after Mu Huan said that.

When Liu Changfeng saw that it was a man who had come down, he realized that Mu Huan had asked her husband to pick her up. He thought that it was Mu Huan’s husband. Hence, he subconsciously sized up Wu Xingye’s attire and car. Then, he determined that Wu Xingye was just an ordinary wealthy person. If Mu Huan could pa.s.s the test, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to throw money at him.

Wu Xingye was especially excited to suddenly meet his idol. Last time in T Country, when he saw those photos of Li Meng and his idol, he almost got jealous.

“Idol… you… you…” He was so excited that he was stammering.

Mu Huan rolled down the car window. When she heard him stammering, she said disdainfully, “Look at you.”

Wu Xingye: “…!!”

Who would be this excited to see their idol?

“What are you doing? Why haven’t you left?” Mu Huan looked at Liu Changfeng.

“Why are you asking him to leave?! I haven’t spoken to my idol yet!” Wu Xingye said as he opened the car door. “Idol, get in. Let’s talk in the car!

“Go inside!”

He waved his hand and gestured for Mu Huan to sit inside.

Mu Huan rolled her eyes at him in disdain, but she still sat inside.

Liu Changfeng: “…”

Since her husband idolized him so much, he should be easier to talk to.

Under Wu Xingye’s enthusiastic invitation, Liu Changfeng got into his car.

When Wu Xingye saw his idol sitting in his car, he decided that he would not wash his car for a month!

Then, he looked at Mu Huan with a face full of disbelief. How did she hook up with the Best Actor?

Mu Huan: “…”

What did he mean by that?!

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?” Liu Changfeng was curious as to why Mu Huan had stopped here after she was done.

“We’ll leave when we see her family picking her up,” Mu Huan said.

When Wu Xingye heard this, he looked at her and asked, “Does he know what you did just now?”

Mu Huan gave him a look of acknowledgment.

Seeing the chemistry between the two of them, Liu Changfeng thought even more that Wu Xingye was Mu Huan’s husband.

“You’re really kind-hearted.” He had saved the girl just in case and would leave only after her family came.

She was still as kind as she was when she was young.

It wasn’t their first time meeting in T Country. He said that Mu Huan’s grandfather had been kind to him, and it was true. When her grandfather was still alive, he was sent to the Song family to recuperate because he was sick. At that time, Mu Huan was still very young. Although she was pampered, she was still a very kind young lady.

Ever since they met in T Country, he had been thinking about her and wanted to catch up with her. Hence, when the director asked him to find someone, he immediately thought of her.

“Our Xiao Huan has always been such a good person!” After Wu Xingye said that, he took out a pen from his pocket and pa.s.sed it to Liu Changfeng. “Idol, can you sign on my clothes? I like your movies!”

Liu Changfeng: “…”

Although Mu Huan’s husband was good-looking, he was so obsessed with celebrities that he didn’t seem to be very polite when speaking to her. Was it worth it for her to give up the opportunity to enter NST for him?

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