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Chapter 521: The Engagement Party (7)

“Have you found out what's going on?” Mu Huan knew that she wasn't in the wrong. It was just that people were different from plants and trees, so how could they be heartless? This was especially so for the two people who had treated her well previously.

“There's a problem with Lin Qingya's pregnancy. She can't keep it.”

Bo Junyan found out exactly what Mu Huan had guessed.

There was no way that Lin Qingya would use her only trump card to frame Mu Huan. There was only one reason she would use the child to frame her, and that was that that trump card was no longer useful.

Then, she recalled what Gu Qianru had told her about Lin Qingya's discomfort at the Gu family's gathering. Later on, at the resort, Lin Qingya had had a stomachache. With these signs, Mu Huan was even more sure of her guess, which was likely the truth.

“But when we were at the manor, didn't Ling Wei say that she didn't have any problems?” Was Ling Wei involved in this matter as well?

Otherwise, if it was just Lin Qingya alone, she wouldn't have dared to do such a thing under such circ.u.mstances. This was because, with such a set-up, Bo Junyan would be able to investigate and find out the truth!

When he found out the truth, he would naturally make Lin Qingya suffer!

If Lin Qingya couldn't keep the baby in her stomach, she would at most not be able to become Mrs. Gu. Given how good she was at talking, she might be able to get a lot of compensation from Gu Qianru. She might even be able to live a good life in the latter half of her life. With such a good opportunity, no matter how much she disliked Mu Huan and wanted to frame her, she wouldn't have done such a thing at the engagement banquet.

Those who could live well would never want to live a life worse than death.

This was especially so for someone like Lin Qingya, who knew how to treat herself the best and was rational. She would definitely not use this method to frame Mu Huan just because the child was gone and Gu Chenyi knew her true colors. If her position as Mrs. Gu was not guaranteed, then she would use a method that might not necessarily cause her death!

Unless there was someone stronger who could protect her or prevent her from escaping, she could only do this!

Bo Junyan knew what Mu Huan was thinking, and he knew that Lin Qingya wouldn't dare to do such a thing. He'd also figured out who the mastermind was. “It's not Ling Wei, it's my grandfather.

“When we were at the Gu family's gathering, Ling Wei realized that Lin Qingya's pregnancy wasn't very stable. She asked her to pay more attention to her body and not do any strenuous exercise. When she was at the manor, Ling Wei helped Lin Qingya to keep the pregnancy. That's why she said she was fine. She asked Lin Qingya to go back and remember to get an ultrasound. It's best if she could stay in bed for a while. Because Sister-in-law didn't know about this, Chenyi didn't worry about her. When Lin Qingya came back home, she went to check through getting an ultrasound herself. The doctor said that her pregnancy wasn't developing well, so he didn't suggest that she continue to keep the baby. If she were to forcibly keep the baby, not only would it be bad, but even if she managed to keep it, there's a high possibility of a birth defect.

“Grandpa, who's always trying to ruin things, forced Lin Qingya to do something like this. He wanted to ruin your reputation and let everyone know about your relations.h.i.+p with Chenyi. Everyone thinks we're uncle and nephew… He wants us to get a divorce under such a scandal.”

Mu Huan: “…”

After a while.

“Is your grandfather not on good terms with the Gu family? Doesn't he know that this will make the Old Master Gu…” It wasn't appropriate for her to say anything about Bo Junyan's biological grandfather. He didn't like Mu Huan and wanted to ruin her reputation, but didn't he consider that the Old Master and Gu Qianru's health might not be able to take it?

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