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Chapter 513: I'm Not Weak to Begin with (5)

“That's not right. Not only will I not find trouble with Sister-in-law again, she can even order me to do all sorts of things in the future. As long as you don't make me go overseas, I can stay here and endure anything! If you insist on me going, then I'll really die!” As Huo Yuqi spoke, her tears began to fall.

Bo Junyan's handsome face darkened further.

Seeing this, Mu Huan went up to him and said, “Hubby, I think she really knows her mistake. She really won't do such things in the future…”

When Huo Yuqi heard this, she immediately looked at Mu Huan and said even more pitifully, “Sister-in-law, I'm really for real! I want to transfer to another faculty when I get to school tomorrow. I want to transfer to the finance faculty. I'll study hard and improve every day!”

“Hubby…” Mu Huan looked at Bo Junyan. She felt that what Huo Yuqi said was true.

Now that she knew that she was in the wrong, she would study hard in the future. They should just forget about this matter. Otherwise, if this child were to be sent overseas and do something, it would be too late for regrets!

Bo Junyan was silent for a moment. “I'll send you abroad if you fail two subjects!”

When Huo Yuqi realized that Bo Junyan was not sending her off, she immediately broke into a smile and said, “Thank you, Cousin!”

Bo Junyan said with a darkened expression, “Just thank your sister-in-law.”

“Thank you, Sister-in-law! Love you, xoxo!” Nowadays, such a catchphrase was used by girls all the time to each other. Huo Yuqi was so happy that she forgot that she was not sent by Ling Wei to send kisses to Mu Huan.

“Muacks!” Mu Huan replied habitually.

Bo Junyan's expression instantly darkened.

Right at this moment, Ling Wei returned from outside. When she saw Huo Yuqi's behavior just now, she frowned and felt uncomfortable.

When Huo Yuqi saw Ling Wei's return and realized that she had been overly intimate with Mu Huan, she suddenly felt guilty for betraying Ling Wei. Hence, she hurriedly walked toward Ling Wei and held her arm affectionately. “Sister Ling Wei, you're back. What do you want to eat? Let's sit here…”

She pulled Ling Wei and sat a distance away from Bo Junyan.

“Did you see that? No matter how much she apologizes, she still likes Ling Wei. If she sees Ling Wei, she'll leave you behind. Don't get too close to her in the future,” Bo Junyan said.

Mu Huan looked at Bo Junyan in shock. Did she hear wrongly?

Why would her aloof idol say such things?!

When he met her stunned eyes and realized what he had just said to her, his face turned as black as ink. However, he decided to simply say, “From now on, you can kiss only me. No one else!”

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

Just now, she was only guessing if he was jealous. She didn't expect it to be true!

Her husband was even jealous of his own cousin!

This was really too much!

“What are you looking at? Aren't you going to eat?” Bo Junyan asked coldly.

“I'm almost full from smelling the jealousy on my husband!” Mu Huan teased with a smile.

Bo Junyan: “…”

This little fellow was getting bolder and bolder!

Suddenly, Bo Junyan stood up and bent over to carry Mu Huan.

“What are you doing?”

“Aren't you full? Let's go back to our room!”

“Hubby, I'm just joking! I'm just joking!” She couldn't afford to offend her King of Jealousy!

When Long Feiting walked in with Mu Kexin, he happened to see this scene. The gloomy mood that he had been feeling for the past few days instantly exploded. However, he did not turn around to leave. Instead, he walked straight toward Bo Junyan and Mu Huan.

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