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Chapter 473: A‌ ‌Special‌ ‌Plan (6)

“Mu Huan, what are you saying?! You're the one who let Kexin down, and you're still acting this way!” Mu Kexin was brought here by Long Feiting. If Mu Huan didn't give Mu Kexin face, she wouldn't give him face.

Naturally, he had to stand up for Mu Kexin.

“Go, go, go… go, go… I'm in a bad mood when I'm hungry. Don't provoke me…” Mu Huan waved them away.

Wasn't it good for each of them to have their own meals? Why did he have to come over to her just to say a few words? Nothing good ever happened whenever he did that, yet every time, he kept doing it. What was wrong with him?

Long Feiting was about to say something when…

An elegant and pleasant voice sounded. “What's the matter?”

Mu Kexin and Long Feiting looked up instinctively and saw that Ling Wei had walked in at some point. Standing under the light, she was exuding a G.o.ddess-like glow, which stunned Mu Kexin.

She had heard Lin Qingya say that Ling Wei was a good-looking woman, but she didn't expect her to be this good-looking. She was so elegant and ethereal like a fairy!

At this moment, her mood was the same as Lin Qingya's when she saw Ling Wei! She was so happy that she became excited!

He felt that there was finally someone who could deal with Mu Huan!

Lin Qingya could not stand Mu Huan being so excellent, and Mu Kexin was the same way!

“Feiting, who is this? She's so pretty! She's like a fairy descending into the mortal world!” Mu Kexin looked at Ling Wei.

“Aunt Ling Wei,” Long Feiting greeted.

“h.e.l.lo, Aunt Ling Wei.” Mu Kexin stepped forward agitatedly. She wanted to shake hands with Ling Wei, but she seemed to be afraid of sullying this G.o.ddess. She stopped in front of her and looked at Ling Wei nervously and shyly.

Ling Wei smiled elegantly at Mu Kexin. “Are you Feiting's girlfriend?”

“Yes.” Mu Kexin lowered her head shyly.

A few days ago, when Long Feiting suddenly asked her to be his girlfriend again, she'd agreed.

Ling Wei was about to speak.

Suddenly, Huo Yuqi, who was following behind her, said, “Long Feiting, what kind of lousy taste do you have?! How are you so stupid as to dismiss me with disdain and chase after such a woman to be your girlfriend?!”

Mu Kexin's face instantly turned dark and red!

She instinctively wanted to shout back at her, but when she thought about it, she realized that those who were invited today were all people with higher statuses than her. Simply put, she could not afford to offend them!

Hence, she could only endure it and walk back to Long Feiting with a tearful expression.

“Huo Yuqi, what are you saying?!” The unhappy Long Feiting glared at Huo Yuqi coldly.

“What's wrong with what I said?!” Huo Yuqi said arrogantly.

“Huo Yuqi, are you…”

“Alright, stop fooling around,” Ling Wei interrupted Long Feiting.

Long Feiting did not say anything else.

It could be seen that Ling Wei was very influential in front of Long Feiting. He wanted to give her face.

Ling Wei turned to look at Huo Yuqi. “Yuqi, be careful with your words next time.”

Huo Yuqi snorted without saying anything.

Mu Huan only wanted to eat quietly. After filling her stomach, she wanted to go for a walk with her husband. Hence, she sent a message to Bo Junyan. When she suddenly wanted to eat something else, she stood up, intending to leave for another meal.

But just as she was about to stand up and leave…

Bo Huaiyun and his wife walked in with Gu Chenyi and Lin Qingya.

Bo Huaiyun was stunned for a moment when he saw so many people around. Then, he smiled and said, “You're all here! Let's eat together!”

Mu Huan: “…”

All the people whom she hated and didn't want to see gathered together for dinner!


Was she allowed to lament about how this was not easy?

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