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With these thoughts in mind, Han Jie felt satisfied, and her 'stalking' actions sound so justifiable. So it did not take long for her to freely search on her laptop for anything useful.

She heard a knock. "Come in," Han Jie said, sighing softly and pushed the laptop the side. She glared at the door.

'Why did this person choose to interrupt her now?' She thought with a noticeable scowl.

Jonah entered cautiously. He eyed Han Jie hoping she wasn't going to put them in trouble today.

Although she had already started, was it too late for this day?

"Breakfast is here, Miss. Er, better to say it's lunch," he said while holding a tray.

"Food!" Han Jie happily said when she also saw the tray he was holding. She did need breakfast before her stalking...erm… research. She needed to keep her energies up for the day.

She hopped off the bed and accidentally kicked a can of drink, but ignored it as she wanted to eat sooner.

"Toonks!" Han Jie said with a food on her mouth.

Jonah looked at the room. "Ah… Do you need room service? I think you need to clean, Miss." He said seriously, emphasizing 'really', as he pointed at the mess in her room.

Han Jie's face turned bright red, and her expression means she was embarra.s.sed. "Sorry? You are right." She said before going back to her food.

Jonah blinked back at her. He could not help but stare at her in suspicion. So could be embarra.s.sed as well? Why not be like this when she was in front of CEO Suzuki?

"What? Can you go now?" Han Jie asked, uncomfortable to be stared at.

"Are you planning to go out today, Miss?" Jonah asked finally.

Han Jie grinned, "I am not sure, yet. Don't worry too much. You will look older than me." She said, before waving her hand asking him to go.

Jonah stifled a sigh. Why does he have the feeling that his little boss was going to get him in a whole lot of trouble today as well? It was too late for a prayer.

"Of course, I will wait for the good news, Miss," he said.

"You are the absolute best." Han Jie said. Who knows how it happened but her food was already all gone at this time.

Han Jie then stood up and happily skipped to Jonah's side. She hooked her hand through his hand and led him out of the room.


Bai Min had a bad morning. However, he still walked out of his room and b.u.mped into someone. It was like a Dejavu.

Just like the last time, the man grunted of pain, a very familiar one, as he had, after all, heard it yesterday.

"Sorry." Bai Min muttered.

Han Jun glared at him before he walked away from him. Despite that, Han Jun kept on checking Bai Min from his shoulder, clearly still annoyed.

Bai Min sighed and bit his tongue. He was between laughing at his childish action and giving Han Jun a piece of his mind.

Nevertheless, he chose to save ranting for later. The Han family genes could be very extreme, making their personality and emotion to be the same.

Their most prominent trait, of course, was being stubborn until they bleed. So with Han Jun's annoyance still clearly on the surface, there was no way Bai Min would reasoning would be understood.

Bai Min walked to the dining room and saw Han Jie happily spreading jam on her toast like she hadn't had a problem last night with food. Bai Min almost smiled indulgently. Han Jie always bounced back, no matter what.

Jonah looked at him and greed him, drawing Han Jie's attention to him.

"h.e.l.lo. Good morning!" She said happily, chewing on her toast. Han Jie waved her hand, silently asking Bai Min to sit on the chair beside her.

Bai Min immediately became suspicious, but still sat on the offered chair. "Did something happen?" He asked looking at Jonah, instead.

"Of course, nothing happened!" Han Jie said as if offended.

However, Bai Min saw Jonah, who was sitting on the chair opposite Han Jie, shook his head discreetly.

'It must be bad.' Bai Min thought as he watched Han Jie putting bacon on his plate, and everyone knows she don't share her bacon!

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