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Chapter 373: Governor Gao Yukang

Qin Feng did not say a word. Meng Lin stopped wallowing in self-pity. He quickly continued, “I am now feeling worried that those people would go through some kind of mutation. Qin Feng, I’m afraid I’ll need your help to look over those people!”

Meng Lin did not want to show his weaknesses, but his power was incomparable to Qin Feng’s.

“Yeah, I will!”

Qin Feng nodded in agreement. The car had arrived at a luxurious hotel located in the city center.

Only a hundred apt.i.tude users stayed in the ten-storey tall hotel building. The other occupants had been evicted!

A tragedy could break out among these people at any moment.

They had arranged for Qin Feng to stay at the presidential suite located on the top floor. He could oversee the people below him anytime.

However, when Qin Feng arrived, he found out that only eighty people remained after scanning the place with his consciousness!

No one knew if more would leave by the next day.

It was out of Meng Lin’s hands.

A crowd formed around Qin Feng when he reached the entrance. Leading the crowd was Chen Siang. The rest of them were apt.i.tude users who looked ill and pale.

There were about twenty to thirty people there.

“You’re all here to greet me? How are you guys doing?”

“We’re fine, we really have you to thank this time around, Mr. Qin!”

They were grateful to Qin Feng.

Some of them could not wait to ask. “Mr. Qin, what happened to the C-tier you were fighting with previously?”

“Didn’t Brother Chen tell you?” Qin Feng looked at him and asked.

The man appeared solemn. “I thought it was better to hear it from you in person.”

The crowd was worried.

“He’s dead!” Qin Feng replied confidently.

Some of them breathed a sigh of relief. But some of them felt even more troubled by the news.

“We’ve really done it this time, we don’t know if there would be more to come!”

The crowd was mostly wounded. Even a D-tier could finish them off right this moment.

It was normal for them to be concerned.

Qin Feng calmly smiled. “I know some things about this organization. They might be bigger than we thought. The C-tier that fought with me is probably not the strongest leader behind the scene. Therefore, it’s better if we all stay put in Niumeng City and not wander off on your own.”

“But could I still get back to how I was previously?” asked a person in a broken-down tone.

The person was obviously undergoing mutation. He was getting fidgety.

Qin Feng’s expression became calm. His eyes became sharp.

“If you think you could make it, you will make it. If you cannot accept it, then the choice is up to you. But you must remember, the Dark Coalition is capturing you to conduct their experiments. You may feel like leaving the Human Alliance to join the Dark Coalition.”

Qin Feng went around them in a circle. He continued,” What do you think, is the chance of turning you lot into experimental slits higher, or is the chance of letting you people join higher!”

Any way you look at it, the first option was the most likely. It was the original intention of those people.

The crowd grew pale.

“Okay, we’ll continue tomorrow when the governor comes. It’s better for you to get some rest and tend to your wounds, or you won’t even stand a fighting chance! They could come at any moment and there won’t be only one C-tier!”

After semi-threatening them, Qin Feng grabbed the key card to his suite and went into the elevator with Bai Li.

Meng Lin had given Qin Feng a super-luxurious presidential suite. It was s.p.a.cious and filled with extravagant decor. The place was spotless; it was quite possible that the suite had just been refurbished!

That was how Meng Lin went out of his way to treat Qin Feng!

“Qin Feng, it’s completely safe here now. Could you tell me what happened?”

Although other people have spoken to Meng Lin as well, he believed Qin Feng’s words more.

Qin Feng pondered for a moment. He said, “Perhaps you’ve never met them before, but I know which Dark Coalition organization this group belongs to!”

Meng Li was stunned.

Speaking of, the members of the Dark Coalition were always in the shadows. They always claimed their successful attacks to further their influences so that more unscrupulous people would join them.

But Meng Lin had never seen something so atrocious and catastrophic as this.

Even a C-tier had made his move. Perhaps the leader behind this cult was much more powerful.

Meng Lin did not dare to imagine it. What was the true strength of the Dark Coalition that it could carry out such a heinous attack?

Qin Feng continued, “They call themselves the Z Organization. There are remnants of them in the Three Cities along the Sun. They’ve even infiltrated the army legions of major cities. I was able to find out that the attack happened even before the leader of the Desert Eagle Group, Guo Geng, made his move!”

Qin Feng did not foresee how the attack could happen!

Meng Lin’s face was turning pale.

“How about Yan Fang? What was that all about?”

“He harbored some grudges against me. I was quite dubious of him when he suddenly offered me water!” Qin Feng was telling half-truths.

But in the end, he told Meng Li about Yan Shuo and his nine mutated test subjects and the power of the beast general and emperor. If they really appeared, it would be a tough fight.

Meng Lin needed some time to take the information in. He then bid his farewell.

“I won’t bother you much longer, Qin Feng. You have a good rest!”

“Okay, see you!”


As they bid their farewells, both of them did not expect to see each other the next day. Yet, the very next day, they met again!

When Qin Feng woke up the next morning, he received news of the governor’s homecoming!

The governor did not use any vehicle. He came back using a spatial teleportation device.

Each trip would cost tens of millions. Only a C-tier could afford it. It was much more lavish than calling for an airlift at Qin Feng’s Fengli colony.

But it was absolutely fast!

The governor of the Four Cities of the Northern Seas was known as Gao Yukang.

A C3 apt.i.tude user at thirty five years old. He had only awakened for a little over ten years, yet he had shown enough potential. He had been the governor of the district for three years.

However, he basically did not handle matters regarding the Four Cities of the Northern Seas.

The Four Cities of the Northern Seas had better resources than the Three Cities along the Sun. However, it was still too little for a C-tier apt.i.tude user. In addition to that, his hands were also tied up by the ancient warrior families. Therefore, he did not care to stay there.

The governor’s role was only a formality.

Gao Yukang was young. He had potential. Naturally, he went out to explore.

He came back this time around because the Human Alliance caught wind of the news. The news would affect the governor. Even the A-tiers of the alliance were asking him about it. Therefore, he had no choice but to return.

To allow a D-tier of a small town to develop a poison that could mutate its victim— the possibility of such news breaking out would be devastating.

The most luxurious hotel in Niumeng City had a large hall and some meeting rooms. The apt.i.tude users of Shadong Town came together that afternoon.

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