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Chapter 367: Guo Geng Goes Ahead

Yan Shuo lived in the shadows but Yan Fang had been lurking in Shadong Town this entire time, he even had an ident.i.ty in the Human Alliance.

Judging by his capabilities, if Yan Fang could become a C-Tier, he could have entered the higher levels of the Human Alliance.

But now, there was no news from the other!

“Maybe I should go myself, and see what's happened!” Yan Shuo said.

The higher ups rarely acted on their own, all they needed was to issue a command and there would be more people willing to help

“Then I'll go!” Guo Geng volunteered, obviously trying to curry flavor with Yan Shuo.

“Right, maybe we should try to bring Yan Fang back. Right now, Shandong Town is filled with mutants. Previously, Hu Liang had a genetic mutation outburst and I'm afraid that the explosion might have destroyed many of our experiments. Who knows if there will be other accidents that might happen!”

Yan Shuo was still very nervous regarding his own little brother.

“Don't worry Sir Yan, I will complete this mission!”

Guo Geng got off the plane after he finished speaking and headed toward Shadong Town.

At this time, Shadong Town was surrounded by one meter wide transmitters that emitted a silver light that covered the entire town. The inside was completely sealed off, only those with special equipment could enter or exit.

Guo Geng was outside, fiddling about with a few b.u.t.tons on a transmitter's panel.

The silver light suddenly revealed a two meter high and one meter wide s.p.a.ce.

Shadong Town was in that s.p.a.ce!

Guo Geng appeared just outside of the eastern town wall. With internal force flowing through his legs, he ran up the wall and hopped into the town.

Meanwhile, Qin Feng did not kill Yan Fang. He kept him alive so he could be handed off to the Human Alliance to be dealt with, maybe they could get some useful information out of him. Qin Feng did not have the time to properly interrogate him anyway.

After a busy day, Bai Li had managed to escort back all of the alive but wounded D-tiers in Shadong Town.

But there were a few that were probably still in hiding.

For example, Qin Feng remembered seeing Yang Xiao, who had turned into a snake person.

Because of some crossed boundaries, the other did not really trust him!

“What's the situation now?”

Qin Feng asked a Water ability user who was busy inspecting people.

“There are fifty people who have returned to their original forms. From what I've gathered, their condition's not so good, they're weak and are suffering from overexertion. Even after getting healed, I'm afraid their strength will be drastically lower!”

Qin Feng nodded, how could there be no side effects of such a tyrannical experiment?


The beastman beside him suddenly bellowed and when Qin Feng turned to look, he realized it still had a vaguely human face. A familiar face.

“Lei Chen!” Qin Feng raised his eyebrows, not expecting to see him.

At this time, Lei Chen's eyes were bloodshot with depravity and bloodl.u.s.t. All he could think of was wanting to kill Qin Feng.

It seemed that Lei Chen's hatred toward Qin Feng had reached the point of instinct. Even after suffering from such serious injuries, he was still trying to fight.

Qin Feng sneered, pumping internal force into his hand and chopping at the top of Lei Chen's head.


The sound of Lei Chen's skull breaking could be heard upon impact, then blood began to slide down his mutated hair.

Lei Chen was slain!

Qin Feng pulled his hand away and shook it instinctively. Since there was internal force around his hand, there would not have been any blood on it.

“This one's too far gone and can't be saved, so I decided to deal with it,” he said.

The Water ability user nodded, looking at Qin Feng with wide eyes.

“Right, I understand!”

After making a round, Qin Feng looked at the general situation. Those who had been injured would revert back to normal in about half an hour, those who had stayed in their forms for more than two hours were at the point of no return.

The probability for that was fifty-fifty. In other words, this plot had directly caused the deaths of a hundred and more D-tier apt.i.tude users in Shadong Town.

This kind of lethality would cause an uproar.

“Move those who have changed back into humans inside and let them rest!”

It was already starting to get dark, it was not right to just leave injured people lying on the ground.

Those who were not injured began to help out, the only person that n.o.body was paying attention to was Yan Fang.

All his limbs had been broken, but the bleeding was stopped by the Water ability user. However, with an empty dantian and the lethargy of having transformed into a beast previously, he was pretty much a cripple at this moment.

A cripple with a very powerful C-tier older brother.

At this time Guo Geng had also come along to see the scene of the mall that Qin Feng was in and witnessed the mess and chaos.

“Sir Yan, Shadong Town's apt.i.tude users have defeated all of the mutated experiments and put them into a small square. There are about one hundred and fifty subjects, some of them have turned back into humans.It looks like they're the first level of the mature forms!”

Guo Geng understood that the first stage mutants came in different forms, there was the immature form, the mature form and the perfect form.

Lin Wuyi was obviously considered as the perfect form. Mature forms could turn into beasts and immature forms could not even turn back into their human state.

Now with so many mature forms lying around, this would be very helpful to the experiment.

The most important thing was that now that these people were weak, they could be easily taken away!

This was actually quite convenient!

“Do you see any second level experiment forms?”

“Sir, the characteristics of the second level experiments are not exposed. It's hard to investigate right now!”

“Hmm, understood. Proceed.”

Yan Shuo knew that the second level was merely just theory and conjecture, whether or not they could manifest was an entirely different story!

It was then that Guo Geng suddenly let out a gasp.

“Sir! I found Yan Fang, he…he…” Guo Geng could not believe what he was seeing and at the same time felt extremely angry.

This was not the kind of anger that one would feel if they see their friends get dropped.

No, it was because Yan Fang was injured too severely. If such a cripple was saved, he was afraid that he would not get Yan Shuo's praise.

He had promised to bring Yan Fang back earlier, but how could he bring him back like this?

“What's wrong? What happened to Yan Fang?” Yan Shuo asked in a serious tone, his heart beginning to sink.

But he did not receive anything else from the other side.

From the darkness, someone had suddenly appeared next to Guo Geng.

It was Qin Feng.

“Guo Geng!”

Qin Feng naturally recognized the person. His consciousness had reached a terrifying level, without releasing it he could detect anything unusual around him. Guo Geng was being sneaky and that ended up drawing Qin Feng's attention.

Dark Shroud had allowed Qin Feng to approach without being seen.

As soon as his name was called out, Guo Geng jumped and was taken aback. He quickly backpedaled away, looking at Qin Feng.

He did not recognize Qin Feng, only knowing that the other knew his ident.i.ty. An ident.i.ty that was not something that should be spoken about openly.

The head of the Desert Eagle Group, a member of the Dark Coalition.

“Boy, you shouldn't have approached me. You should have run away the moment you saw me!”

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