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Chapter 264: Encounter

“All right. Thank you,” replied Baili Han very directly. He could not deny that Ling Chuxi's words made a lot of sense. Based on how he had been walking around, it was impossible to know when he would actually arrive at the capital. Originally, his father had said that he had sent people to pick him up, but he seemed to have missed them at the stage station. He then thought that he could find his own way back home, but he never thought that he'd end up losing his way all the way to the mountain range. Now that there was someone to lead the way back to the capital, this option was naturally the best one for him to take.

Just like that, Ling Chuxi brought Baili Han with her as she left the mountain range and returned to the capital. Along the way, the two of them did not talk much because Ling Chuxi felt extremely tired every time she heard him speak. So, she did not converse with him much. Baili Han also did not say much. The two of them were silent and harmonious along the way.

After entering the main gate of the capital, Baili Han still trailed behind Ling Chuxi. Noticing this, she could not help but turn and say, “Don't tell me you still can't recognize the way after arriving here? If you don't, you can just ask around. Simply grab onto someone along the main street and ask them for directions. That'll do.”

“Oh, right,” said Baili Han, suddenly getting the idea. Then he nodded to Ling Chuxi, “See you. Thank you.”

“All right. We'll meet again very soon,” said Ling Chuxi with a smile. Of course they would meet again very soon. And when they did, it will definitely be at the fighting ring compet.i.tion!

Ling Chuxi also turned around to leave, but before she could even take two steps, she heard Baili Han asking someone, “May I ask, how do I get to, Wind Cloud Academy?”

And the voice that replied to Baili Han's question was one that Ling Chuxi recognized very well.

“Oh, just go straight ahead from here, then turn left and then continue on straight from there. When you get to a bend in the road, turn right and you'll reach your destination,” replied a familiar voice succinctly to Baili Han's question. A familiar voice that actually belonged to Lan Xinyu.

Ling Chuxi spun around and was just about to greet Lan Xinyu when she saw a carriage rus.h.i.+ng over towards them at a high speed, accompanied by the howling of the panicking coachman, “Quickly get out of the way, get out of the way, the horse has been startled!”

In front of the carriage in the middle of the road was a little child that looked only about three or four years old. Seeing the rumbling carriage speeding towards him, the child was scared silly as he stood there in a daze, unable to move.

Baili Han's gaze turned serious and just as he was about to go over to save the child, he saw the young maiden who was giving him directions remove a golden whip from her waist. With a light wave of her hand, the tail of the whip coiled around the waist of the little child who was standing in the middle of the road. And then, Lan Xinyu tugged the whip and the child flew out of the way and through the air. Lan Xinyu reached out a hand to catch the child. Her actions were precise and neat! It was just a matter of a split second and yet she was able to successfully save the child.

The coachman also slowly managed to regain control and then alighted to deal with the aftermath.

By the side of the road, Lan Xinyu was hugging the child as she said with a smile, “Little brother, are you all right?”

“Elder sister, to fly high, high, I like it!” exclaimed the child happily with a smile, not at all scared by what had happened just now because he thought Lan Xinyu was playing with him.

“Next time, you must not stand in the middle of the road like that, all right?” admonished Lan Xinyu gently as she pat the little child's head with a smile.

“All right,” said the little child, nodding without fully understanding the situation before the father of the child came running over nervously. There was a stick of glazed hawthorns in his hand. Obviously, it was bought for the child, but in a moment of carelessness, the child had already run off into danger.

“Thank you, truly, thank you. Miss, really, thank you so much,” said the father of the child, profusely thanking Lan Xinyu.

“Next time, don't be so careless. Don't let your child leave your sight. He is still so young and is unable to protect himself,” lectured Lan Xinyu somewhat coldly.

The father of the child nodded nonstop and finally left hugging the child after expressing his thanks a thousand times. The child poked his head out of the folds of his father's robe, struggling to wave goodbye to Lan Xinyu. Lan Xinyu also smiled and waved back.

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