Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse 7 Chapter 7: The First Battle! Against The Bed Year 2025-Month May – Day 18

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A clear white‚ jade like obese hand came out from beneath the shallow water.


It touched the right side of the bathtub‚ exerted force and hoisted an enormous fat body outside of it.

The body belonged to a man in his early twenties. Height around 178 cm‚ black eyes and black hair‚ with barely any facial hairs.

His skin glowed with a white s.h.i.+ne‚ While his fat vanished at a visible rate. Even then, the person looked to be around a 120 Kg or simply around 270 pounds.

The body came out of the bathtub and stood straight while opening up his hands vertically.

"Which clothes would master like to wear today?" Asked his male servant while looking at him.

"Anything comfy would do" Replied Feng Mei who was still waiting for his servant to cover up his naked a.r.s.e. His servant didn't react wildly as they have seen him naked for years.

Chandni took a hoody With a 5Xl size and a cotton pajama‚ "How about these"

"Wow! Thanks These are Good enough" Her master praised her‚ causing two bright red blush to appear on her mechanical face.

Dracula took it from her hands and dressed his master up.

"It is time‚ Time for me to pick up my sword!" Their master shouted out a cliche dialogue ‚ as he ran out the room. The wooden floor slightly trembling due to his weight.

The two servants looked at each other in the eyes.

"Why is master so excited?" She asked

"Who knows" he replied as he followed behind his master‚ while the housemaid started to clean up the room.

Feng Mei ran towards the bas.e.m.e.nt and stood in front of the bas.e.m.e.nt door for it was closed and required a key to open up. The dilemma he was facing could only be known by some and understandable only by a true lazy sloth.

He was deciding whether he should walk up the dark stairs and go back to get the key or shout out loud‚ to tell his servants to come down to him with the key.

But both task required energy to perform.

"Sigh!" A sigh escaped his lips‚ while due to stress his circulation of blood increased causing the art of «Blood Vessel tempering Heaven and Earth» to increase in speed.

A cold hand touched his sensitive back‚ causing a chill to raise up in his spine. He didn't turn on the lights while going down the staircase‚ and just a day ago‚ saw a video of human cannibalism. He also couldn't believe that someone actually silently came up behind him.

"I already knew master was going towards the bas.e.m.e.nt and also got the keys‚ Here master!" said his servant‚ As he opened up his palm to pa.s.s the key to his master.

"Oh it's just you‚ Phew almost gave me a heart attack" He said while taking the key into his hand.

His servant couldn't move ahead to open the door himself‚ as his master body blocked the entire staircase.

The key was pushed in the hole‚ the door finally unlocked got pushed open. They descended down the stairs not before turning on the lights.

The bas.e.m.e.nt was huge‚ way huge than a normal one. Like any other bas.e.m.e.nt‚ this one was also used to keep hold of mult.i.tudes of normal stuff.

Just that it was slightly‚ really just slightly different from your usual bas.e.m.e.nt.

It just didn't only have licensed Desert Eagle and unlicensed QBZ -195 but also a row of smoke bombs.

In the middle laid a giant-a.s.s sword enclosed inside of a huge wall of gla.s.s‚ its name read Bustermarm.

Around the sword were placed different other weapons‚ from Zangetsu to the thirteen cursed sword‚ it even had toyako bokuto.

There were all type of weapon belonging to the greatest warriors of mostly every anime.

Feng Mei himself had created all these weapons‚ for he also was a crafter.

These weapon even though they didn't have their powerful abilities but they were still exquisite and made from the best materials.

"What weapon should I use?" while thinking he touched Hyorinmaru "Wait was I ever a sword wielder‚ What type of weapon did I used for battle?" He started thinking pensively.

It had been 4 years and he didn't give more than two s.h.i.+t nor thought about the time he spent on Astral haven "I remembered I exchanged a promise to acquire the legacy of the dragon totem tribe - «Dance of the dragon»".

This was the very first martial art his only master ever gave him. Even though that person was his master‚ he still exchanged a G.o.dd.a.m.n promise for this martial art.

Which led to him almost becoming a breeding machine for a whole tribe! Thankfully he escaped–G.o.d bless the blessing of the void.

The dance of the dragon required a pole type weapon to perform. From the various weapon he picked up a glaive-like bladed pole weapon.

Chandni had cleaned the room and also went towards the bas.e.m.e.nt. She knew where they were as she shared a Gps tracking device with Dracula and her master.

"You guys should start packing up these weapons. These smoke bombs will come in handy and yeah since there's only one silencer‚ just take the barrels of bullets from other pistols and rifles. Soon we will be going for a picnic and won't be returning back for a long time" He told Dracula and chandni.

Dracula started putting the various stuff into the nearby huge military backpack carefully‚ especially the smoke bombs. While chandni looked at her master

"Master‚ are we really gonna go somewhere for picnic‚ and really head Out of the house for a Really long time?" she excitedly exclaimed.

"Within a week‚ my body will be excreted from all toxins‚ than we Really will and absolutely go out‚ away from our home for a long time" He said while patting her round head from his left hand‚ as his right hand withheld a weapon.

Even since their creation chandni and Dracula have only stayed in this house.

While Dracula have left the house to buy groceries from the nearby supermarket but Chandni never did. Hence the reason for her excitement.

Feng Mei left the bas.e.m.e.nt with chandni and Dracula and went towards his room. A huge backpack holding different a.r.s.enal was wore by Dracula.

Feng Mei opened his mouth and started a heavy heartfelt speech "Comrade‚ You have accompanied me for years‚ dissolving me in your comfort and warmth‚ I love you deeply! I really Do! but I can't afford to lay upon you once again. Cause I know if I do I might just lose all my motivation"

"Master‚ What is he doing?"

"Don't try to understand‚ it will be best if you don't" Dracula patted chandni shoulder.

Sn.o.b* Sn.o.b" Crying with trembling hand‚ He raised up his weapon and slashed at the million dollar Bed...

The bed split into two pieces‚ the electric wires glitching wildly‚ as if the soul of the bed complaining about it's unfair and unreasonable death.

"Sn.o.b* Sn.o.b* Sn.o.b* Comrade! *Sn.o.b *Sn.o.b* Sn.o.b* Oh Comrade!" After slas.h.i.+ng the bed he couldn't hold on anymore and dropped to his knees while busting into loud cries‚ as if a child mourning in front of his parents grave.

"Why is master crying?" Chandni asked bewildered yet worried about her master.

"We don't have enough knowledge to understand master thoughts‚ but we do know that the reason for a person cries is due to pain" He replied

"Now Now master All the pain will go away!" Dracula patted his back while chanting a magical pain go away spell and chandni also joined in on the action‚ smothering their silly master who went off to sleep.

(Year 2025 - Month May - Day 19 Ends)

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