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Chapter 353: Wipe Out Miki Group

Zhao Qingxue was very beautiful. She had a tall and slender body, a perfect almond-shaped face, fair and delicate skin, and her eyebrows looked like brush strokes.

Her hair was slightly messy, but that did not diminish her beauty.

She stood there, standing there looking at Tang Hao without blinking.

Tang Hao's heart skipped a beat when his eyes met hers.

Zhao Qingxue bit her lip, and her gaze became resentful.

“Happy Lunar New Year!” Tang Hao thought hard for something to say. He eventually squeezed those words from his mouth.

“You call this happy?” Zhao Qingxue cursed softly, though she looked visibly relieved. “This isn't the right occasion to greet someone a happy Lunar New Year!”

Tang Hao laughed awkwardly.

They looked at each other silently for a while.

Zhao Qingxue bit her lip, walked over determinedly, and fell into Tang Hao's embrace.

“Don't move!”

The police officer ordered him.

Tang Hao wanted to push her away but stopped. He allowed her to hug him.

She abruptly lifted her head and looked at Tang Hao. Their faces were only inches away.

Then, she leaned forward a.s.sertively and kissed his lips.

Tang Hao's eyes went wide immediately. He did not know how to react.

'Oh my G.o.d! What does Officer Zhao think she's doing? We're next to the main road!'

The Dongying people were also looking at them, slack-jawed.

A sudden, ear-piercing sound of a car horn brought the two back to their senses.

There were not many cars on the main road, but one lane was blocked, and traffic was building up. The drivers stuck their heads out from their cars and gawked at the couple.

At first, they were curious and excited, but eventually, they became impatient.

“Dammit, are you guys done yet?”

The drivers yelled from their cars. Some of them also sounded envious.

Zhao Qingxue detached herself from Tang Hao and took a step back.

Then, her expression turned cold. “Why are you yelling? I'm a police officer, can't you see that there is an accident here? Move along!”

The drivers were all stunned.

They did not expect that the exceptionally beautiful woman was a police officer.

Then, they showered her with whistles and catcalls.

“Arrest me too, Officer! I've been a bad boy!” Some of the people were yelling.

Zhao Qingxue rolled her eyes at them.

Soon, they heard police sirens coming from afar. Three police cars stopped near them, and the car doors opened. Captain Zhou stepped out of the car first.

“Dammit, can't we celebrate Lunar New Year in peace?” Captain Zhou was grumbling. He squeezed himself around the cars.

He was shocked when he saw who was there.

“Hey, isn't this Lil Zhao? Oh, and Brother Tang is here too! You're…” Captain Zhou shouted.

Then, he noticed a pool of blood on the road. He was petrified when he noticed the dead bodies, and a chill went down his spine.

The people trapped between the cars were reduced to mincemeat. That was a horrendous sight.

“That is…?” Captain Zhou's expression was grim.

Zhao Qingxue told him what happened earlier.

“What? Dongying people? Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! F*ck their mothers. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds come here and try to hunt down and kill one of us? They've gone too far this time.”

Captain Zhou was livid. He went over to the captured Dongying people and beat them up.

The other police officers were also angry and threw a few punches at them.

Then, they recorded a statement from Tang Hao and Zhao Qingxue.

“I'll leave this to you, Captain Zhou!” Tang Hao said.

Those captured people were not cultivators. The police could take care of them.

“Alright! Don't worry, we'll give them special treatment,” Captain Zhou said.

Tang Hao brought Zhao Qingxue into the car. He was silent for a while.

Makoto Miki had nearly caused Zhao Qingxue's death last time. Now, they returned to Huaxia to hunt her down. Tang Hao could not tolerate foreign criminals doing crime in his homeland.

Furthermore, they had Zhao Qingxue in their sights. They had failed to kill her when they sent over normal people. What if they sent ninja cultivators the next time? The blood jade bead would not be able to protect her against that.

'I'll have to wipe Miki Group off the face of the earth!'

That was how he could ensure Zhao Qingxue's safety.

The chill in his gaze became more intense as his killing intent rose.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhao Qingxue was curious when she saw that he was silently brooding.

“Nothing! Right, are you back in Westridge to visit your relatives?”

“I've always been in Westridge! My parents are staying with me for now. I was planning to go shopping today.”

“I'll send you back. You have to be careful these few days,” Tang Hao said.

“Yup!” Zhao Qingxue replied.

After sending Zhao Qingxue home, Tang Hao gave a call to General Bai to ask about Makoto Miki's whereabouts.

“What? Makoto Miki? That's so long ago. Let me ask around!” A while later, General Bai returned to the call. “I've found his location. He's currently kept in the maximum-security prison in Province Z.

“Why are you suddenly asking about him though?” General Bai asked curiously.

“Miki Group is in Huaxia. They want to break him out of prison. They might make their move tonight,” Tang hao said.

“Haha! Do they think that they can infiltrate a prison so easily? They're only gangsters.” General Bai laughed.

“They have cultivators with them. Ninja cultivators!” Tang Hao said coldly.

“What?” General Bai exclaimed. He was instantly fl.u.s.tered.

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