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Alyssa chuckled softly at her thoughts. She was going way beyond her capabilities. She a mere Omega with no strength, no position in the society, she was the most ridiculed 'Omega Princess' in the kingdom, how could she dream about changing the system or giving a piece of advice to 'The King'. It was ridiculous. She has no power.

Yes, power!

Alyssa's eyes brightened at this thought. To defeat Violet or you can say to protect herself from evil schemes of violet all she needed was 'power'. And also, to prevent the spread of the disease she needed 'power'.

Both goals of hers have the same path that is to become strong, to become powerful.

And she has a business plan that can help her in the way of greatness. A perfect invention that can generate money as well as protect the rest of the people from the 'Diseased'.

Her eyes shone at the conclusion.

Noah was observing her the whole time. He was very much amused by all the expressions running on her face. Sometimes it was self-pity, the other time it was confusion and at last it was determination. This girl sitting beside him was a mystery and Noah got an intense carving to solve this mystery. He was very much attracted to her. He was feeling an itch in his heart but he couldn't pinpoint why he was feeling so.

Alyssa's eyes met his. Noah coughed and averted his eyes.

"d.a.m.n she is beautiful." Noah thought. He was startled by his thought and his heartbeat increased.

Unaware of the emotion struggle happening inside him, Alyssa nervously tucked a lock of strand behind her ears and asked, "Do you have a job?"

Noah looked at her like he was seeing a dumb person.

Under Noah's eyes Alyssa grew more nervous. She continued, "Sorry, umm I was just asking what are you planning to do?"

To her question, Noah became silent. He solemnly said, "I don't know. I am a threat to your sister. She wanted to kill me that's why I am hiding here. I will probably leave the kingdom."

"But it's risky you know; she will have her men posted at the airports too." Alyssa continued.

"Do you think I am stupid to go to another country by plane. I am waiting to be smuggled in."

Alyssa frowned, "And you think it is safe?" she scoffed.

"And you have a better way than this 'princess'?" He spoke bitterly.

"Work with me." Alyssa offered.

"What?" Noah was startled by her proposition. He knew that she has no money, no company in her name she was a beggar just like him, but with a t.i.tle.

"You heard me. Follow me. I can guarantee your safety. I promise you will never regret it."

Noah felt like she was shooting a prank or something on him. He looked around to see the hidden cameras. When he found nothing, he was just a step away to press the emergency b.u.t.ton below his bed and send Alyssa to a physiatrist.

As if knowing what was going in his mind Alyssa pressed his hand in the bed tightly. Then she said, "I am serious here. I have money and I have a business plan. I am going to invent something. I will do it with or without your help. As you have saved me, I am offering a helping hand to you. Now it's up to you whether you want to accept it or not.

Noah really wanted a safe place to hide from Violet's henchmen and he need some food or some money. He didn't believe that Alyssa was capable enough to build a company or anything o this matter. But having a safe house for rest day is all that matters. So, after thinking for a while he nodded his head in affirmation.

Alyssa smiled. "Let's go we have some shopping to do."

"But I can't go on like this. They will recognize me." Noah sulked.

Alyssa smirked in mischief, "I have something for you. Let's get dressed up." Alyssa pulled him out of the bed.

After clearing the bills and buying some healthy tonics for him they went to a clothing store to buy some clothes for both of them. Then they went to get some makeup products and wigs.

Alyssa took Noah in the 'Black Market'. As the name suggests it was really a black market that was stolen and illegal items were sold. It was the first time for Noah to enter a black market. He was practically shaking. Seeing an Alpha afraid of the appearance of the sellers she scoffed in her heart. Actually, it was not Noah's fault. The sellers of the shopkeepers were really frightening. They have strong build, unshaven faces, and scars running all over their body. Some of them were killers and run-away culprits. It was the fact that even the police were afraid to come to this place. This place was actually 'the hub' of all illegal and criminal activities.

Alyssa searched for a known shop that sells perfumes to hide one's scent. She took Noah with her and purchased a few bottles of it.

After leaving the Black-Market Noah felt relieved. He pointed a finger towards her and said, "If you want to die then die alone don't drag me with you. I swear I am never going there again."

Alyssa laughed at his tantrum.

Then she pushed Noah in a café with no CCTV and told him to change his appearance in the washroom.

Alyssa wore the paddings and her same black three-piece suit with a long black overcoat. Then she put on her golden- brown wig with ear length hairs. She did her makeup to make her face a bit paler and non-attractive. Then she draws a star-shaped red mole at the lower side of her left eye. And at last she wore her black contact lens to hide her grey eyes.

She exited the washroom and searched for Noah.

Noah at the same time exited from the men's washroom. Alyssa looked towards him and froze. After a few seconds she clutched her stomach and laughed. Noah was looking ridiculous. He was wearing her dress properly but his wig kept falling. Even his real hairs can be seen through the wig. His face was totally white like someone has smeared wheat flour on his face. He even tried to make thick eyebrows and his eyebrows were of different lengths. He even applied blush which made the center of his cheeks bright red. The blush was applied just above his cheekbones which looked like someone has drawn two small red circles on his cheeks.

He was looking like a clown.

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