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"Hi... hehehe" Alyssa laughed dryly. She walked inside the room, standing just at the threshold of the door. She left the door wide open. Who knows what will happen if her savior starts throwing things again. She had to run out of this room to save herself. Right?

With everyone's gaze present on her she felt nervous. She wiped her sweaty hands on her skirt and tried to give them a smile which more or less seemed like she was holding her p.o.o.p.

Seeing her struggle to smile, the culprit of the mess and her savior irritatedly roared "Stop smiling".

His roar brought the doctors and the nurses that were holding him out of their zone and all of them hurriedly came towards Alyssa. Seeing so many people coming towards her all at once, Alyssa thought that they are about to beat her so she took a step back.

With a frightened look on her face she said rea.s.suringly to them, "I will pay. I will pay for the damages he made, you don't have to come together to beat me ok."

Hearing her statement everyone coming towards her froze.

The group had one young doctor in the middle surrounded by three male and two female nurses.

The male doctor blushed. "No no no... this is all a misunderstanding. actually we were coming to thank you. only after you came you brother stopped shouting and throwing things."

Then he smiled. He outstretched his hands for me to shake. Alyssa shook his hands gently. Then she glanced towards the bedside to find his savior and smiled at him.

After asking about her savior's condition, Alyssa made her way towards his bed where he was sitting grumpily and was fondling the bedsheets.

Alyssa chuckled.

Her savior sat straight and glared at her making Alyssa to chuckle again.

Alyssa sat next to him and took out a gift from her bag. She said," Thank you for saving me the other day, this is a small gift I prepared for you. Then she nervously tucked a lock of her hair behind her ears and continued, "Actually I don't know what kind of gift is given to a man, so I bought you this."

Knowing that he was the first person to receive a gift from her, his facial expression became soft. He was happy.

He took the gift box and unwrapped it. Inside it was present a very beautiful men's bracelet with metallic silver beads and metallic silver criss-cross rope-like pattern. In the middle of it Tus Savtor, which means 'savior' in Astrosian language was written in black. It was very beautiful.

Alyssa was nervous the whole time but when she saw her savior wearing it, she visibly relaxed.

"I am Alyssa." she introduced herself.

"I know". he said

Alyssa was startled because only few people know about her. She grew suspicious.

The man sitting near her laughed, "You don't have to be suspicious about me. Well I am in this condition because of you."

"Yes I know. I am sorry." Alyssa replied and lowered her head.

He chuckled, "I wasn't talking about this."

After waiting for a minute and struggling whether he should tell her about his story or not, he continued. "Actually I was a student at The Royal Science Academy. I was the topper among the toppers. One day your sister, I mean Violet came to find me. She wanted me to invent a particular type of corrosive liquid that gradually decays one's skin. It is like splas.h.i.+ng someone's with plain water at first but after two days itching starts and after a week skin gradually peels out from its bones and gets rotten.

To say Alyssa was shocked was an understatement. She touched her face and asked, " Did you invented that liquid."

Hearing her question he scoffed, "Are you feeling itchy all over your body?"

His answer was like a cold water poured all over her. That liquid was for her. Violet can be so cruel, she had no idea about that.

Her whole body starts shaking. She was angry. She was also frightened.

Who knows when Violet will attack her again. She doesn't have time. She had to act fast to become stronger.

Seeing her so visibly shaken, the man rubbed her back to comfort her. He casually said, "You know I never regretted it. It will be a pity that a beautiful girl like you will become ugly. My name is Noah Benjamin by the way and since I am your savior, you have to call me, let me think, dad.... granddad... master... yes, you have to call me master. Got it."

Alyssa smiled. She got an Alpha master.

Alyssa asked him a question that was bothering her since yesterday. "You know the werewolves that attacked me yesterday, they smelt different."

Hearing her suspicion and knowing where this theory will lead to, he pressed his lips in thought.

Alyssa remained silent too.

Then finally he opened his mouth and said gravely, " I don't know whether I should speak about this matter or not, but you are right, they were not werewolves, not entirely at least. They are becoming more or less like animals, without any restrains. I don't know how it is spreading or how they are becoming like this. But one thing is clear that it is like a disease, mostly caused due to hunger. And it is spreading fast."

After he spoke both of them sat in silence. Alyssa let the news to soak in. Her mind was in mess. She had a lot of questions but no answers were available to any of her questions.

Does the king knew about this? How fast will it spread? How it is spreading? How to stop this? Will she survive this epidemic?

She doesn't know.

Should she help them? Should she seek the king, her uncle, and tell him about the condition? She doesn't know what to do.

With Violet being so aggressive and cruel, that her life was hanging by a thin thread. It was like she was walking on, one mistake and she is doomed or even worst, killed.

With her life so complicated and in a mess, should she bring another mess into her life with open arms? She doesn't know.

She will leave her decision on time for now because time is the wisest counselor of all.

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