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It was getting dark. The moon was visible in the sky. While strolling around the Fate Alley mindlessly, Alyssa found herself in the middle of a dark, deserted alley. She decided to leave the alley as soon as possible. When she turned to go towards the entrance of the alley, she detected two shadows silently approaching her.

"G.o.d, why I have to be so mindless!", Alyssa berated herself and began to run.

But before she can reach the entrance, she felt a tug in her collar and she was harshly thrown in the ground. Alyssa groaned in pain. She tried to stand up but was harshly kicked in the stomach.

Under the light of the street lamps she can see their hollow eyes and yellow teeth clearly. They were tall and very thin. They smelt nothing like werewolves.

She knew that she was in deep trouble. She pulled the legs of one of her attackers making him fall. Then she hurriedly stood up kicking in the b.a.l.l.s of her other attacker.

Then she turned around and kicked the first attacker directly hitting him in his jaws. Then she began to run. But they were faster than her. She had run for about 5-6 meters when again she was thrown roughly on the ground. Once again, she was caught. The shorter one among them kicked her few times before making her stand. Holding her wrists tightly, at the backside, in one of his big hands, he yanked her hair with his free hand.

Anger was apparent in their eyes.

Alyssa's wig fell off indicating that she was a girl. Their eyes shone is malice and l.u.s.t.

"Food, money and pleasure all in one. Hahahaha" the taller one said while caressing her face.

Disgusted by their words, Alyssa kicked the taller one once again in his b.a.l.l.s. Her kick was more forceful than the previous one. Her kick really infuriated them. Now all they can see was red. They, mostly the taller one wanted to kill her

The taller one, pulled out his knife from his pocket and aimed it directly towards her heart.

Seeing the knife coming towards her swiftly, Alyssa closed her eyes in panic. Then she heard a 'plop'.

Feeling no stabbing pain in her body, she slowly opened her eyes to see the taller one laying on the ground, blood oozing from his head.

Then she saw a man dressed in rags, holding a metal pipe with both hands. He was clutching the metal pipe so tightly like his life depended on it.

The shorter one released Alyssa and moved towards her rescuer to attack him. The ragged man flung the metal pipe towards his direction but the shorter one dodged it, making the ragged man stagger a few steps. Seeing the situation in his favor, the shorter one punched his face. Alyssa saw her savior being hit and searched for some tool to hit her attacker. She saw some stones lying on the ground. She picked a few of them in both of her hands and started throwing them towards him one by one. Distracted and angered by the hitting stones, the shorter one leaped towards her in rage. The ragged one got a moment to catch his breath and seeing the other person is distracted, he once again flung her metal pipe towards his direction, hitting him.

Seeing both of her attackers unconscious, Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief. She turned around to thank her savior but before she can open her mouth to thank him, he swayed a little and then fainted.

Alyssa was dumbfounded. She thought that he was injured in the fight too. "They might have hit his head, maybe he might get a concussion". Alyssa thought and decided to admit him to a hospital nearby.

It was getting late. Alyssa drank her fourth cup of coffee and he was still unconscious.

Alyssa decided to visit him the following day.

She asked for a pen and paper from a nurse and wrote him a message. After thinking for a while she placed 200 dollars on it. She went to the reception counter to clear the bill.

On her way to home an innovative idea came across her mind.

Almost seventy percent of the population of Coral Bells were Omegas and they were the weakest among any other ranks. So to be able to defend themselves, she wanted to invent something and she had just the right idea or an object in particular for her invention. But all she needs is to strategize it correctly.

The following day she decided to visit her savior. Alyssa had another goal to achieve that is, she had to buy a laptop and a mobile phone. She can't just come to Fate Alley and win huge lotteries and just walk away without becoming a prey to someone's evil intension.

Fate Alley was famous for its casinos games etc, so it was obvious that it was 'the hub' of electronic devices. Alyssa wanted a better device to do her online business without getting hacked. She was a hacker herself so this issue doesn't bother her much but she was not overconfident because somewhere in this world there will always a person better than you.

That's why she decided to buy premium products.

In addition to this Fate Alley sell a huge amount of black market products that are brand new and are of much lower prices than the actual market price. She can get a huge amount of good products at cheap price, all she had to do is to differentiate it between fake and authentic, which was just a piece of cake for her.

First of all she decided to visit her savior. Alyssa went to the hospital around 9 am in the morning. When she reached near the ward of her savior, she heard some heated arguments and sounds of things thrown and breaking.

Alyssa slowly opened the door and just at that time a vase landed just two inches away from her face, cras.h.i.+ng against the wall.

Seeing it was Alyssa at the door, and she had just escaped a disaster, the culprit stopped throwing items, and instantly the room felt int deadly silence.

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