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Chapter 271: Money is No Object (Part 5 of 5)

At noon, the sun was at its zenith.

There were few people on the street, least of all younger folk.

It was a common sight recently due to migration to the south. Sea City could eventually end up resembling the abandoned towns in the remote Siberian tundras of the former Soviet Union.

Li Xiaochen sighed internally as he looked at Xie Yiren sitting opposite him, youthful and radiant.

Mr. Zheng was indeed lucky to find a scrub nurse like her in this desolate place. Her actual skill notwithstanding, she could definitely make a living off her looks alone.

She was also rich, which made her more difficult to poach.

However, he knew Sea City was a third- or even fourth-tier city in a remote area. How rich could one be? To him, there was no one in this world that he could not recruit. All that mattered was how much money he was willing to spend.

He had to get his hands on Zheng Ren before the man was called to Imperial Capital by Professor Rudolf Wagner. If that happened, Zheng Ren's price would become astronomical.

The figure alone would stump the richest of the rich from third- and fourth-tier cities.

“Ahem, Ms. Xie, did you enjoy the lunch?” Li Xiaochen looked at the clock. He had to get down to business as it was almost time for Xie Yiren to leave.

“I'm full,” Xie Yiren said with a smile as pretty as a blossom. Every simple gesture or phrase from her was cute and full of vigor.

“Beautiful Ms. Xie, can you allow me five minutes to express my admiration for you?” Li Xiaochen said, his p.r.o.nunciation shoddy.

He was fluent in American English, but had had to pick up Mandarin after returning to the country. Ultimately, he had combined them and evolved his own style.

When talking to a department chief, he would try his best at proper Mandarin. However, Li Xiaochen let his guard down as Xie Yiren was just a young lady.

“Admiration?” Xie Yiren was fl.u.s.tered.

“He's trying to convince you to join his hospital,” Xie Yiren's cla.s.smate explained with a chuckle.

“Oh, thanks, but I'm not planning to leave,” Xie Yiren said with an innocent expression, looking as pure as plain water.

“Sea City is just a small part of this great nation, just cold, deserted, and lifeless,” Li Xiaochen persisted, “A beautiful girl like you should spend your youth in a first-tier city.”

“Oh, you mean tourism? I really enjoyed it when I was younger. Back when I was ten and my dad was still working, I'd already toured the entire country with my mum,” Xie Yiren continued obliviously, “I think it's still a bit too soon to travel around the world; I could get sick of it if I do it too often. Maybe in a few years, I'll take your advice.”

“No, no.” Li Xiaochen was baffled but kept trying with an unwavering smile on his face, “A flouris.h.i.+ng city means tons of opportunities. I'm sure you're still in need of a career enhancement for your future.”

“My future? There's no need for that.” Xie Yiren laughed. “My dad has told me that he simply wants me to be happy and healthy when I grow up. Nothing else is of importance.”

Li Xiaochen was stunned…

The Chinese parents' adage was to raise sons in frugality and daughters in abundance.

He felt helpless.

“You still chose to be an OR scrub nurse. It is a tough job that requires late s.h.i.+fts and pays little. I'm sure you've thought about it.” Refusing to give up, Li Xiaochen desperately tried to find Xie Yiren's bottom line.

“It's my pa.s.sion,” Xie Yiren answered happily, “I'm not a fan of blood and organs, with the exception being when it's in hot pot, of course. I like being a scrub nurse because I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with every successful surgery.”

In the face of Xie Yiren's enthusiasm, Li Xiaochen felt dejected.

This girl probably was a spoiled brat and had no idea about the hards.h.i.+ps of life.

“When working with regular doctors, I had been frustrated and also thought of moving to Imperial Capital or Sorcery Capital then.”

Xie Yiren's words gave him a glimmer of hope.

“However, after seeing Zheng… after Zheng Ren's surgery, I gave up on that thought.” Xie Yiren hesitated as she addressed Chief Zheng informally, her smile bright as blossoming flowers.

“No wonder you became Mr. Zheng's scrub nurse.” Li Xiaochen smiled. “I came to Sea City as the authorized representative of Straits Hospital to extend an employment opportunity to both you and Mr. Zheng.”

“Oh, I don't really care for it as long as Zheng Ren's happy,” Xie Yiren said.

Her nonchalance was una.s.sailable, leaving Li Xiaochen in the dust.

However, he still refused to surrender. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “We can offer you a great medical environment and a salary worthy of your skill.”

“Money is no object to me.” Xie Yiren unconcerned with material wealth. “My family owns a lot of properties. For example, we own the building we're currently having lunch in.”

Li Xiaochen's jaw almost dropped in shock.

Even in a small third- or fourth-tier city, a central business district (CBD) building still cost a fortune. Were they to sell it, Xie Yiren's fortune and prosperity would be all but guaranteed.

This woman was really rich, Li Xiaochen mused, but he remained adamant.

“That won't always be the case.” Li Xiaochen kept smiling. “There'll be an international financial crisis soon and our country's economy will also be affected. The property market in first-tier cities might survive it, but I'm sure prices in third- or fourth-tier cities would plunge. How far they fall would depend on the population decline.”

“Oh, it still doesn't matter.” Xie Yiren and Li Xiaochen were on completely different wavelengths.

“In my opinion, whether or not you're doing this out of pa.s.sion or as a preparation for the financial crisis, you should find a…”

“There's no need for that, my family also owns properties in Imperial Capital.” Xie Yiren thought for a while before continuing, “Since property value in Imperial Capital does not depreciate, it should be fine.”

“Imperial Capital…” Li Xiaochen was dumbfounded. Her family even owned property in Imperial Capital, where prices rivaled that of New York?

“Let me think.” Xie Yiren rested her chin on her hand, her head tilted, and fell into deep thought, “Right, I believe the Suns.h.i.+ne 100 International Apartment on the Third Ring Road belongs to my family.”

Upon hearing that, Li Xiaochen nearly coughed up blood.

His own workplace in Imperial Capital was in f*cking Suns.h.i.+ne 100 International Apartment.

Third Ring Road was just around the corner of Chaoyang Park.

The annual rent of a house of even a few dozen square meters cost a bomb.

Also, did she just mention that her family owned the entire CBD building?

“I think it was around the time I was born. My dad was in the property market in Imperial Capital, and it was not as expensive back in the 90s. My mum gave birth to me on the same day of the CBD ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was why my dad named it Suns.h.i.+ne 100. He hoped that I would always be 100% happy,” Xie Yiren recalled.

After that, she chuckled and said, “My dad is great, isn't he?”

Not only did Li Xiaochen's jaw fall open—his eyes became as round as saucers.

To own a CBD building in Imperial Capital, even far from the third ring road like in the Daxing and Tongzhou districts… even the sc.u.mmiest human being could be called a great father.

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