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Chapter 512: How can you do this?

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“Alright, I got it!”

In an office room at NSA headquarters, Gu Zhanguo had just finished a conversation on the phone. He raised his head and looked at Dongfang Zhuoyu, who was standing right across him without showing any emotions and said, “The little girl from the Bai family has been badly injured thanks to Mie. Even the two guys from the Central Guards Regiment who were with her are severely injured as well. Both of their arms are broken.”

“That can't be true. What kind of situation do we have here? The people from the Central Guards Regiment are as strong as the S-level agents in the NSA, yet the two of them were defeated by Mie alone?” Dongfang Zhuoyu exclaimed, expressing his doubts.

Gu Zhanguo nodded his head. “There's no mistaking it. This news is coming from our agents on the ground,” he said, then sighed, “I've already warned the Bai family not to take matters into their own hands, but they failed to control themselves. To think that they sent that little girl and two of the people from the Central Guards Regiment to deal with Mie. They're clearly overestimating themselves! I thought they should have known how to hold back and stop creating more trouble by now!”

“If the Bai family do not withdraw their swords, the Dongfang family will teach them a good lesson.”

Dongfang Zhuoyu clenched his fist tightly in a fury. “But come to think of it, Mie sure is surprising us time and again. Taking down two of the guys from the Central Guards Regiment all by himself… this kind of combat prowess coming from him is not just strong—it's simply disgusting, horrifying! And compared to before, it seems like his strength has increased by more than just one grade,” he exclaimed.

“That's true. He has so much potential, sometimes I even wonder if he's really just a normal human being,” Gu Zhanguo said with a sigh. He was really somewhat surprised at the super-human feats that Xiao Luo was capable of.

“I'm guessing that you probably had two objectives by allowing that little girl to do what she wanted and find trouble with Mie? The first was to teach the Bai family a good lesson—or perhaps I should say, give them a good warning? The Bai family might have a strong influence, but it's not like NSA is anywhere beneath them either. We can't allow them to look down on us. And, secondly, to knock some sense into Mie. Since the way he handles things is just way too casual, killing people anytime he wants… his actions and behavior are against the laws of the country,” Dongfang Zhuoyu said.

Gu Zhanguo smiled. He lifted his teacup and drank a bit of hot tea. “Looks like nothing can escape the eyes of this old brat,” he remarked.

Dongfang Zhuoyu had a cunning smile on his face. “It's not like it's the first day I'm meeting you. I can instantly tell what you're thinking and what your intentions are,” he said.

“Haha, I've got to hand it to you, my friend.”

Gu Zhanguo put his teacup down and walked to the balcony. He looked at the view just outside of NSA and looked a little worried. “Mie is a double-edged sword. He will be an a.s.set to the country and its citizens if used well, but if not, his power alone is enough to destroy many things. I've met countless people, and there are not many people that I cannot read and understand—but he is not one of them. I always have the feeling he's hiding some secret from me.”

“That's why I decided to give Nightbird a secret mission, and that was to covertly find out what secret Mie was hiding from us. But it's a shame that she's failed to find out anything till now, and it seems like that little girl even fell in love with Mie. She's even throwing tantrums now and mentioned transferring out of headquarters because Mie failed to give her a proper answer. Ahh… these young people these days sure allow their emotions to overwhelm them,” Dongfang Zhuoyu said, shaking his head in resignation.

Gu Zhanguo gave him a sardonic look and said, “How dare you mention about others. You were just like them when you were young as well. You were so desperate when Xiaoqian rejected you that you ran all the way up to the rooftop and threatened to jump off the building, don't you remember?”

“Cough, cough… stop it, stop it. Stop talking about the things I did when I was young.”

Dongfang Zhuoyu's face turned red instantly. “I'm going to be really angry if you keep talking about these things again and again!” he warned.

Gu Zhanguo raised his eyebrows and laughed a little. He then looked out the window once more and furrowed his eyebrows again.

Xiao Luo drove past dozens of red lights as he rushed his way to the New District Airport as fast as he possibly could.

He was still getting a signal from Ji Siying's phone, which meant that she had yet to board the plane. Then she suddenly answered.

“Where are you?” Xiao Luo asked as he walked briskly toward the departure hall. His tone told her he wasn't going to allow anyone to disobey him.

Ji Siying kept silent for a while before she said, “Mr. Xiao Luo, I'll be leaving soon. You better get along well with the new liaison. I'm sure the headquarters will arrange and send a really outstanding person for you…”

“Where are you?”

Xiao Luo interrupted her, and his tone became sterner. At the same time, he scanned the entire departure hall of Terminal One but couldn't catch sight of Ji Siying at all. He then rushed towards the other departure hall.

With a trace of sadness and pain, Ji Siying said, “Mr. Xiao Luo, stop asking me where I am, alright? I won't tell you anything. The reason why I picked up this phone was to say goodbye to you. Spending time with you throughout this entire period has been one of the happiest moments in my life, but now, it's time for me to leave. I wish you all the best, and may you be blessed in all your endeavors, Mr. Xiao Luo.”

Then, without giving Xiao Luo the chance to respond, she immediately put down the phone.

Xiao Luo lost it and nearly smashed his phone on the ground. He tried calling her again, but she had already switched off her phone. Xiao Luo was in a desperate hurry, and the rubbish bin in front of him took the brunt of his fury. He kicked it so hard that he left a dent in it, and trash was strewn all over, causing a mini commotion. Some of the airport staff noticed the situation and kept their eyes on Xiao Luo.

As he arrived at the departure hall of Terminal Three, Xiao Luo finally saw Ji Siying.

Her black hair was tied in a neat ponytail, and she was dressed in a black colored deep-necked tunic top. She paired it with a rose-patterned skirt and a pair of black high heel leather boots. Her makeup and the that she had on made her look gorgeous and chic.

She had a tall and slender figure, and she naturally attracted much attention from guys around her.

Ji Siying was about to pa.s.s the security checkpoint, but at that moment, a hand grabbed onto her. She turned around and was greeted by the stern face of the man she had been trying to avoid.

She was so shocked that she could only gape at him. “Mr. Xiao Luo?!”

“Come with me!”

Xiao Luo didn't give her a chance to decline. He grabbed her and pulled her back toward the departure hall.

“Mr. Xiao Luo, what are you doing? Let go of me; please let go of me!” Ji Siying cried. She was exasperated. Being nowhere near as strong as he was, she couldn't stop him from dragging her out.

Xiao Luo kept on looking ahead and simply ignored her. All he cared about was making sure she could not leave and bringing her back with him.

“Mr. Xiao Luo, let go… let go now!”

Ji Siying was suddenly a little bit afraid because she didn't know what Xiao Luo intended to do. So, she did what most girls would do in a situation like this—bite! She opened her mouth and sank her teeth into Xiao Luo's wrist in an attempt to make him let go of her.

Despite biting down hard, Xiao Luo did not let go of her hands, but he did stop walking.

When he stopped, she lifted her head, and all she could see was Xiao Luo's impa.s.sive face. He just stared at her without saying a word.

“I-I beg you, can you please let go of me?”

Ji Siying was fl.u.s.tered, and despite her distress, nothing could take away her grace and elegance.

“My liaison can only be you!”

Xiao Luo was adamant and said, “Whatever your reasons are, if you really want to leave my side, you can do so in your next life.”

After saying that, he once again dragged Ji Siying away and did not allow her to struggle or resist.

Ji Siying was shocked and what Xiao Luo had just said played on her mind. She thought, just what in the world was he saying? Not allowing her to leave his side? Was this a confession?

No, how could this be? He was already married to Su Li and was someone else's husband. How could she be with him?

Frustrated, Ji Siying shrieked, “Just what do you want from me?”

Xiao Luo did not turn his head around. “I don't want anything,” he said.

“You're being unreasonable!”

“Well, I'm an unreasonable person to begin with. Surely, this the first day you are meeting me?”

“Let go of me!”


“My luggage and ID, they're still over there.”

“Forget those and just make new ones.”

“How… how can you do this?” Ji Siying was about to cry at that point.

But Xiao Luo did not care and continue dragging her along with him.

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