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Chapter 433: You're Pretty Quick

Ling Fei was dumbstruck by the questions and lowered her head. Indeed, if all clients were that easy to please, there would not be a need for a salesperson. As a salesperson, it was part of their job to identify and get new clients.

“Ms. Shen, it's all my fault. If you need to hold someone responsible for this mistake, then it's me,” said Mao Jianyi self-reproachfully.

“Hold you responsible? How should I do it? Dock off money from your salary?”

Shen Qingyan slammed her hands on the table and cried, “Even if I took away all the salary you earned in your entire life, it wouldn't make up for that 170 million!”

Mao Jianyi has never seen Shen Qingyan this angry before. He understood the gravity of the situation and realized that his job could be on the line. He was unsure what he should do and could only stand there with a sullen face.

[Door knocks]

A gentle knock came from the door, and a lanky Wu He walked in and nodded politely. “Ms. Shen, Xiao Luo is here,” she said.

“Let him in,” Shen Qingyan said.

“Yes, Ms. Shen.”

Wu He walked out to bring Xiao Luo in.

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei were confused by what was going on. Why did their boss call Xiao Luo here? Perhaps he was here to salvage the situation?

Xiao Luo soon walked in confidently with a faint smile on his face. His s.h.i.+rt's top b.u.t.ton was undone, and he exuded an unrestrained yet charismatic vibe. He nodded at Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei, acknowledging them before turning to Shen Qingyan and asked,” Ms. Shen, is there something I can help you with?”

“I need a big favor from you.”

Shen Qingyan came to the front of the table and stood right in front of Xiao Luo. He caught a waft of her light fragrance; it was just like Su Li's. It was hard to tell what the scent was, but it sure was a nice and refres.h.i.+ng one.

Xiao Luo did not say anything and waited for her to continue.

“I'm sure you've heard about the city's Women and Children's hospital relocation and that they're buying a large amount of medical equipment and medicine,” Shen Qingyan said.

“I've just heard about it,” Xiao Luo replied.

“That's great!”

Shen Qingyan's voice was full of pa.s.sion and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hope. “Jianyi's contract negotiations with the medical director of the hospital, Guo Tai Ning, has failed, and he is now more inclined to work with Renhe Medicines,” she said, “As they have yet to sign the contract, I want you to meet Guo Tai Ning and convince him to work with us instead.”

So, it was about getting Xiao Luo to salvage the situation after all!

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei wondered to themselves just how much faith Ms. Shen had in Xiao Luo, now that Guo Tai Ning had already expressed his firm decision to procure from Renhe Medicines. Although Xiao Luo had secured a deal with the Princess of Dubai previously, the current situation was different, and it seemed unrealistic to expect Xiao Luo to convince Guo Tai Ning otherwise.

Xiao Luo was taken aback and chuckled in response. “You think too highly of me, Ms. Shen. What more could I possibly do to make him our client, when even the both of them have failed to achieve it?”

He had no confidence whatsoever in securing this deal as he was not familiar with Guo Tai Ning. Besides, Guo Tai Ning had already decided to purchase from Renhe Medicines, indicating that there was little room for negotiations to begin with.

“Well, don't say that, Luo. You managed to secure the deal with the Princess of Dubai previously. Who knows, perhaps you'll be the one who's able to get through to Guo Tai Ning,” Mao Jianyi said, offering a wry smile.

“You heard that? Even Jianyi thinks you can do it. You have to at least try,” Shen Qingyan enthused as her eyes glistened with hope.

Shen Qingyan had an inexplicable trust in Xiao Luo. She had always felt that he had an endless amount of drive and energy that made him seemed formidable, and with him, nothing was impossible. They had to go all out for that contract as it was worth 170 million.

Xiao Luo frowned. If he had handled this account from the start, he would've gone for it, but it wasn't his. The client had been managed by Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei, and they could not close the sale. If he succeeded, the company as a whole would definitely be happy, but both of them would feel embarra.s.sed or even be too ashamed to stay on in the company.

Xiao Luo joined Huayao Corporation to pa.s.s his time. As long as no one tried to provoke him, he would just focus on doing his job and would never do anything to hurt anyone's interest. As Team Three's leader, he was responsible for meeting the sales target for his entire team, but closing the Women's and Children's Hospital's case was not one of them.

Xiao Luo shook his head and said, “You should ask someone else. There's nothing I can do for this case!”

“Should I make a call to Li to tell her that you have no ambitions in this company and are merely killing your time here?” Shen Qingyan threatened Xiao Luo, believing that was his Achilles' heel.

Xiao Luo scoffed, “Go ahead!”

“Why you…”

Shen Qingyan was rendered speechless but was somewhat appeased. She felt that Xiao Luo was a genius, and there was nothing he couldn't accomplish if he put his mind to it. However, he was not going to just listen to her.

The next moment, she humbled herself and said, “Xiao Luo, please help us with this. If you're able to close this sale, I'll give you 10 percent of the sales as commission. How does that sound?”

Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei's faces turned dark instantly. Not only was it because Shen Qingyan begged him to take the case, but it was also that 10 percent commission. Usually, the sales team only received 5 percent, half of what was being offered to Xiao Luo! For a big client, in this case, the Women's and Children's Hospital, he would potentially earn a commission of 17 million.

It was 17 million! That's an amount that others can only dream about!


Xiao Luo felt tempted. He might be the owner of Luo's Workshop and have a net worth of approximately 50 billion, but he was still interested in getting more money.


Suddenly, the room door was swung wide open.

A man in his fifties with grey hair barged in. He was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and has three deep lines on his forehead. The lines resembled the stripes on a tiger's head, giving him a fierce and domineering countenance.

He was Shen Qingyan's third uncle, Shen Xingqing!

Other than Shen Xingqing, Xu Le and his other friend were also there with their heads in bandages. At the same time, two well-built bodyguards stood nearby, showing no expression.

“Uncle, you don't seem to have learned to knock before coming in, do you?” Shen Qingyan reproached.

“I have something important to say.”

Shen Xingqing pointed at Xiao Luo and scowled, “That's him. Get him and bring him to the police station.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Both the bodyguards acknowledged and started approaching Xiao Luo.


Shen Qingyan snapped, putting a stop to any further action. She turned to her uncle and said, “Uncle, what did he do? Why are you taking him to the police?”

Shen Xingqing pushed Xu Le and his colleague in front of him. “He did this! Fighting in the office and causing grievous injuries to his colleagues! Is he a gangster? This cannot be condoned!” he barked.

Xiao Luo did this?

Looking at the injuries on both Xu Le and his friend, Shen Qingyan. Mao Jianyi and Ling Fei were utterly shocked. They looked like they have been injured on a battlefield, and even the bandages were soaked in blood. This was some merciless beating.

“You did this?” Shen Qingyan asked, reeling from the shock.

Xiao Luo did not answer her and turned to Xu Le smiling, “Wow, you look pretty quick in bandages. Also, you look clear-headed; it seems like your skull is hard enough, and you'll probably be fine!”

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