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When the group entered the second layer, they could sense that the devilish energy here was a couple times denser than that of the first layer.

"Everyone, take care of yourselves. The real fight begins now," reminded Yu Caidie.

Sure enough, they hadn't traveled far when a few Devil Kings shot out from the ground. These Devil Kings were devil flame rats. With devilish flame wrapped around their bodies, they attacked the group of humans with an extremely powerful offensive capability.

Some in the group cultivated the power of flame, and they started quickly killing the devil flame rats and harvesting their devil cores. The devil cores were for the devilish beasts what the demonic cores were for the demonic beasts. However, the devil cores did have one advantage over the demonic cores as one could directly absorb the energy within a devil core.

Of course, since there was also devilish energy within the devil cores, one had to first purify the devilish energy before they could absorb the remaining energy in the devil core. After that process, only about one third of the energy within the devil core would remain.

Even so, one should never underestimate the remaining energy as it was enough to accelerate the growth of any cultivators with greater efficiency than spirit crystals. That was one of the reasons why each year various organizations would send their talented disciples to the Devil Domain. It was one of the fastest methods for their disciples to grow. 

However, the devil cores of these devil flame rats were too low in quality to be of much help to this particular group of geniuses. Their main goal was instead the devil flame of the devil flame rats. Devil flames were also cla.s.sified as unique flames, and cultivating even a tiny bit of devil flame would prove very helpful for these genius cultivators.

Presently, Yun Flame was stirring in excitement within Xiang Shaoyun's third star. It repeatedly urged Xiang Shaoyun to head toward a certain direction.

Is there a unique flame there? wondered Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

However, Xiang Shaoyun did not leave the group. For now, he still needed to obey Yu Caidie and would only be free to act after he had gotten her what she needed. Fortunately, the direction Yu Caidie picked was also the same direction Yun Flame was urging Xiang Shaoyun to go.

A large number of devil flame rats were in the area, and it was obvious this was their territory. The devil flame rats bred at a rapid speed, which was how they had been able to survive at the border of the first and second layers of the Devil Domain.

As the group moved forward, more and more devil flame rats appeared. These devil flame rats were all Kings, and some were even late-stage Kings. Finally, devils capable of posing the group some threat had appeared.

Even Xiang Shaoyun managed to kill two devil flame rats this time. Holding the devil cores in his hand, he could sense the energy contained within them. However, before he could further study them, Yun Flame had already impatiently devoured the energy in the two cores. Emptied of energy, the two cores turned into dust.

Inwardly, Xiang Shaoyun mused, Looks like Yun Flame is getting impatient to grow even stronger.

Others might fear the devilish energy in the devil cores, but that did not apply to Xiang Shaoyun.

"Ignore the devil flame rats. Charge through them," said Yu Caidie. She was in a hurry to reach the devil wind beast's territory and did not wish to waste her time here.

After all, she had a cousin competing for the yin devil wind as well. If she couldn't get the yin devil wind first, things would get troublesome for her. The young geniuses had to obey her and give up on hunting more devil flame rats. They charged through and moved on. But they hadn't even gone far when they encountered a different group of people. These people were being chased by a large number of devil flame rats.

There were dozens of Devil King devil flame rats here, led by a peak Devil King. Those not strong enough would immediately turn into their food. Humans could grow through absorbing the energy from devil cores. On the other hand, devils could also grow through devouring the flesh of humans to increase their bloodline power.

In the Devil Domain, death was common. Thus, Yu Caidie's group couldn't be bothered to help the other group. Their first reaction was to move away. However, when the devil flame rats sensed the strength of the newly arrived group, they attacked the newcomers as well.

"Audacious! Exterminate them!" Yu Caidie commanded coldly and was the first to attack.

Standing on her phoenix, a halberd appeared in her hand. She swept the halberd at the devil flame rats. Her halberd attack was fast and destructive, instantly killing two devil flame rats with one strike.

The others attacked as well. Each of them was strong enough to face several devil flame rats alone. They quickly killed a portion of the comparatively weaker Devil Kings. When the leader of the devil flame rats saw how strong they were, it screeched and called for help.

At that, eighth-stage and ninth-stage Devil King devil flame rats appeared from several different directions and started attacking the humans madly. The devil flames these devil flame rats spat were extremely powerful. A regular King would not be able to survive an attack of this power. They could clearly sense that these devil flame rats had refined some sort of unique devil flame.

Ling Lin, someone cultivating the power of flame, couldn't help but exclaim, "There must be a devil flame seed here. Otherwise, the flame of these devil flame rats won't be so powerful."

Ling Lin was a genius from a tier-6 organization in Yu Province. He was lucky enough to meet Yu Caidie once at the Yu Province, and ever since, he had been deeply smitten by her graceful temperament. Thus, when Yu Caidie came to the Bloodsin City, he came as well.

His dream was to one day become the Yu Clan's son-in-law, and with his outstanding talent in cultivation, that was a dream he could afford to have. At his exclamation, the eyes of two other flame cultivators started burning with excitement. For them, obtaining the devil flame seed was equivalent to a large growth in strength. In fact, they might even have a chance to directly enter the Emperor Realm.

Yu Caidie could see what these people were thinking. After contemplating it for a bit, she said, "We will stop here for three days. Three days later, we will leave regardless of whether you have obtained the devil flame seed or not. Otherwise, consider yourself disqualified."

"Thank you, Holy Maiden," the three were overjoyed.

She gave no reply. After the group left the territory of the devil flame rats, they settled down somewhere. As for Ling Lin and the other two, they started looking for the devil flame seed. This devil flame seed was most likely not a high-level one. Otherwise, the devil flame rats wouldn't only be Devil Kings. The three were confident they were strong enough to tame a devil flame seed of this level.

However, after spending a long time searching, they still found nothing. Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun, who had been seated cross-legged all day, suddenly stood up and dashed toward a certain direction. Through Yun Flame, he had successfully found the location of the devil flame seed.

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