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Right after Xiang Shaoyun spoke, a silver silhouette shot out.


Before the bloodthirst wolf could bite Xiang Shaoyun, the silver silhouette bit its neck, causing it to cry out in surprise. The bloodthirst wolf shook its body, grabbing at the silver silhouette repeatedly, but its struggles were to no avail.

The silver silhouette was none other than the horned lightning snake. He curled his slender body around the bloodthirst wolf before his head enlarged and bit down at the wolf. The change had occurred so suddenly everyone there was shocked.

"Why is there suddenly a demonic snake up there? I thought the arena was already sealed!"

"There's nothing surprising about that. Some demonic snakes have the ability to camouflage themselves or even change their size freely. This snake has probably been with Xiang Shaoyun the whole time, and it had probably planned to only attack at a crucial moment. What a trap."

"This Wolf Fang is probably dead."


While Money was busy swallowing the bloodthirst wolf, Xiang Shaoyun launched his counterattack. Yun Flame's energy surged out of him and instantly set Wolf Fang on fire.


Wolf Fang wailed in pain and finally let go of Xiang Shaoyun, who then took the chance to claw him. His claw attack was incomparably sharp, and it tore open Wolf Fang's chest with a rake.

"Tras.h.!.+" Scorching Blood Monarch cursed furiously.

Xiang Shaoyun's stunning performance caused the crowd to start cheering. As for Ugly Gambler, his eyes were s.h.i.+ning with amus.e.m.e.nt.

At a certain corner, Su Jun was watching everything unfolding on the arena. With a sinister look on his face, he muttered, "Turns out you are quite decent. But since you are already on the arena, don't bother leaving alive."

He then dashed toward a certain direction and soon arrived at his destination. A man dressed in black was seated cross-legged there, and there were more than 10 powerful devils standing behind him. They were all under his control, and none of them dared to move without permission.

The devils were always the public enemy of the various surface races. The only reason these devils could stay here safely was because they had been enslaved by a member of a surface race.

"I want to buy the life of that Xiang Shaoyun on the fifth arena," said Su Jun.

"Sure. A hundred thousand mid-grade spirit crystals," the man in black named his price.

Su Jun's face twitched at that price, but he still agreed, "Ok."

He directly made the payment. This was a price enough to buy the life of a peak King.

"Fifteen, go deal with this," commanded the man in black.

At that command, a ma.s.sive devil stepped forth. He had a height of about four or five meters, and his body was the shape of a devilish ape. His thick coat of black fur looked like a coat of sharp needles, and a dense devilish energy constantly swirled around him. Evidently, he was someone with an extraordinary combat prowess.

He was a devil apeman, a commonly seen race in the Devil Domain known to be ferocious and ruthless. A devil apeman rarely faced defeat against a human of the same cultivation level. After all, the devil race had a physical prowess comparable to the demon race, and they also possessed the devilish energy that normal humans would find very difficult to face.

As for the man in black capable of controlling these devils, he was a member of the Dark Devil Sect. The Dark Devil Sect was a sect possessing a secret technique capable of controlling devils, which was what they had relied on to rapidly rise in the Bloodsin City and to eventually become one of its five strongest organizations.

Of the various organizations making a living at the Bloodsin City, the city hall's main income was the arenas, whereas the Dark Devil Sect's main income was selling devil slaves and contracts. Su Jun was currently here as a customer.

Satisfied, Su Jun then brought Fifteen to the fifth arena to kill Xiang Shaoyun. After two consecutive victories, n.o.body looked down on Xiang Shaoyun anymore. Not many people dared to challenge him rashly, and a new challenger had yet to appear.

Standing on the arena, Xiang Shaoyun saw the look of hatred Su Jun was throwing at him. He smiled and said, "Oh great. A new enemy out of the blue."

He wasn't really bothered about Su Jun, not because he was confident he could defeat Su Jun, but because ghostrune emperors constantly guarded him. He could easily kill Su Jun if he wanted. Of course, he wouldn't kill him for no reason if Su Jun did not force his hand.

When he saw the devil apeman step onto the arena, he grew even more excited. There he was, worried that he would have no new opponents. Now, one was delivered right into his hands.

He had planned to eventually enter the Devil Domain. If he could face some devils before then to gain more understanding of them, it would benefit him greatly. After the devil apeman got on the arena, Ugly Gambler laughed and said, "I'm betting 80,000 mid-grade spirit crystals on this kid."

Those who knew Ugly Gambler well would know that this laugh was the sign that his gambling addiction had kicked in. The larger the amount he was betting, the lower the confidence he had in winning. However, the people present all knew that this devil apeman was incredibly powerful. Because of that, they had to think clearly before placing their bets this time despite Ugly Gambler's bet.

Standing at a different corner was Lady Shura, who was wearing her usual mask. She had a complicated look in her eyes as she watched everything unfold. Inwardly, she thought, If you can really defeat this devil apeman, I suppose I can really wait three years for you. I can then bring you to witness the true geniuses of this city.

Xiang Shaoyun looked like a child standing before the ma.s.sive devil apeman. The devil apeman smiled before throwing a punch out. A regular sixth-stage King wouldn't even dare to face such a domineering punch head on.

Xiang Shaoyun decided to dodge. But as he dodged, the devil apeman spat out a clump of devilish energy. The devilish energy flew toward Xiang Shaoyun, who had not expected the devil apeman to follow up with another attack so quickly. He was forced to utilize his innate purple lightning, and he punched the clump of energy with a Lightning Bolt Fist.


A ma.s.sive explosion erupted on the arena. Xiang Shaoyun had barely stopped the incoming attack when the devil apeman appeared right beside him, sending a palm slamming down on him. The attacks had come without stop, each connecting with one another, making it hard for Xiang Shaoyun to properly respond.

Xiang Shaoyun raised his hand to block the incoming palm, and he was slapped right onto the ground. The devil apeman smiled again and raised one foot before sending a stomp down at Xiang Shaoyun, who was now lying face flat on the ground.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly rolled to the side and dodged the stomp. He successfully avoided it only to find that there was a powerful aftershock rippling out, sending him bouncing off the ground.

This was the devil apeman's Devil Earthquake technique.

The series of attacks had completely caught Xiang Shaoyun by surprise, and that was not even the end. After he bounced off the ground, another palm attack struck him.


Instantly, Xiang Shaoyun's defense crumbled, and he was sent cras.h.i.+ng right into the arena's barrier.

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