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When Pei Rumo returned and walked over from far away, he saw the current situation: Bai Luochu was standing in front of the tea stall feeling rather embarra.s.sed. She had a frenetic expression as though she was trying to explain something. As for the lady boss of the tea stall who treated outsiders with hostility, she had the expression of a senior who was trying to enlighten a muddle-headed junior.

Pei Rumo felt that Bai Luochu was truly a capable person. She would be cold like ice normally but she would somehow be able to allow others to ease up around her.

He casually used this reason to explain how he fell for her in the first place. When Pei Rumo saw how embarra.s.sed Bai Luochu was, he quickly went over and asked with concern, “What happened? Is something wrong?”

Bai Luochu heard the familiar voice and immediately turned around. She never expected for Pei Rumo to be standing so close to her and she nearly b.u.mped into him. Pei Rumo could even feel Bai Luochu's lashes gently s.h.i.+vering as they brushed across his cheeks. His heart trembled and he felt as though there were ten thousand b.u.t.terflies fluttering about in his stomach.

Bai Luochu was aware that they were standing too close to each other and she quickly took a step back. After stabilizing herself, she greeted respectfully, “Your Highness.”

Pei Rumo was rather disappointed by Bai Luochu's actions. However, he quickly managed to regain his composure as he asked, “You have yet to tell me what happened...”

The lady boss was someone who experienced much of life and she was able to accurately sense the surge of feelings between the two individuals. Even though Pei Rumo was trying to force his way into the relations.h.i.+p, the feelings between them existed.

“Oh? Your little lover is back. An old and faded lady like me shall not disturb the two of you any longer. Goodbye.” Finis.h.i.+ng her statement, she went back to boil the tea.

When Pei Rumo heard this, he immediately guessed the situation between Bai Luochu and the lady boss. The lady boss' misunderstanding made Pei Rumo rather happy and a smile slowly formed on his face.

Bai Luochu didn't know what to do when the lady boss exposed Pei Rumo's feelings in front of them and now that Pei Rumo was staring at her, she became even more fl.u.s.tered. She couldn't help but to cough before changing the topic, “Cough cough, the lady boss is just speaking nonsense. She must have misunderstood something. Since Your First Highness is already here, let's not delay it any longer. I managed to find something related to the campaign.”

Pei Rumo wanted to make fun of Bai Luochu, but when he heard that she had some important information to report, he turned serious. He took the initiative to retrieve Bai Luochu's horse before heading back to the inn.

Bai Luochu swiftly followed behind Pei Rumo and headed back to the inn. As for Bai Luochu's reason for following Pei Rumo back to the inn without a care for the mysterious man following her, it was because he had vanished the moment Pei Rumo made his appearance.

Bai Luochu silently guessed that the mysterious man must have recognized Pei Rumo's face. If that was really the case, the Desolate Region was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Bai Luochu couldn't decide whether or not to tell Pei Rumo about the mysterious presence.

The inn was located near the tea stall and with the two of them traveling at full speed, they took a short moment before arriving back at the inn. Bai Luochu dismounted and wanted to bring the horses back into the stable but was stopped by Pei Rumo.

“You should be tired after a long day of scouting. You should head back and rest first. I will take care of the horses.” Pei Rumo spoke while pulling the reins of the horses into the stable. Bai Luochu didn't stop Pei Rumo as she was indeed tired after exhausting her spirit energy. As such, Bai Luochu entered the inn first.

After Pei Rumo tied up the horses, he quickly followed Bai Luochu into the inn.

Qin Feng initially wanted to welcome Bai Luochu's return but stopped after she shot him a glare. He didn't know what was going on and felt that the information he provided was a mistake. Deciding not to anger Bai Luochu any further, he took a step back.

In the next moment, Pei Rumo burst through the door and immediately understood her intentions. After all, he was acting out the personality of an unkind and harsh innkeeper. If he were to treat Bai Luochu differently, he might expose the relations.h.i.+p between them.

Qin Feng thought about it and he immediately felt at ease.He then quickly returned to prepare lunch. After all, his mistress looked very exhausted and the only thing he could do was to prepare a good meal so that Bai Luochu wouldn't go hungry.

When she arrived at the entrance of her room, she noticed Pei Rumo standing behind her. He stood there and stared at her without doing anything else.

Bai Luochu was rather curious about his behavior. After all, she had already said she had something important to report. How is he able to stay so calm?!

Bai Luochu stood at the entrance of her room and stared at Pei Rumo for a long time as though she was waiting for something.

Pei Rumo looked at Bai Luochu's appearance before realizing that she was waiting for him to say something. “I know you have something urgent to discuss with me. However, we have been out for an entire morning and we are covered in dirt and dust. Why don't we clean ourselves first? We are not fighting a war right now and there is no need to be in such a hurry.”

Bai Luochu noticed that Pei Rumo wasn't going to accept a rejection and merely nodded her head in agreement. When Bai Luochu entered her room and started to clean herself up, she realized that her hair was actually filled with sand and dust. She immediately recalled that Pei Rumo was a prince with mysophobia and if she couldn't tolerate it, he was probably dying to clean himself up.

“It must be hard for him...” While Bai Luochu was combing her hair, she muttered softly.

After cleaning up, Bai Luochu took out the map and opened it flat on the table. She then sat behind the writing desk and waited for Pei Rumo to arrive.

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