The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 788 - When Are You Getting Married to the Demon King?

The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 788: When Are You Getting Married to the Demon King?

When Xi Lin saw Feng Tianlan’s confident smile, she couldn’t help but feel happy for her. “I used to think that you and my elder brother were very compatible with each other. However, seeing you together with the Demon King right now, I finally understand what true compatibility is.”

For a long time, ever since when Lin’an City was famous for its three talented young men, she had been annoyed by those who paired up Dai’er and Jiang Ying. She had always felt that Jiang Ying was not worthy of Dai’er because only her elder brother was worthy enough to be with her. However, Xi Lin didn’t care about who Dai’er liked.

Now that so many things had happened, she felt fortunate that Dai’er hadn’t become her elder sister-in-law, or else Dai’er would have to suffer a lot due to her elder brother’s soft character.

“Mobai is really good.” Feng Tianlan smiled blissfully as she looked at Xi Lin. “Elder Sister Lin, a relations.h.i.+p is not about being compatible or incompatible. As long as two people are in love, they will naturally be suited for each other. However, we must always take the other person’s conduct into consideration. We can’t just be blindly in love,” Tianlan said.

Xi Lin nodded. “I know. You are already nagging me so soon. When are you planning to get married?”

“After I avenge my parents, probably.” It would be unfilial of her to talk about her relations.h.i.+p before she avenged her parents, not to mention her marriage.

Xi Lin stayed for a while longer and said some caring words before she left.

Feng Tianlan returned to her room. Just when she sat down on the bed, two arms wrapped around her thin waist. “Are you at ease now?”

Feng Tianlan lowered her head and saw Si Mobai, who stuck his head out as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She then smiled and said, “If I’m not at ease, would I even be sleeping here with you?”

Mobai was a light sleeper. He must have woken up when she got up previously.

“I didn’t have enough sleep.” Si Mobai’s lazy voice made him sound like a child who didn’t get enough sleep. He was hugging Feng Tianlan’s waist while behaving like a spoilt child. He didn’t feel at ease without her sleeping by his side.

Feng Tianlan smiled as she bent over and removed her shoes. She then sank into Si Mobai’s arms and hugged him back like a doll. He rested his chin on top of her hair and breathed gently.

Feng Tianlan adjusted herself into a more comfortable position and then lie still. Even though she couldn’t sleep, she stayed in his arms so that he could get a good night’s rest. Meanwhile, her consciousness entered the pill scroll realm to practice and refine pills.

Ever since she had crashed Shen Yunya’s wedding, the rumor of Shen Yunya having a secret lover way before the wedding had spread all over Lin’an City. Besides, people were saying that Shen Yunya had secretly been married to someone else and had only wanted to get married to the Crown Prince due to vanity. In the end, her secret lover made it to the top of Bailan Alliance and came to stop the wedding.

All sorts of nasty things were spread among the people. However, these rumors were quickly suppressed. No one dared to discuss this matter publicly anymore. The rumors had been greatly reduced. The empress had also retracted the marriage decree. This wedding had come to a complete end.

Xi Jin was gravely ill after he got out of the Jialan Hall. He was in a state of confusion but had never thought of committing suicide.

Feng Tianlan kept herself tucked away in Si Feng Pavilion as she ignored the rumors that were spreading outside. She was having a lovely time with Si Mobai while helping his body recover. Those days were rather blissful.

When Si Mobai had recovered, he started to get busy again. Feng Tianlan, on the other hand, focused on her practice in the courtyard. When she heard Azurite report that Shen Yunya was requesting to meet her, she raised her eyebrows and asked Shen Yunya to come in.

When Shen Yunya walked in, she saw Feng Tianlan watering the flowers and preparing some tea in a carefree manner. As Shen Yunya thought about how Tianlan had ruined her blissful wedding, she was filled with hatred.

“Is little sister so afraid to come in and have a seat?” Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows and looked at Shen Yunya. She then sat in front of the table.

Shen Yunya walked in slowly while staring closely at Tianlan. She then sneered, “I have suspected you for a long time. I hadn’t expected you to hide it so well.”

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