The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 787 - Xi Jin's Hatred Towards Them

The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 787: Xi Jin’s Hatred Towards Them

Xi Jin raised his head and looked around Jialan Hall while thinking about what the state preceptor had said. “Look for her carefully, and you will find her.”

This meant that Tu Xiupei, who he had found earlier, was definitely a fake. So, who was the real deal?

Xi Jin stood up and exited Jialan Hall absent-mindedly. He looked at the brilliant sunlight outside, which dazzled his eyes. After all, Dai’er had endured such torture in a dark and gloomy dungeon.

“Jiang Ying. Shen Yunya!” Xi Jin shut his eyes and clenched his fists tightly. He was filled with hatred. He wanted to vent his anger, but he could only suppress it for now.

He didn’t have any proof. Therefore, he couldn’t expose them just yet. He must suppress his anger if he was to avenge Dai’er.

He needed to pull the Jiang Family and the Shen Family down from their current status and prevent them from developing any further until the day when he could dominate the whole world. Otherwise, it would be too difficult to kill them!

Besides, he would be letting them off too easily if he just killed them like that.

He must pay back what they did to Dai’er by a hundred-fold!

Xi Jin opened his eyes. The gentleness in those eyes disappeared completely, and only coldness was left. He strode out of Jialan Hall and stood upright with bleak determination!

He wouldn’t listen blindly to Shen Yunya’s words ever again. He must avenge Dai’er. He must be strong. He wanted to make them suffer a hundred times more than what Dai’er went through!

When Xi Lin arrived at the Bailan Alliance, Feng Tianlan and Si Mobai were resting. When Feng Tianlan heard Azurite’s report, she glanced at Si Mobai, who was sleeping by her side. She then got up slowly to change her clothes and head to the courtyard.

When Xi Lin saw Tianlan, she stepped forward and worriedly asked, “Tianlan, how are you feeling?”

Feng Tianlan shook her head gently and said, “I am alright. Is Brother Jin alright?”

Xi Lin nodded and said thankfully, “He is awake. It is all thanks to you and the Demon King, or else…”

“I treat him as my elder brother. If there is a way to save him, I will definitely do it. Besides, that happened to him because of me.” Feng Tianlan felt very guilty about what had happened. Although she didn’t kill him, he had attempted suicide because of her.

She thought about how the person who she had always treated as her elder brother during their childhood felt so much affection towards her. However, aside from not being able to return his love, she also nearly caused his death. When she thought about it now, she felt horrible.

“This has nothing to do with you. He was the one who got himself into a dead end. How can a man be so irresponsible? I, as a woman, can see things clearer than he does. He is too disappointing,” Xi Lin said. She saw that Tianlan was still feeling guilty. “Tianlan, don’t think too much. I believe that after this incident, he won’t dare to do anything stupid anymore.”

Feng Tianlan replied with an ‘uh-huh.’ “It’s just that what happened today…”

“My father has contained what happened today. The news won’t be spread around. Don’t think too much about it. Besides, we are the ones who should be feeling guilty,” Xi Lin said.

After the two of them exchanged some polite remarks and smiles, they stopped talking about it.

“The Demon King has been coming over to deliver his blood these past two days. Is he alright?” Xi Lin asked with concern.

Feng Tianlan looked at the door that was tightly shut, then curled her lips and smiled. “He’s alright. He just lost some blood. He will be fine after resting for a few days.”

“That’s good to hear. However, since the two of you are so mysterious, you might be experiencing some trouble from today onwards,” Xi Lin reminded her in a deep tone, as her brother had been saved from the edge of death by Tianlan and the Demon King’s blood.

Besides, they did it in front of so many people. There must be many who wanted to take a look at their blood. Therefore, they would definitely face a lot of danger from now on.

Feng Tianlan smiled with confidence and pride. “Don’t forget the fact that this is the Bailan Alliance. The person lying inside that room is the Demon King. They will only dare to take a look, and not do anything reckless.”

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