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Chapter 458: I Am Leaving The Rest Of My Life In Your Hands

He had liked only her in his whole life so far. He would prove his promise and affection over time. He would prove that this was not just a single-sided infatuation.

“If you promise to be truthful to me for the rest of your life, I will be with you for the next three reincarnations.” Feng Tianlan put down her hand and interlocked her fingers with his. Her lips pressed against his, kissing him gently.

She was going to back off after giving him that kiss, but suddenly, she felt a tug at her waist and he deepened her gentle kiss.

His kiss wasn't as domineering and compelling as before, but much gentler and more delicate. This kiss carried hints of veneration as if he was handling the most precious treasure in the world.

This time, he didn't kiss her until she was out of breath. He let go of her, grabbed her hand, and put it over his heart. “Feng Tianlan, I am leaving the rest of my life in your hands.”

Feng Tianlan smiled broadly, s.h.i.+ning like the brightest sun. “Alright.” She would leave the rest of her life in his hands as well.


Knock! Knock!

The knock on the door interrupted his words and ruined the romantic atmosphere. Si Mobai's expression instantly became gloomy. His voice was as cold as ice as he said, “Who?”

Lan'er had finally opened her heart to him and confessed her feelings. This was the perfect time to raise the temperature. Why was there an insensible person choosing this moment to disrupt them?

“It's the Crown Prince.”

Upon hearing Xi Jin's voice, Feng Tianlan instinctively shouted, “Brother Jin.”

Si Mobai, who was initially feeling blessed to the point of losing all sense of direction, suddenly returned to reality. His expression turned cold and his body let out a cold and frightening aura. Countless ice swords flew out of his peach-blossom eyes. He wanted to kill Xi Jin with just his eyes.

Feng Tianlan just told him that she didn't like Xi Jin anymore. Was he here right now to get her attention?

Feng Tianlan quickly lowered her voice after she realized her instinctive call. “Your Supremacy, did anything happen?”

She must remember not to make such a mistake ever again, or else she would definitely raise Shen Yunya's suspicions.

“I have something to ask you.” Hearing a faint shout coming from inside the room, Xi Jin felt a familiar feeling in his heart. He quickly shook his head to shake off the feeling.

“Your Supremacy, please wait.” After saying those words, the temperature of the room fell even more, almost reaching the freezing point. She raised her head and looked at Si Mobai. His face was cold as his body continued releasing his cold and frightening aura. It felt like everything within ten miles would be killed by the force of his emotions alone.

“Mobai?” Feng Tianlan softened her voice. He was jealous.

Upon hearing her voice calling his name so gently like never before, Si Mobai's hostility melted a bit. “What did you call him just now?” She had never even called him so intimately before.

“Brother Bai?”

Hearing such a call, Si Mobai frowned. The room became slightly warmer.

“Brother Mo?”

He frowned slightly as his aura faded once again.

“Brother Si?”

He stopped frowning as his aura disappeared altogether. The air around them was back to normal. He was surprised that she had such a playful side to her.

“Brother Mobai.”

A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and he tried to hold back his laughter. But his peach-blossom eyes were filled with hints of mirth.

Watching his transformation, Feng Tianlan giggled. She lowered her head, kissed him on his lips quickly, and crawled away. “Mobai, you need to trust me.”

When she had said that she liked him, it meant that she really liked him. Her heart had no room for anyone else.

After getting another initiated kiss, the hostility in his eyes disappeared completely. His heart was filled with sweetness from her kiss. “I want to accompany you.”

“Alright.” She didn't have any problem with that since there were no secrets between her and Brother Jin.

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