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The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 456: Feng Tianlan, You Like Me

Si Mobai watched as her eyes turning from bright to dull. At that moment, he felt her obviously affection, however quickly she hid it away from him.

“Lan'er, you had something to tell me earlier on.” She had been searching for him, about to tell him something before, before she had been interrupted by the sound of Xi Jin and the others.

Feng Tianlan pulled out of his arms and said indifferently, “Nothing.”

“Lan'er, you shouted my name in your dreams.” Si Mobai took her by the hand and stared straight into her with his peach-blossom eyes, not giving her any chance to avoid him. Feng Tianlan's pupil dilated. “I probably called someone else's name as well.”

Si Mobai's chest tightened. “But you took the initiative to kiss me.”

Thinking about how she had kissed him and how she had done it so sloppily, she couldn't help but blush. She lowered her head and dared not look him in the eye. “I think I mistook you for someone else.”

At that moment, she had thought he was an illusion. Therefore, to make sure that he was really there, she kissed him intensely.

As she was thinking about that, her whole face turned bright red, which only made her looked even more beautiful.

Si Mobai turned her face back to him, forcing her to look him in the eye. He wouldn't let her have any chance to avoid him. “No, you shouted 'Mobai'.”

He remembered it clearly. The words that she shouted had been, “Mobai, don't leave me!”

That wasn't a dream. That was reality.


Si Mobai held her face still as his peach-blossom eyes lit up with hints of anger. “Feng Tianlan, you shouted 'Mobai'.”

Feng Tianlan was stunned.

“Feng Tianlan, you like me.” Si Mobai urged with a firm voice.


Si Mobai held back his exasperation and asked her coldly, “Why do you have the courage to kiss me but not admit that you like me?”

Feng Tianlan's pupil dilated. Her courage had vanished since Jiang Ying had appeared and after she saw him get killed because of her in her visions. The way she was headed, she did not deserve any love.

“What are you worried about? Are you thinking about your enemies? Are you thinking about the uncertain future?” Si Mobai lifted her chin and forced her to look him in the eye again. “Why are you thinking so much? Do you think that I do not have the ability to protect you? Do you think that I cannot protect myself? Or do you think that I will be a burden to you?”


“Since that's not the case, then are you worried about my safety? Worried that I might be killed by your enemies?”

Feng Tianlan kept quiet. She tried to turn away out of guilt.

“Feng Tianlan, my ability is currently that of a Heavenly Supreme.” Si Mobai refused to let her look away.

Feng Tianlan pursed her lips. So what if he was a Heavenly Supreme? The Heavenly Supreme were as abundant as cow's hair in Xuantian Continent. There were tens of Heavenly Supremes in the Shen Family, not to mention the Jiang Family.

“The Heavenly Supreme spiritual force is the spiritual force that I have without removing my seal.”

Feng Tianlan felt her eyes widen slightly.

“My enemies are fighters that are beyond the G.o.d Supreme.”

Her eyes widened even more. She had forgotten that he had a mysterious ident.i.ty and also had strong enemies.

“I can still remove my seal.” Si Mobai let go of her head and pulled her into his arms. His chin rested gently on her hair. His voice was pleading with her. “Lan'er, with the natal contract, we are destined to live and die together. So stop using such excuses to reject me. This is not what I want at all.”

What he wanted was to live and die together with her, to live together with her until they were old. He did not want her to reject him and refuse to admit her own feelings just because of some uncertain death she feared she might cause.

Things shouldn't work like that between them.

Natal contract!

If she died, he would die; if he was dead, she would live forever.

Feng Tianlan's heart suddenly relaxed. Her lost courage was restored once again. She raised her hand slowly and it halted, mid-air. She was hesitating. If she were to admit it right now, there would really be no turning back. Was this really what she wanted?

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