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Chapter 506: What Is Your Relations.h.i.+p?

Slow action replay.

After the reporter said “our alliance…”, her voice was cut off.

The reason was quite simple. Lin Fan just kicked her with the force of someone at Dao Realm Stage Seven. Naturally, such a powerless person was unable to handle such strength. The moment her stomach was struck, she was turned into dust and her entire body disappeared.

There wasn't even a single drop of blood.

The entire area was silent.

To the normal people, they were still stunned. They didn't know what had happened and how she disappeared all of a sudden.

The workers carrying equipment blinked. Liang Yuan, who was conducting the interview in front of them, disappeared just like that.

“You are asking to die.”

Naturally, General Chen knew what had happened but Lin Fan was just too quick. Even he was unable to react to it. When he did, it was already too late.

He could only open his eyes and look on as the flower-like girl disappeared.

He was furious. He punched Lin Fan's face and dealt him a really heavy strike.


His fist clashed with Lin Fan's face.

Logically speaking, that fist should have been enough to injure Lin Fan but what happened next stunned everyone.

Lin Fan didn't move and he turned his head. He looked towards him and with a stretch of his hand, he grabbed his head. He hollered and smashed him towards the floor.

There was a loud explosion.

The ground cracked and numerous dense cracks appeared.

He screamed.

For the normal people, it felt as if there was an earthquake. All of them couldn't stand still and they fell to the ground.

Lin Fan broke free, grabbing those workers carrying equipment and jumping into the air onto a tower.

In the distance.

“How can he do that?” Wu Zhige was astonished. They agreed for him not to attack normal people but who knew that Lin Fan would go against that? He didn't stick to the agreement at all.

“That brat was stupid. Even if we suppressed Lin Fan, she had to use her brain. How could normal people like them offend someone who needed two of the strongest nine-star generals to suppress?”

“Moreover, you thought that he could bear with those questions and had reminded her not to ask more. However, she wanted to ask for death, so no one can save her.”

Zhu Daoshen didn't feel that there was anything wrong.

Although Lin Fan had attacked, he was within reason.

Wu Zhige said, “The current situation is not good. We should stop him.”

“Calm down. Let's just wait for a moment.” Zhu Daoshen said.

They were peeking from the distance.

They observed from the dark.

If Lin Fan really attacked, naturally they wouldn't sit still and not do anything.

As for now, it was okay for one or two normal people who were asking to die to suffer.

The man that Lin Fan grabbed was terrified. His legs trembled and he even peed his pants.

“Big… Big Brother what are you doing?”


He couldn't understand him at all.

Lin Fan couldn't understand. It was obvious that he was talking in the Alliance's language.

However, that wasn't important to Lin Fan.

He looked in the direction of the equipment and spoke right away.

“Someday, all of you will experience the arrival of despair. As for now, enjoy your lives.”

The civilians who were watching the broadcast didn't know what Lin Fan was saying.

But from his expression, one could tell how arrogant he was.

No matter whether or not one could understand, they were all furious.

There weren't that many rage points.

Some were on the verge of going berserk but they didn't provide any rage points at all.

Most of them were normal civilians.

They couldn't even compare to normal sect disciples.

They were so useless.

But even then, the number of rage points provided was still okay.

The number of people watching increased.

“What an arrogant person. Generals, what are all of you doing? Why don't you just grab him?”

“Wa, what a handsome native! So overbearing.”

“Stupid girl above, are you stupid? He is a native who is causing trouble in our territory.”

Lin Fan looked good and was really strong, so naturally, he gave off an exceptional aura.

General Chen spat out fresh blood but he was still conscious. He hollered in rage, “What are all of you doing? Stop him, we can't let him destroy anything.”

The nine-star generals around were stunned. They instantly reacted and had ugly expressions on their faces.

They knew their place and knew that they weren't his match.

But as nine-star generals, they had to attack and couldn't allow the natives to behave so arrogantly here in their territory.

Then, everyone looked at each other. Since that was the case, then they could only go all out.

“Attack, take him down. We can't let them do whatever they want here.”

At that moment, a nine-star general flew up into the air and attacked Lin Fan.

Lin Fan glanced in disdain.

“You are asking to die.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan's hand landed, his palm covering the sun. A terrifying aura pressed down. For those nine-star generals, they felt an unstoppable power suppressing them.

They were unable to resist.

There was a loud explosion.

Those nine-star generals who jumped up in the air all felt their bodies exploding. Each part of their skin started to tear as they smashed into the ground, causing giant deep holes to appear.

They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He was extremely quick.

The nine-star generals were suppressed by Lin Fan just like that. Lin Fan stood on the spot and didn't move at all. A breeze caused his hair to dance in the wind, and it felt amazing.

The worker that Lin Fan held hostage was also professional. He wouldn't give up on any huge news. He actually ignored Lin Fan and pointed his camera down.


The civilians who were watching the broadcast didn't expect those nine-star generals, who they thought to be invincible, to actually not be able to take a hit.

“This is fake, right?”

“Fake? We are finished, we are finished. Where is General Zhu and General Wu? These people aren't able to stop him.”

“So handsome and cool. I am really impressed with him.”

Zhu Daoshen saw everything and after thinking about it, he said, “Brother Wu, we should go. If we don't try to fake some things, it'll look too fake.”

“Should we go now?” Wu Zhige asked.

“Right, we have handed him over to the Alliance for them to take care of him but they've failed. This has nothing to do with us. Now that we appeared to chase him away, who else can blame us?” Zhu Daoshen had thought things through and felt that this was the only solution.

Wu Zhige agreed with Zhu Daoshen's idea. The two of them looked at each other and had already made their minds up.

At that moment, the two of them stood in front of everyone as protectors of the Alliance.

“Lin Fan, you actually dare to behave so arrogantly over in the Alliance.” Zhu Daoshen hollered in rage. His voice was like thunder spreading around. Numerous civilians heard the voice and their panicking and terrified hearts slowly calmed down.

To them, the strongest nine-star generals were here, and naturally, nothing would happen.

Wu Zhige stared at General Chen, “We pa.s.sed him to you and you failed to take care of him. d.a.m.n, after this, the Alliance's court will definitely punish all of you.”

When the badly injured General Chen heard this, he nearly spat out more blood.


Who was so shameless to actually say such words?

He actually said that we failed to keep watch on him.

Could he have any less shame?

We didn't even do anything after we took over and Lin Fan attacked. We didn't even know anything that happened.

But all of that wasn't important.

Zhu Daoshen looked at Lin Fan and his eyes were transmitting a message that only the two of them knew about.

The rough meaning was for him to leave and let things end just like that.

Lin Fan wanted to take a trip around Alliance and now he had fulfilled that wish. He didn't want to cause too much trouble in the Alliance as of yet as the Alliance Headquarters might have even stronger experts.

But if this continued, he would definitely attract more experts over. When that happened, a battle would definitely be unavoidable.

“Alliance, I will definitely return.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan rose into the air and stepped into the dimension before disappearing from all their eyes.

After Lin Fan left, the tower shattered, splitting into numerous shrapnels. The news worker shouted out in panic.

Zhu Daoshen was annoyed. He waved his hand and saved the person.

They didn't chase Lin Fan, and at the same time, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It was finally over.

But to them, all this was worth it. Their only goal for capturing Lin Fan was to protect their honor. At the same time, they wanted the people to know that they still had it in them.

The broadcast was closed and the civilians watching were filled with emotions.

Normal civilians couldn't provide him with any rage points at all.

But not only did normal civilians watch it, there were many other experts.

When they saw how arrogant Lin Fan was, rage burned in their hearts.

Especially when their G.o.ddess Liang Yuan disappeared, their hearts felt like they were about to explode.

Although he didn't know what was going on, they were sure that Lin Fan was the one who killed her.

The moment they thought about how Liang Yuan was turned into dust, they wanted to shatter their screens.

Alliance Headquarters meeting room.

“Commander, we have spent so much effort to capture Lin Fan but who knew that the moment we handed him over, that such a thing would happen.” Wu Zhige was furious.

Anyway, they had already pushed the blame to someone else.

They definitely wouldn't take the blame for this.

The other nine-star generals felt that something wasn't right but they couldn't say anything. They could only look at the two of them as they thought about something else.

Zhu Daoshen said, “Commander, I am a little tired, so I shall head back to rest.”

“Wait.” The commander said, stopping Zhu Daoshen, “I have something to ask the two of you.”

Zhu Daoshen looked at the commander and nodded his head, “General, please speak.”

The commander was really calm but his gaze towards them changed a little.

“What is your relations.h.i.+p with Lin Wanyi's son Lin Fan?”

Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige thought that the commander would ask about something but when they heard that question, their expressions changed.

“What is commander getting at?” Zhu Daoshen asked.

The commander said, “You just need to answer my question. What is your relations.h.i.+p with him?”

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