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Chapter 463: You Wait

At that moment, Lin Fan clenched his fists and his dual cultivation ability totally exploded. A shockwave that shook the sky swept out.

Zi Zi!

The strong power rubbed against the s.p.a.ce and formed many small bits of electric currents.

With Lin Fan at the center, the s.p.a.ce around him became really hot.

“This power…”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's expression became solemn and he could clearly sense how terrifying this power was.

He didn't dare to be careless.

He didn't understand how this kid actually cultivated. For him to reach such a realm at such an age, that was just too terrifying, right?

Suddenly, Lin Fan disappeared from the ground.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor looked around warily, and instantly, he sensed that the s.p.a.ce around was shaking. He didn't say anything and just raised his hand to slap the sky.

The strength of that slap was really terrifying.

Lin Fan did exit from that part of the dimension. He punched forwards and clashed with the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor, causing a huge energy ripple.

Most of the cultivators nowadays chose internal cultivation and very few people chose to cultivate their bodies.

Lin Fan's dual cultivation strength was extremely terrifying, especially since he had reached 90 Dao Patterns.

That wasn't something that a normal Dao Realm Stage Three could have.


Evil Spirit Old Ancestor retreated. In terms of strength, he wasn't Lin Fan's match at all.

He wanted to say something but he realized that Lin Fan didn't stop, and instead, appeared on the other side.

“Old man, face my storm-like attacks.” Lin Fan muttered and clenched his fists. An ancient beast image appeared behind him and roared. The aura it gave off was really shocking as Lin Fan landed both his fists and smashed into Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's body.


There was a loud explosion.

A terrifying aura exploded out and it seemed like the entire area was ripped into half by these shockwaves.

Lin Fan looked below and he felt that Evil Spirit Old Ancestor must've felt really furious about all this.

As a Dao Realm Stage Six expert, he actually couldn't beat someone at stage three… that was just so embarra.s.sing.

However, all of this was normal.

After all, the person he faced was someone like Lin Fan.

Lin Fan charged down and was prepared to smash the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor to the ground.

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned and sensed a dark and cold aura exploding out.

Among the thick dust on the ground, there was something that was about to appear.

At that moment, a giant, black hand shook off the dust and grabbed Lin Fan.

The palm was too huge and Lin Fan was like a tiny little ant.

“Kid, you are too out of hand.”

A furious roar transmitted through the air.

Lin Fan's beating totally infuriated Evil Spirit Old Ancestor. How could a Dao Realm Stage Six expert suffer from such an insult?

Shortly after, a 100,000-foot devil appeared.

This was Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's Astronomical Phenomenon. His body swelled up and he had the ability to wipe out heaven and earth.

“Go and die.”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor hollered and waved his arms, smas.h.i.+ng Lin Fan to the ground. He clenched his fist and punched down.


The ground shook and numerous cracks appeared on the ground. It turned into a deep moat and many streaks of light charged up from the middle of the moat.

In the distance, Celestial Alliance and Evil Alliance members all screamed as all of them died.

Even when they died they didn't expect that they would die at the hands of their own men.

But to Evil Spirit Old Ancestor, he didn't care about them. Maybe their lives were the same as ants to him.

“Kid, come up. Where is your arrogance now?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's fists smashed into the ground, opening up many deep holes. Normally speaking, a stage three expert, no, a stage five expert would have turned into meat paste under such horrifying strength.

At this point, the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was already at his peak rage.

After losing the blood lotus, he was totally lost in life.

Numerous years of hard work had been wasted just like that…

n.o.body would be able to accept that.

“Come on, let me see your ability.”

“Come up. Why are you not moving at all?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor grumbled. His blood-filled eyes shone with a bit of craziness.



Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was shocked. He saw that the fist that was about to land didn't smash into the ground like before and had instead been blocked by something.

“Oi, is that enough?”

In the deep hole, Lin Fan was covered in dust and he blocked Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's fist with one hand. He raised his head and even if one couldn't see Evil Spirit's face, he knew that he was definitely excited thinking that he had been turned into meat paste.

“You… How is that possible?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was astonished. Things had reached such a stage and Lin Fan was still alive. From his tone, it even sounded like he was perfectly fine.

Lin Fan smiled, “Are you surprised? Actually, there is no need to feel surprised. Truthfully, you are strong, but to deal with me, you are still lacking.”

Instantly, Lin Fan grabbed the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's finger and stepped forwards. He hollered and threw him to the ground.

However, their body sizes didn't match and the gap was just insane.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was stunned. He didn't expect this to happen. He thought that he could crush Lin Fan but didn't know that things would change.


Evil Spirit Old Ancestor hollered.

Suddenly, his pupils constricted. Lin Fan landed from above and stepped onto the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's stomach.


The sound of water dropping onto a lake.

Shortly after, the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's stomach was dried up like it was being pressed down by a terrifying power.


Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's eyes opened wide. His throat tasted sweet as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

There was a loud explosion.

The giant body fell to the ground and caused a giant hole to appear.


Astronomical Phenomenon Body was like a broken mirror, and piece after piece floated up into the air.


Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was filled with disbelief. He was even on the verge of going crazy.

To him, this shouldn't have happened.

But everything that happened and the pain of his body told him that all of this was real.

“I am going to kill you.”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor hollered and reached out towards Lin Fan. Even the dimension was being ripped apart by the fingers. If normal people had been grabbed like this, their heads would have been ripped apart.

“If you want to kill me, it will depend on whether you have the ability.”

Lin Fan was really calm. He waved his arm and sword intent covered the sky. He pushed down and all the swords landed, smas.h.i.+ng onto Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's body.

Si la!

Si la!

The sword intent slashed his body and at the same time placed unblockable pressure on him.



The power affected the s.p.a.ce around. Thick dust rose up and covered Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's Astronomical Phenomenon.

Lin Fan stood with his arms behind his back and waited silently.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's cultivation was high.

But compared to him now, there was just a slight gap.

Very quickly, the dust scattered.

Astronomical Phenomenon totally disappeared.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was covered in blood as he climbed out from the deep hole. He locked onto Lin Fan with his furious gaze. Maybe their grievances with each other had reached the level of someone that had killed your father.

At the same time, Evil Spirit Old Ancestor was missing an arm. Just now, Lin Fan's sword intent had sliced it off.

“Aiyo, what a waste… Why are you missing an arm?” Lin Fan smiled. This was something really normal and there was nothing surprising about what he did.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor panted and gritted his teeth.

The broken arm slowly grew out. In just a short while, it was perfect like before.

But Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's expression was slightly white.

This was Dao Realm Stage Six's Undying Body.

Even if one's arm was cut off, one could still grow it back.

Lin Fan envied this Dao Realm ability, but unfortunately, he was only at stage three.

“Evil Spirit, I have already told you that you are just asking to die. It is too late even if you regret it because you are going to die badly this time.”

The moment he said this, Lin Fan disappeared from the spot and appeared in front of Evil Spirit Old Ancestor.


The moment he appeared, Evil Spirit Old Ancestor punched his chest and laughed, “Kid, although you are fast, I can still see..”


“See what?” Lin Fan grabbed his arm and pulled him forwards before punching his face.


Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's face twisted. He opened his mouth and his teeth seemed to have suffered a huge impact as they spurted out along with some fresh blood.

“Release your hand.”

He wanted to pull his arm out of Lin Fan's grasp but it didn't move at all.

Lin Fan pulled his head back and then threw himself forwards, smas.h.i.+ng Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's head.


Blood spurted.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's head caved in and it was really b.l.o.o.d.y.

“You jerk…”


Lin Fan smashed down once more on Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's head.

He was a dual cultivator and his body's toughness was really terrifying. It was like a nuclear bomb exploding. How could a normal person accept that?

Not to mention a normal person, you should ask what Evil Spirit Old Ancestor felt…

Did his head feel giddy?

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's head was all mashed up so badly that it was just frightening.




Lin Fan was like a machine who smashed down constantly. Even he himself felt a little giddy.

He had smashed down too many times.

Even if his head was tough, that shouldn't have been the way one used it.

Look at Evil Spirit Old Ancestor…


His head was all smashed and fresh blood trickled down his face such that one couldn't tell what he looked like.

“Old man, are you still okay?” Lin Fan asked.

When Evil Spirit Old Ancestor heard what Lin Fan said, he was so furious he nearly decided to self destruct.

But forget it.

He didn't want to die, much less in such a confusing way.

“Kid, unless you kill me, you can forget about having a peaceful life.” Evil Spirit Old Ancestor raged.

“Is that so?” Lin Fan asked. He didn't care about Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's words. He found it good if he could continue to remember him.

This meant that Evil Spirit Old Ancestor would continue to provide him with rage points in this life.

At that moment, Evil Spirit Old Ancestor raged, “Let go of me.”

Lin Fan didn't care about it and continued to improve his G.o.d body.


His aura dispersed.

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's strength went berserk, “Let go of me or we will die together.”

Lin Fan still didn't bother about him and just looked on really calmly.

After a long while, Evil Spirit Old Ancestor's berserk aura slowly calmed down.

It was rare that someone could charge up before self destructing for so long.

Lin Fan asked, “You aren't self destructing anymore?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor, “???”


Was I a shameless person?

Pride could only force the Evil Spirit Old Ancestor to slice off his own arm. He was really bold, doing things that normal people couldn't.

He took the chance to retreat far away. He relied on the Undying Body characteristics to grow that arm out once more. At the same time, his injuries also healed up.

This effect was a little problematic.

“Kid, if you hadn't stolen my blood lotus, do you think you would still be standing here?” Evil Spirit Old Ancestor hollered.

Lin Fan blinked. “So, you are blaming me?”

Evil Spirit Old Ancestor sucked in a deep breath and had nothing to say. He pointed at Lin Fan and said, “You wait.”

The moment he said this, Evil Spirit Old Ancestor ran right away.

Lin Fan didn't stop him and instead gave a fatherly smile.

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