I Am A Prodigy Chapter 631 - Do You Think You Can Rely on Him to Capture Me?

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Chapter 631: Do You Think You Can Rely on Him to Capture Me?

“Are we going to stop them?”

Someone hidden in the crowd could not help but pose that question.

Other than the Mo family, people from all other major families were also getting restless.

“Not for now,” someone answered. “It’s best that we just watch this develop quietly.”

“Yes, the reason for Miracle Doctor Y’s confidence was because of his naivete. In fact, he’s reliant on his bodyguard, and he might change his mind if he sees his bodyguard being knocked down easily by someone else. There would be a greater chance that he would give up the prescription.”

“Just as the Mo family is going to take Miracle Doctor Y away, we’ll come forward and be the good guy. Then, we’d have a much higher chance of getting the prescription!”

Everyone had their own ideas and observed the situation silently.

If anyone were able to see Ali’s expression through his mask, that person would surely find that Ali had a red face and glowing eyes due to excitement.

He was a boxing champ born with a love to fight and was adept at solving problems using force. After seeing Ye Lingchen’s strength and maturing alongside Ye Lingchen, he felt that his strength had increased tremendously. Unfortunately, he did not have a suitable opponent and had not fought for a long time, hence the tingling feeling of excitement!

Black Tiger was getting closer.

Ali took a big step forward, raised his hand, formed a fist, then hit Black Tiger with a howling gust of wind.

He had never learned fist techniques before, let alone the way of the fist, but what he had was a shadowboxing foundation. The power of his punch was like Hercules carrying an ancient cauldron—it was capable of breaking the skull of a charging bull!

With his strong body as the base for his powerful punch, the bystanders were all left utterly surprised.

“You’ve got some skill. So, you’re a pract.i.tioner too!”

Black Tiger’s eyes narrowed and he let out an odd chuckle. Instead of evading, he delivered a punch of his own and directed it at Ali’s fist! It was an attempt to see which one of them was stronger.


With a loud bang, Black Tiger’s body trembled suddenly and he flew backward seven or eight meters before finally anchoring his body. He then shook his fist and discovered that he was unharmed, before staring at Ali with an intense fighting spirit.

“Not bad. He’s almost as good as me in terms of strength. No wonder he’s so confident!” Black Tiger took two steps forward, arched his body, and put on a serious expression.

The onlookers stepped back instinctively and looked at Ali in distress.

The punch’s m.u.f.fled sound resembled the sound effect of a blast in a television series, causing their eardrums to begin vibrating. It was safe to say that the two of them were absolutely formidable.

“I never expected Miracle Doctor Y’s bodyguard to be so powerful that he could fight Black Tiger.”

“Well, why would a person like Miracle Doctor Y not employ someone powerful to protect him.”

“That big guy is impressive, but he still looks like an ant in front of the Mo family.”

Everyone looked at Ali.

A slightly surprised Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows. “Huh? You were actually able to block Ali’s punch?”

To be fair, Ali had a very good foundation. He was born to be a boxer and had practiced boxing ever since he was a child. His muscles had been trained to their peak, which could be said to have reached the limit that ordinary people could achieve. After getting to know Ye Lingchen, he had absorbed plenty of knowledge and had already mastered the eight posture of the Eight Extremities Brute Training!

As it was known, there were only 16 postures in the basic level of Eight Extremities Brute Training, and Ali had already mastered half of them!

Ye Lingchen could easily deal with a large number of warriors in the Armed Forces when he upgraded the Eight Extremities Fist to the basic stage of the Eight Extremities Brute Training. Few people could withstand a punch from him. Meanwhile, Ali—with the help of his size—was actually much stronger than Ye Lingchen if Ye Lingchen was still at the same level as him!

It came as a surprise that they would meet such a master.

Through the earlier punch, Ye Lingchen could see that Black Tiger’s strength was probably about the same as Lin Ao.

There was more than meets the eye to the Mo family if a master like that was employed as one of their henchmen.

It appeared that there were many other powerful warriors in the world aside from those in the Warrior’s Department. Since warriors did not like to be constrained, it was highly likely that there were far more masters that he imagined.

“Hahaha, that was fun! One more time!”

Ali laughed a few times under the mask and felt overjoyed. He roared, then rushed toward Black Tiger again.

He did not dare to fight Ye Lingchen because he could not win, and he had to control his strength when learning with Li Jing and the others. It was boring to him, but he could finally get a kick after the surprise encounter with a master in the outside world.

Blood was boiling in his heart, just like when he first started boxing.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The blasts continued all around Ali and Black Tiger. Their surroundings were a mess, and many stalls had had to bear their brunt. Countless tables and chairs were crushed too.

Everyone quickly pushed their stuff away and made a large open s.p.a.ce.

“They’re too powerful!”

“They’re practically humanoid machines. Is it possible for a human body to be that strong?”

Those who were present could be considered as well-informed individuals, but they felt no less surprised when they saw everything.

Those two could no longer be regarded as human beings. They were more ferocious than wild beasts, and with their strength, even a stone could be destroyed with one punch.

Black Tiger’s power had exceeded everyone’s expectations, and it also came as a shock that Miracle Doctor Y’s bodyguard was also one of the few masters.

“Do you think you can rely on him to capture me?”

Ye Lingchen pointed to the field and looked at the housekeeper with a smile.

Although Black Tiger had yet to show any sign of weakening, the old man’s face had already soured considerably—everything had completely exceeded his expectations.

“Black Tiger, end this quickly!” the old man shouted in a cold voice.

Ye Lingchen shook his head and remarked calmly, “Enough playing. Time to end this.”

At that point, Black Tiger swung suddenly to one side and geared himself up for an attack. Like a wild tiger staring right at its prey, Black Tiger then launched himself forward!

He punched with the swiftness of a striking snake and the power of a hammer—thunderous and full of strength.

Midway through his attack, he increased his speed abruptly and raised the strength of his fist yet again. It was as if there was fury in his crus.h.i.+ng fist, along with the whiz of it cutting through the air.

He displayed a full understanding of boxing, and the punch exhibited the essence of his martial arts knowledge. He could be said to have reached the level of a master. If an ordinary warrior faced that punch, said warrior would long have been drained of his fighting spirit and could only resign himself to his fate.

‘I’ll hurt him with this punch.’

Black Tiger was doubly confident.

That punch was his ultimate move. It refined the energy of his entire body to a single point and synced with his entire body’s strength to achieve the strongest blow. That alone was enough to cause serious injury to his opponent!

“Hey!” Ali stood on the spot and began focusing his strength in his entire body too. Crackling sounds—like beans being fried—appeared deep within his body. At the same time, his muscles began to squirm violently. He moved his right arm, faced Black Tiger, and delivered a punch!


What Black Tiger did not expect was to feel as though he had hit a heavy iron plate when the two fists clashed. He could not avoid it at all, and the next moment, a huge force of spectacular magnitude struck him and entered his body.

He let out a scream at once, and his entire body flew backward about thirteen meters before hitting against the wall and falling onto the ground!

The wall cracked and was slightly dent!

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